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  1. Forum issues

    I, too, had to create a new bookmark, but even then there were a couple of times when it reverted back to the "page not found" error message. In fact, though I doubt that it is connected, not ten minutes ago, I was watching a YouTube video on the BP blowout, and the computer unexpectedly shut down, and and then restarted.
  2. Opinions wanted on t post fencing

    Will they work on Bash approved rusty "T" posts, when operated at varying RPMs?
  3. Forum issues

    Indeed, it does seem to be fixed. What was the problem?
  4. Truck titling - are there any options?

    I misread the title and thought it was about truck 'TILTING', an offshoot of cow tilting.
  5. Are The DEW/BMEWS Lines Still Operational?

    Quite an engineering achievement, given the obstacles and working conditions at the time. I wonder what kind of rotational schedule both the civilian technicians and military personnel worked, both during construction, and after it became operational.
  6. Forum issues

    Wouldn't be Russian 'bots' would they?
  7. Forum issues

    Exactly the same as I have been experiencing.
  8. Give and take word game

    novel -- idea
  9. BigBudGuy

    I had never heard of such a machine, so I had to look it up. (Note the tractor that appears in the print ad for the machine)
  10. Cool old Kenny

    I never knew that there were two movies, much less three. OK, the first one was bringing the Coors to Atlanta, was the second about drinking all the Coors, and the third had to be about returning the empties to the aluminum recycling center, eh?
  11. BigBudGuy

    If the foot throttle was as sensitive to foot movement as they were on the New Generation 10 and 20 Series John Deeres, it was impossible to keep a constant RPM/SPEED at anything other than a full stop. They went the way of the Dodo bird when the 4030-4630 came out. I don't know if any heavy equipment has a foot throttle either, a deaccelerator pedal, yea, but no foot throttle.
  12. Former I-H Dealership In Onawa, IA.

    And one of the buildings at the old I-H dealer in Wahoo, NE. (The machinery was new, and had set there, as you see it, for several years).
  13. Give and take word game

    mountain -- climbing
  14. BigBudGuy

    I used the all-knowing Google-fu to look up "images of operators platform of wheatland tractors, and NO ONE seemed to have been thoughtful enough to take a picture of ANY brand. I did find a link to a thread on here of a few years ago, on Wheatland tractors, but the pictures posted were only of the covers of the brochures.