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  1. Study uncovers surprising things about squirrels By Laura Shields The Mercury News (TNS) Apr 10, 2018 Updated Apr 10, 2018 Aye, Haysus! Which leaves these professional students 'qualified' to do WHAT, IF, or WHEN they ever graduate? OR, THIS startling revelation!
  2. With the FBI's brazen violation of attorney-client privilege. Further PROOF of law enforcement being totally out of control. Wait until these files are 'leaked' to the SEWAGE of the MEDIA. The SEWAGE make a lot of noise about the Trump presidency being a "Constitutional crisis", NOW is the time for the Supreme Court to step into the midst of a REAL Constitutional crisis, and slap the dirty little pig hooves of law enforcement until they see the light. Those in law enforcement ARE the greatest threat to FREEDOM that we face.
  3. 1974 1066 help

    Might have to pay a few dollars, but I'd bet that they could make a copy of a wiring diagram, and supply you with what might be needed.
  4. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    Much like YOUR 'rut' of constantly touting all the features of the mighty 8N DORF, and trashing an M, which was MADE for real agricultural work, and NOT to putter around in someone's one horse cabbage patch.
  5. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    mueller is like 99 percent of those in the military who have entered into various law enforcement agencies once they have been discharged, and one has to wonder how many of these were discharged under LESS THAN HONORABLE condiitons. I have no problem with the military being trained to view those they encounter in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Mexican border with suspicion, but law enforcement recruiters and their training academies also view this as a great plus (Why else would the FBI and Homeland Security tell law enforcement to view veterans, gun-owners, and Christians to be viewed as 'hostiles') Plus, look at all the savings gained from NOT having to unlearn them of their previous training. Nah, corrupt, bought off SOBs like mueller, like comey, and the MURDERING fk, louis freeh, are no better than Himmler, Heydrich, Beria, Saddam Hussein, his sons, or ANY OF THE brutal, power mad martinets in ANY Stalinist dictatorship, I did not include ol' J. Edgar in the same category, since I do not know if either meuller, comey, freeh, or wray wear dresses. If Barney could control crime with ONE bullet, why, then does present day law enforcement feel naked without having the latest military hardware at their disposal. (Perhaps reselling it to gangs and drug cartels, as was the purpose of Fast and Furious, helps keeps the coffee hot and the donuts fresh).
  6. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    Ever hear of English Common Law, Blackstone, on perhaps how the Magna Carta, all of which were the basis of American law, which was in itself derived from English law. How ironic it is in that the "domestic terrorists" that law enforcement warns about, have turned out to be the very ones that issued the warnings.
  7. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    Using THIS moron as an example: (Taking into consideration that CNN is the nation's #1 manufacturer of FAKE 'news') BUT, the above example of LIBERAL excrement got far more airtime than THIS: White roofs are not a global warming silver bullet, study finds Plans to slow climate change by reflecting sunlight back into space could in fact raise temperatures, a new study concludes Once again, we learn the truth from a foreign news source. IF the lying, liberal, elitists of the mainstream media could be destroyed, LIEBERALISM would die of its own stupidity, since there would be NO ONE to spread its LIES.
  8. Knife control

    So, IF your 'business' involves carrying out the 'religious' teachings of Islam, which includes the killing of the infidel, while shouting Allah Akbar, you would be exempt, correct?
  9. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    "Recused" is the correct word. The FACT that the FBI "went around him" proves that the corrupt, bought off, mueller was quoting OFFICIAL FBI policy (which is followed by ALL of law enforcement) when he went before a Congressional committee and testified THIS: Hmmm, CARE to guess when this testimony took place, and WHO was 'president' at the time? Again, as I have mentioned before, since this IS official FBI policy, this would be the same training and doctrine that is passed along to each and every municipal, county, and state law enforcement agency in the country. Still think that the Constitution means ANYTHING to ANY badge wearing crook, or the agency he works for, if all you need is to do an end run around the Fourth Amendment? (Hey, they don't even need a pet judge anymore to legitimize their perjury) Just as meaningless as their 'oath' to protect and defend the Constitution in all of its other dictates, INCLUDING the Second Amendment. EVERY law enforcement officer, anywhere in the country, is just as culpable in this, as were those who entered, ransacked, and stole the documents. Those who would break the law, to 'enforce' the law, are NO better than, and most times MUCH WORSE, than those whom they are suppossed to be 'protecting' us from.
  10. Vintage Ads

