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  1. But, according to the 'news story', YOUR pollution worked to 'save the planet' from the untold destruction that CLEAN air will bring us. What we have here, folks, is another example of L-word hypocrisy, coming from the air-headed 'journalists' who bleat one thing one day, and the complete opposite, the next day.
  2. But, THIS is NOT the first time that the MEDIA has spread its panic laden 'facts', only to retract them, AFTER the damage has been done. https://apnews.com/article/climate-storms-science-air-pollution-united-states-a629da4d72fa94d75f6668acd5a04bf3 Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes By SETH BORENSTEIN May 11, 2022 Comrade propagandist borenstein is nothing but a pos 'journalist' who styles himself a 'scientist', and has taken up the mantle of promoting the 'evils' of man-made 'globull warming' in his 'reporting'.
  3. As if the ship could NOT be recognized from its uniquely shaped island, and perhaps the absence of smoke as it was underway.
  4. That time I took out part of the south wall of the 4WD shop at BT&I, I stood in the door of an 8640, (I don't think it was an 8650), reached in, hit the key, and off she went. The worst thing was that everything was happening in slow motion, from the time it started moving, to the time I got in the seat, to the time I got the clutch pushed in, it was all in SLOOOOOOOOW motion, as it moved forward and pushed its nose through the wall.. The tractor had come in because it took forever to get started, and I don't know, but that one time, instead of taking 30 seconds or whatever to fire off, it started just as soon as I hit the key.
  5. $47K for an engine overhaul! While I have never heard of an Model 850 Versatile (835/875 and the 900 series (except the 900 series with the V-903 Cummins) were all over the place when I was at BT&I, I would think that tractor would be worth far less than that, and not knowing what other problems it has that Versatiles are known for, I would think that unless he was very attached to that tractor, that he could have found a better machine for that price. As far as "quotes' meaning nothing, when I would have the JD dealer rebuild something, i.e. the SCVs, steering valve, load shaft seals on, should we say, a VERY common tractor, the final cost would invariably be double the 'estimate'. I could never figure this out, since JD used the same SCV from 1968-1992, the same steering valve for years, so it was not like the labor was an unknown, or parts were hard to come by, but one would think that on something so common, that the service manager could quote the price off the top of his head, and be within a few dollars of what the final bill would be. In the year or so that I was at BT&I, I cannot remember a single major engine problem with ANY of the Versatiles, or Cummins powered John Deeres (8960) that came through the shop.
  6. Nor, am I a limey But, how will this affect Mr. Bald and Bankrupt, world traveler, and connissour of ALL things Soviet? https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/05/13/british-judges-rule-use-of-term-bald-can-be-sexual-harassment/ British Judges Rule Use of Term ‘Bald’ Can be Sexual Harassment https://www.youtube.com/c/baldandbankrupt
  7. OUR 'government' at work. Why, I think this deserves them voting themselves a raise.
  8. I wonder if the Pitchfork Ranch in Wyoming had any connection to the Pitchfork Ranch in Texas? https://www.thepitchforkranch.com/ranch It is hard to believe that the Pronghorn antelope ever needed any help in re-establishing their numbers, or their range.
  9. My first thought, upon seeing the title, was that MD 10-20 must have a lower alcohol content than Mad Dog (Mogen David 20-20)
  10. Northern Tool probably still has a wide assortment of replacement engines, several makes, crankshaft sizes and the like.
  11. What would happen is that the bar would run out of one, and substitute the other.
  12. That has NEVER been an obstacle before. The automakers would NOT bother with the technical details, since your typical cidiot would NOT comprehend, BUT sell them MORE 'power' and add a boat load of new accessories, and the "manly man", and the "studly women" would lap it all up in a nano-second.
  13. Mid-drought, California Coastal Commission Rejects Desalination Plant https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2022/05/13/mid-drought-california-coastal-commission-rejects-desalination-plant/
  14. This would be where a long established parts store would come in. Finding someone knowledgeable would be a super plus, as I doubt that finding someone at a DIYer oriented parts store who has sold brake cylinders, OR the kit(s), would be about as rare as finding someone familiar with points and condensers, carbuerators, or buggy whips.
