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  1. Boys certainly outnumber the girls in that video.

    But, thankfully, the boys weren't throwing their (sodden)underwear at him.

    Interesting, in his obituary, is that he was related to other early "rock-a-billy" stars, and I did like it that he had been tossed out of the seminary, for "getting to carried away", and you can see the "performance art" of any great evangelist in his performances.


  2. 8 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    But having transported horses quite a bit and knowing how dumb people are i don’t see why a caution sign is a bad idea. As much for a parked trailer as a moving one.

    Much truth to the above.

    While, I fall far short of "quite a bit", I always worried about some SOB coming up and poking/stabbing them (the horses) while we were stopped someplace getting fuel, or eating.

    At least one province in Canada has taken action, BUT will it be enforced?


    However, this IS funny:

    From California (of all places)



    Lastly, we are just there for the cows, we have no grievances with you. We understand you are just doing your job, we only want a few seconds (no longer than a stoplight) to share our love with the cows.


  3. I would have thought that the 'glitch' behind the #12 sign, along with being able to count the furrows, (instead of leaving a FLAT surface) would have led to some demerits.

    Although I have watched an IH video on YouTube showing an English "ploughing" demonstration, where the 'ploughman', spent far more time adjusting his 'plough', then plodded along in some creeper gear, where he turned up great slabs of sod, and THAT was supposed to be a "winning' job of plowing.

  4. 2 hours ago, stronger800 said:

    Either that, or they really were a factory thing.

    At one time didn't IH pretty much brag about "NO two trucks could be equipped alike" (Thus the importance of having the Line Setting Ticket)

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  5. 18 minutes ago, acem said:

    I've heard rice wears out the equipment faster than the more common small grains,

    I have heard the same, and that all the metal that the rice passes over is pretty much the same as armor plate.


    When Mr. Acem is combining, how many snakes, and alligators, if any, does he scare out?

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  6. If I am remembering correctly, it has been over a decade since John Deere came out with the baler picker.

    In 2015, my cousin and I went to Akeny, IA in the hope of seeing them build these machines, only to find out they were building a run of self-propelled sprayers at that time.  However they did have one baler type picker, which I assume was a field test unit parked outside, and the tour guide did tell the group a little bit about it, he also mentioned that JD had stopped all production of their conventional cotton pickers, EXCEPT for one order of 250 machines that went to the People's Republic of China.

    As interesting as anything was, is that the tour just happened to end up at the gift shop.

    Yes, they are expensive, but really no more expensive than a big combine and corn head, a big planter, or a big 4WD tractor, any of which you are looking at close to a million dollars, according to the JD "U-build it" web site.

  7. 8 minutes ago, junkandcattle said:

    Wish I could call them and tell them to kiss my ass

    This is where "snail mail" comes into play.  A letter is so unusual anymore, that it is bound to be noticed.

    A call to customer support/customer care goes into one ear, and out the other, an email (one of hundreds) stands NO chance of being read, PLUS, a letter allows you to get creative with your word usage, and, if addressed to the president of the company, may well make it to his/her/its desk.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, acem said:

    Every round cotton bale is made by a JD picker. CIH pickers make a rectangular module. 

    And IF the rumour is true, in that the row units on CIH pickers are made by John Deere, then EVERY bale of cotton is harvested by John Deere.

    Although, around here, and in a few other places that I have seen (Mangum, OK) there are still a few of the Allis-Chalmers  type strippers still in use.


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  9. Yet the "EXPERTS on EVERYTHING" look at all those pictures the smoke and ash, and tell us than "man" produces far more atmospheric pollution, than ALL volcanic eruptions in history have, COMBINED.

    What utter stupidity, and lack of thinking ability, those in the MEDIA possess.

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  10. When he said he had "all the parts' and bits and pieces, I assume he was meaning for the repair.

    I would suggest working out a deal with A GOOD, REPUTABLE, IH mechanic to trade a fishing trip in exchange for a repair done right.

    With the long delay since the original posts, one has to wonder if the gentleman passed due to Covid.

    Someone who knows the KOO, could find out.

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