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  1. 15 hours ago, acem said:

    I might be prejudice but I'm not racist.

    I find all races equally offensive!

    There IS a reason the different characterizations came about, it was NOT the observations of the different cultures, and their practices that created the stereotype by ONE person, BUT it was the observations of many different people over many years, observing the same practices that let to those stereotypes being formed, and by and large considered accurate.

    Scots being thrifty

    Germans being bull-headed, etc, etc, etc.

  2. BTW, I wonder how many thousands of dollars the HIGH Output 6.7 is going to add, ABOVE the price of the LOW output 6.7?

    When Ford upped the output of the 2012 6.7 from 390 HP to 400 HP, the dealer upgraded mine for free.

    Watch and see, the High OUTPUT will outsell the low end engine, such is the way of the High School Harry, wanna bee truck driver, and cidiot grocery getter.

    I wonder why the po-po don't ticket a person driving a vehicle with a HUD, for it obstructing the driver's vision.

    They are missing a golden opportunity to replenish the doughnut fund, NOT that they ever pay for the pastries they extort from the owner of the doughnut shop(s). (After all, it is the owner of the restaurant/doughnut shop to "do your civic duty by contributing to welfare of the " thin blue line heroes" of the PD).

  3. 14 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:


    Lots of "cidiotic" features for the wanna-bee, truckers, cowboys, AND, cowgirls, horsey people, and the like to oooh and ahhh, about, especially the 1000 watt sound system, ALL the  better to listen to the modern (country) hillbilly 'music' with, by letting the neighbors know that YOU enjoy such garbage.

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  4. As far as the men riding the wagon(s), perhaps their job was to work the brake.

    This details how Mr. Engles built the replicas of an original set of the borax wagons

    The second video shows them at the Bishop Mule days in Bishop, CA.



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  5. 14 hours ago, Gearclash said:

    Interesting tidbit I remember from reading on the Panama Canal.  Some of the excavations were so far below the original grade that the soil at the face of the cut would shift from the weight of the bank above it.  There was supposedly one particular shovel that never truly advanced forward in the cut, just stood in one spot and dug as the bank advanced toward it.  I think the deal was that it advanced during the work shift, but come the next morning the bank would be back where they had started the day before.  


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  6. On 10/23/2022 at 1:05 PM, jeeper61 said:

    Maybe it needs a Ford badge 🤣


    And, at the 01:15 mark, it is good to see that Trooper Doorite is right there, in the midst of things, striking his Superman pose, lending his 'expertise' to the situation, daring the Tesla to "make a break for it".  (Perhaps he could have used his Taser to give the Tesla a "jump start".)

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  7. 2 hours ago, Jacka said:

    Berks is close enough, bare land in Franklin along 81 sold for 100k acre this summer for a warehouse  60 million for 60 acres. 

    Looks like you got one to many ZEROS in the price per acre.

    60 acres at $100K per acre is SIX million

  8. At Brownville, NE.  

    I thought, h3ll, I know I had taken pictures of the suction/discharge pump, and the cutterhead, but I'll be go to h3ll if I can find them.

    I also cannot find the pictures that I stopped in the middle of the Missouri River bridge, and took a few pictures of barges being loaded from the elevator at the base of the cliff.



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  9. https://www.dailyfetched.com/beyond-meat-forced-to-lay-off-19-of-its-workforce-due-to-declining-sales/


    Plant-based meat company Beyond Meat has been forced to lay off about 200 employees, or 19% of its workforce, due to declining sales and stock market losses, according to a regulatory filing disclosed Friday.

    So, the apparent attempt to reengineer the global population’s eating habits in preparation for the World Economic Forum’s dystopian nightmare vision of “eating bugs” doesn’t seem to be going too well.

    Despite the "recommendations" of the MEDIA, who on their first day of 'journalism school", are told that upon completion, they WILL be able to explain to the uneducated, unwashed, and barely literate peasants, WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM:   the World Economic Forum’s dystopian nightmare vision of “eating bugs” doesn’t seem to be going too well.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    She then agreed and pulled the bill.

    A single legislator who actually listened to her constituents, believed that their argument had merit, and re-assessed her position. (A true "once in a lifetime" occurrence.

    As far as the MEDIA, and state and Federal government promoting and legislating ANTI-farming and ranching regulations and legislation, WELL

    California cutting off, or severely limiting agriculture's RIGHT to water.

    This might be worth a read, AND such legislation was made necessary by the radical left, AND the "crusading MEDIA", who, as we all should know, ARE the go-to "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING":


    And just as good:



    The Sky is Falling”

    Our culture relies heavily on television as a source of information. We make decisions based, in part, on the opinions and conclusions of “investigative” news reporters and popular celebrities. At the same time, these media outlets must find and create programs that will make the public watch. The traditional method of gaining television viewers has been to increase the entertainment value of the programs available. During the last decade, however, the media has increasingly touted its status as a social “watchdog” - convincing viewers that their programs will provide valuable information necessary for preservation of the public’s livelihood. Although there may not be actual truth in what the public hears on television, it has a significant effect on market decision making and can be ruinous to targets of the media’s attention.

    And who can forget Orca's attack on the cattle industry, which, unfortunately, she won, when it went to court.

    But, the beef industry WON when the MEDIA went into full-panic mode over "pink slime":



    the offering famously called “pink slime” in an ABC News exposé that got the network in a lot of trouble—can be labeled “ground beef.” 

    I believe that when the case came up for trial, ABC came out to 'flyover country', convinced that they could cow the rubes into submission, but were sent back to the perverted cesspool of New York Sh***y, with their "ox" tail between their legs.


    The proposed, but so far unsuccessful enactment by the Federal government of the Waters of the United States act, as well as the EPA's proposed rules regarding 'controlling' the dust created by farming operations.(Thankfully the Supreme Court put the kabosh on Federal agencies, specifically the EPA, making their rules and regulations having the power of law).


    Another, and one of the few examples of legislative common sense by STATE legislation has been the passage of "Right to farm" laws, BUT, why were such laws made necessary in the first place?

    Certain European countries, OBVIOUSLY YOU have not heard of what is going on in the Netherlands, or France. (And because this is being reported by foreign news agencies, the elitist filth of the US MEDIA have been left out of the loop, where they cannot twist and turn the 'story' into the government's favor.)

    ONE 'victory" regarding one proposed piece of legislation, in some small state, does NOT win the war that the MEDIA and the extremists have declared on agriculture.

  11. When I was at Weslaco Motor and Implement, the few sacrificial wrenches I had were made out of Craftsman, up until a few years ago, I still had the one I had made to remove one of the bolts on the inside of the bell housing that held a 5 speed transmission in place on a Loadstar.

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