    Being a Versas**t, i would say that you are correct. Some of their 'engineering' seems to have been the result of spending too much time out in the dead cold of a Manitoba winter.
  11. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    I wonder just how many of these LIBERAL pukes that think that this was no big deal, have told their attorneys things, of a personal, financial, or legally questionable nature, that they would NOT want known to the fascist pig, who would have NO problem putting it out into the public domain, if they thought it would harm you.
  12. Give and take word game

    strap -- Nope, not going to go there, wouldn't be prudent. shoe -- leather
  13. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    The Supreme Court has ruled that there IS an implied "Right to Privacy", which I would think could be interpreted as a Right of Privacy. Now, even this case was brought up about sexual practices, it would seem that the majority opinion extended the Right of Privacy to activities outside of the bedroom. What the court seems to have upheld is the old saying that "it is better to let 100 guilty men go free, than to convict ONE innocent person". However, as is becoming increasingly common, thanks to official statements, and training coming from the FBI, and happily lapped up by ALL levels and agencies of law enforcement, the current view is that the Constitution is a meaningless scrap of paper, and has NO relevance in this day and age. Remember that it was Homeland Security, AND the FBI who, in February of 2009, issued a secret memorandum to state and local law enforcement agencies stating that veterans, gun owners and Christians were among those to be considered "potential domestic terrorists, AND NOT ONE, repeat, NOT ONE law enforcement official of ANY agency voiced their disagreement with the assessment. Note how the SEWAGE considered this an "overreaction": Law Enforcement is NOT your 'friend'.
  14. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    Government has far less interest in influencing your purchases, EXCEPT in certain instances, which I will explain at the end, than does business. On the other hand, government would have an interest in monitoring your purchases to compare your outgo, with your reported income. In a small way, you see how government is involved with business, when you get an increase in junk mail after filling out your census form, has to be coming from somewhere, right? Law enforcement is more apt to monitor your computer viewing, especially what political/gun/ personal websites you might visit, in order to entrap/blackmail you, and they are NOT above planting the 'evidence' in your computer, or what appears in your mailbox, in order to do so. Here is the next big thing that law enforcement will profess an 'urgent need' for: Law enforcement desires an Orwellian world, and they are doing their damndest to achieve it.
  15. Give and take word game

    Sun -- City (The one in Kansas, NOT Arizona)
  16. Forum issues again

    As of now, NO.
  17. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    Let's put the source of this loss of privacy where it really began, The Patriot Act, which allowed law enforcement to monitor our phone calls, financial transactions, travel, computer use, and anything else they can stick their little pig hooves into, and now, with the advent of drones, they can overfly your property at will, in another example of UNCONSTITUTIONAL, WARRANTLESS, search and seizure, all because law enforcement has NEVER met a proposed law that they did NOT give their full support to. As does the FBI, so does YOUR local, county, and state agencies, since they accept FBI 'training' and doctrine, as gospel from on high, and ANYTHING that hurries along their unrelenting quest for a police state, is A-OK, and most welcomed by them.
  18. I Think This Was Before FiFi Became "FiFi

    The top picture was in a group of pictures that I believe were taken at a Confederate Air Force air show, at Harlingen, TX, sometime in the early 80's. (It is in a different album than the lower picture) Tennessee Ernie Ford was the Grand Marshall (?) of the show that year. The bottom picture is a cut-a-way of the 28 cylinder (I do stand to be corrected) that were the reciprocating engines on the B-36 bomber. I took this at the SAC Museum when it was still at Bellevue, NE, several years before they packed up and moved it to Ashland.
  19. I Think This Was Before FiFi Became "FiFi

    I once asked them to consider acquiring the former Atlas site at Arlington, as, at least from the road, it seemed pretty well preserved, compared to the site at Mead, since the Mead site seemed to have been disturbed by the Nebraska National Guard as it developed its training sites. Unfortunately, the Mead site is now totally demolished, and I was never able to find the site at Missouri Valley/Beebee Town, IA. These early sites housed the missiles in 'coffins' where the missile was stored horizontally, and raised to the vertical position prior to launch. (You can tour one of these early coffin sites a couple of times each year at the one just south of Windsor, CO.) The Atlas sites associated with Lincoln AFB housed the missile underground, in a vertical position, and was raised to the surface on an elevator once the two doors to the silo were opened. I have also considered donating my books on various AF aircraft and missiles to the museum at Ashland, but for now I will continue to donate them to the Association of Air Force Missileers.
  20. I Think This Was Before FiFi Became "FiFi

    One other question, what aircraft was based at Whiteman AFB, MO, BEFORE it became home to the B-2? I know that it was home to Minuteman II ICBMs, but obviously, they weren't made to return to their base.
  21. I Think This Was Before FiFi Became "FiFi

    Looking deeper into the photo album, it WAS "FiFi" I noticed it also, and although it appears to be landing at Offut, if you look closer it is a picture on a display. At the time the SAC Museum was separated from Offut AFB by a fence across the end of an unused runway/taxiway, or possibly, since Martin Aircraft had built B-29s (including the Enola Gay) at their plant there during WWII, it could have been part of the parking stands. Mr. Randy would know more about this than I, but I, with my extremely limited knowledge, doubt that there would have been any reason (other than an airshow) for a B-52 to land at Offut. (Lincoln AFB was maybe 40 miles to the southwest, but it was a B-47 base, and is now home to the Nebraska Air National Guard's KC-135, KC-10 refueling wing)
  22. Give and take word game

    paper -- bag
  23. Tariff ,Chess

    I am glad that I am not the only person who feels this way, years ago, I started looking at the different birds and other wildlife that I might find on my Sunday drives, and it got to the point that when I would drive by the JBS packing house in Greeley, I would think about how the cattle coming in would meet their end. Not that I am going to stop eating meat, and, yes, God gave us dominion over the animals, but one must have compassion for what He has created, with the exception of snakes and alligators/crocodiles.