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  1. Art From DeLeon

    Anyone seen one of these before

    Lots of "good stuff" came out of Columbus, and even more came from other towns along the Platte/Highway 30, and the UP mainline.
  2. Art From DeLeon

    This happened to me...

    Might want to ask how large a 'contribution' it would take.
  3. Art From DeLeon

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    They also skipped "ABBA", because it sounded too much like THIS:
  4. Art From DeLeon

    Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

    Been years since I had bought a carton of ice cream, until today when I got a box of Well's Blue Bunny Dutch Chocolate and Almonds. I can tell you right now it is NOT going to last long. It and air conditioning will help to make these no end in sight 100+ degree days somewhat bearable.
  5. Art From DeLeon

    From A Land Far, Far, Away

    But, the corn looks much better than it does around here.
  6. Art From DeLeon

    Hitch On 3 Point Sprayer

    Cat 3, vs Cat 3N?
  7. Art From DeLeon

    Give and take word game

    High -- voltage
  8. Art From DeLeon

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    It seems that up until the mid-1940's or so, John Deere implement manuals were combination operators/parts manuals. I have several from my Dad's equipment, including one for a JD 226 corn picker, which is marked "Our first new corn picker-1941" Couple of Furrow's from the 40's and 50's sent to **** Brothers Inc.
  9. Art From DeLeon

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That's a new one on me. Funny how selective the PO is when it decides which ones to close and which ones stay open. Both Novice, and Talpa have trailer like buildings, but I like the rock/brick buildings like are still in use in Coleman, Brownwood, and the Post Office/Federal Courts Building in Abilene. Rockwood has a building similar to that in your picture.
  10. Art From DeLeon

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    I don't have too much, note that I did not say ANY, problem(s) with the post office. Sometimes they don't put the flag down, but other than that, not much, other than too many bills come with my name on them.
  11. Art From DeLeon

    Still harvesting like I did in the 50's

    They are indeed, nice pictures.
  12. Art From DeLeon

    Still harvesting like I did in the 50's

    Thought Levi was in Oklahoma (Maybe he got 'earthquaked' North a few miles?)
  13. Art From DeLeon

    IH TD-25

    Does anyone other than me find it relaxing to listen to them run, or watch them, either in person, or on You Tube in operation?
  14. Art From DeLeon

    This followed me home yesterday

    Both are only slightly more than I paid for my JD 95 blade, and I considered that I did NOT get r*ped to badly, considering I bought it from a JD dealer. The RHINO, and the JD 115 blades I looked at were much higher, but I did NOT have enough SCVs to make use of the extra cylinders.
  15. Art From DeLeon

    life in our corner

    Once again, our 'friends' in both academia and the media have done a sudden about face, after years of bad-mouthing, in this case, dairy products, they suddenly find that perhaps it wasn't as bad as they first said. A classic example of how they will use government grants to 'prove' one set of 'suspicions', and when they have "milked that cash cow dry", they will get a whole new series of TAXPAYER funded grants to disprove, what they had just 'proven'. Odds are, given their past history, that, within a few years, they will reveal that "new studies have shown that whole milk causes, something, or something, or something else that is really scary" NOTE the dates: Feb 20, 2018 Drinking Alcohol Tied to Long Life in New Study - Newsweek OR: Apr 13, 2018 - A Huge New Study Just Showed Alcohol Is Worse for You Than You ... But the same can be said about the 'studies' regarding eggs, red meat, bacon, and a myriad of other things.