  15. I have been to ALL "57" (as a former 'president' once said) states, EXCEPT Delaware, Alaska, and Ohio, and I have also worked in two countries ending in "stan", although others might as well add 'stan' to their name. (There is a moral dilemna as to whether I should include New Jersey and Georgia, as I have only been to airports in these states) The deal about PakiSTAN would have been to have taken the flight up to the Himalayas to see what there was to see. Niger was another country, that might as well had 'stan' added to it, although most countries with 'stan' I don't think sell beer. Rule of thumb when staying at the Grand Hotel in Niamey (the capital city) Beer in Brown bottles good, beer in green bottles BAD, or was it the other way around?
  16. You are correct about the WSJ, unfortunately, finances prohibit the cost of a subscription, BUT, I had NEVER thought about using it as one of my go-to online news sources, as each of the two that I do use, are NOT above headlining both sports and entertainment garbage as being 'newsworthy' I did give up one of the much touted 'conservative' 'news' sources, because of its heavy reliance on "the most trusted name in news" as a 'credible source".
  17. Why is that? Will it reach out and suck such "standing items" into the same black hole as what Malaysian Airlines Flight #370 was 'reported' as having disappeared into?😁 ☺️
  18. Be worth attending the auction, and maybe bidding on it, just to see if people know what the tractor has. I do like the TURBO decals, and how they were placed.
  19. Maybe he wants his Caterpillar to "self-identify" as this:
  20. So true, sensationalism sells, and, as Mr. Albaton from The Bash used to say "bread and circuses", 'i.e., the pabulum that the MEDIA uses to keep the 'peasants' entertained. Headlines about the trials and tribulations of the Hollywierd elites, and sports 'stars', when 99+ percent of the 'educated' couldn't tell you the name of their congressional representative, or figure out how to operate a dial phone, if they were handed one. They talk about "Freedom of Speech" and 'censorship', when it is the MEDIA themselves who decide what is 'newsworthy', and how it is presented. And this is why I say that the MEDIA IS the second greatest threat to the Constitution, and OUR Freedom that we face. And the drivel that is passed off as 'newsworthy' extends right down to the local 'newspaper' right here in BFT, with its failure to even mention election results, OR the outcome of the ONE interesting criminal trial of the last few years here in the county, BUT we do get page after page devoted to local columnists telling us about life in their neck of the woods (little NO horse towns, that have ZERO businesses, well, two do have post offices,), and the 'local' obituaries may well include someone who passed through here on the second of June, 1964, or an "Notice of Estray", in which the county sheriff describes the animal in question as a "MALE COW". No, the "tipping point" has been reached, AND surpassed, mainly attributable to the MEDIA. To get a real, and descriptive take on what is happening, one has to go to the comics, read Dilbert, Mallard Fillmore, or Pearls Before Swine, and learn that, yes, "In humor, there is truth'"
  21. Sounds like they use the same screens as do EVERY cell phone that I have ever had. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/05/11/elon-musks-tesla-recalls-130k-vehicles-as-touch-screens-can-go-blank/ Why would the vehicle be allowed to move, IF there is NO way of selecting which way one wants to go? (But we do love our push buttons though, don't we?) It seems like this would be a problem for those who are so out of touch with reality (by being on the phone) that they 'forget' that they have a pet, or a child, in the back seat, and go off and leave them.
  22. Without this for inspiration, such 'victory' would NOT have occurred.
  23. And, NEVER, EVER, push it beyond 1500 RPM. And IF you really want to make it "go fast", find a place where you can use your angle grinder on it, to make it easier to access the 'go fast' plug. Thanx, and a tip of the hat, to the 5-gallon bucket guy.
  24. Did you buy it, or try to, bring it back into the family?
  25. Rightfully earned from seeing/hearing/smelling reality in most of the places I have worked. And, it is NOT limited to the Third, and Fourth world s***holes that I have been in either.
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