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  1. The first dentist I went to, still had the old belt driven electric drill, what the above story brought back, was that you could smell the burnt tooth/bone in the office.

    Nowadays, while it isn't quite painless, as the dreaded needle still exists, the thought of going to the dentist, is much less scary.

    I've been lucky, the good Monona county well water made for good teeth, but the salty Rio Grande river water made for lots of fillings, but ALL my teeth are still there.  (Salt water has to be THE MOST corrosive substance on earth)  Acid will eventually spend itself, but salt water stays corrosive forever)

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  2. 1 hour ago, 2+2love said:


    An interesting video, that tells you their side of the story, without getting in your face.

    Perhaps if those who believe in the advantages and 'need' for these electric vehicles, would go about promoting their 'advantages' in a similar way, INSTEAD of lobbying the government to FORCE them upon the consumer, and, even as this video admits, there are areas where organic foods are limited in their availability, as is the case with vast areas of the United States being inaccessible to EVs, EVs would eventually find their place, without having to be forced upon the public.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, lorenzo said:

     The thought of all the millions of mistreated animals out there is really sad.

    At our place, even the cows we raise for human consumption are treated with respect and cared for.

    And that is how it should be.

    And, as much as I hate these animal rights groups, they have exposed the cruelty that has happened in some of these dairies and feedyards.

    I cannot bring myself to watch the YouTube videos that show the abandoned cats and dogs.

    The vast majority of my meager estate is set up to go to a NO-Kill animal rescue-shelter

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  4. Cat, and Balderson also had blades with back up rippers on them, the shanks weren't all that long, but they would fold back when pushing forward, and hinged to fall down when the blade was raised, then stay in place when lowered to rip at least at the ends of the blade.

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  5. SPAM is somewhat edible (at least some varieties are), and is much better than Vienna sausages, or Beanie-Weenies.

    I drove for an old boy, well he wasn't really all that old, whose go-to survival food was WOLF BRAND CHILI, he'd open the can, and it would have about 1/2-3/4 inch of white grease on the top, give it a quick stir, and would go about "wolfing it down"

    MY personal go-to food, was cold creamed corn, and hot Pepsi. A definite taste treat that would last for days was a family sized box of Church's fried chicken, and a big bottle of Heinz ketchup, or a Monster Burger from the beer joint at McCook would last for about 3 days before the tomato and lettuce got to slimy to eat.

    The shifter boots in the old cab-overs were all tore up, but there was enough room to set a can of whatever down on top of the engine, and let it cook. And when Halliburton put mufflers on the deck engines, you could lay a steak or pork chops on them and cook up a tasty meal.

    Some of the cementers, tool operators, or treaters, would have their own little BBQ pits that they had made out of a short length of 9 5/8 or 10 3/4" casing.  And the frac crew(s) if it wasn't catered, most camps would have their own BBQ trailer, anything from a little two, or four wheeled trailer, on up to one camp where they had made an old flatbed into a pit. (When times are good, almost anything goes)

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  6. Your wife was very fortunate indeed.

    I have no idea where along I-20 that happened, but for some unknown "reason', the state has long stretches ALWAYS "under repair", with narrow and uneven lanes.

    But not to give the "professional steering wheel holder" any support, he either let his truck drift out of the passing lane back into the RH lane, or he cut back in far too soon, because he was "pre-occupied" (maybe prayer time, or the curry pot was boiling over), or too stupid to look in his mirror.

    It is getting worse and worse as even these car drivers are on the phone, and will pull back into your lane MAYBE a car-length after passing you, instead of waiting until they can see you in their mirror. 

    There are very few PROFESSIONAL over the road drivers anymore.

  7. 37 minutes ago, 1256pickett said:

    I think I got one of them kicking around from the previous owner of my farm. Set it aside not sure what it was. Now I’m curious, might have to go find it and figure out how it works. Maybe find a YouTube video? They say everything is on YouTube. 

    Video, YOU don't need no stinking video.  it is as self explanatory as things come, in fact, it will probably fall open as you are handling it, insert the wire between the jaws, pull on the "eye', to make it grip, and the harder you pull, the tighter it grips.

    The "eye" allows you to use it with a come-a-long to make a fence stretcher out of it.

    Kinda like a Chinese finger puzzle.

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  8. 11 hours ago, Big Bud guy said:

    What's different about the just-introduced Titan tractor is that it's actually a Steiger or Versatile 4-WD that's been re-built from the ground up.

    Did that idea ever go anyplace?  As far as I was aware, only the inheritors of Big Bud have made a successful business out of refurbishing their tractors.

    There have been companies, like Kinze, that have re-powered John Deere tractors with other makes of engines, and at one time John Deere advertised a program to "return your 4020 to a like new condition" (and I may be "mis-remembering this").

    Caterpillar has had a long-running program of completely rebuilding at least some models of their construction equipment through their "certified rebuild program", so it is somewhat surprising that no farm equipment manufacturer has done so, although I understand that John Deere, at least does offer remanufactured components, other than engines.


    How many tractors did Knudson build, and has anyone ever seen one?

  9. 8 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

    Some of the best eating (IMO) is an older wether tender stretch hung in a cold room for a week or so.

    Is this "wether tender stretch", old enough to be mutton.

    I guess mutton was kind of a staple during WW II, as my Dad said he hated it, because he ate so much while in the Army.

    However, I like lamb, either served hot or served cold, but in these times, it has outpaced beef in its pricing.

    Now goat, I kind of think goat was what made up "Big Bone Stew", which showed up on the table, when I was working in Eastern Niger, and even the French, with their cheery "Bon Appetit", could not make me eat it.

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  10. If I could ever get over my last experience at the local Chinese restaurant, and could find a genuine Chinese restaurant, I would like to try a Peking duck, and NOT a Peking possum, Peking cat, Peking dog, or whatever said "restaurant" would be attempting to pass off as a Peking duck, and one NOT named Daffy, or Donald.

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  11. https://www.mcmaster.com/acetal/slippery-wear-resistant-easy-to-machine-delrin-acetal-af-resin-tubes/


    PTFE is added to these Delrin® acetal resin tubes to make the surface even more slippery and wear resistant. They resist expanding when exposed to heat and moisture, so they can be machined to close tolerances. Fabricate them into pump components, gears, and bearings. The OD is oversized and the ID is undersized for finishing to the sizes listed. Delrin® acetal resin is also known as acetal homopolymer.

    One of several different varieties of Delrin listed in the McMaster-Carr catalog.

    Solid rods, bore your desired ID.


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  12. Another rarity is the THREE row corn head.  (Four snouts equals three rows)  And it appears that the ladder would have raised h3ll on the next row of standing corn.

    I've seen one of the little augur carts several years ago, at a small machinery jockey's place of business in Dublin, TX.

    I'd only seen the IH hydraulic raised elevator in a brochure I used to have.


  13. 50 minutes ago, iowaboy1965 said:
    8 hours ago, Farmall 1466 said:

    , because in 13 years time, we will all be forced into an EV here

    But there are some who say that NO ONE is going to be "forced" into buying an EV.

    California seems to have other plans "NOT to FORCE" consumers in that 'great state" into giving up other things, or building their homes to meet standards that do NOT contribute to man-made gloBULL warming.

    California is just like one HUGE Home Owners Association.

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