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  1. God, almost NO clearance between the wall, and the operator, working in standing water, and having to listen to that air motor, not something that I would want to do.
  2. This is what my understanding is, whether the number of missions were raised because of a shortage of aircrews, either because of losses, or because of the numbers of new aircraft arriving needing aircrews, I do not know. Remember that the USAAF were able to launch "Thousand plane raids" towards the end of the war in Europe, but you also had raids like those over Schienfurt and Polotsi where the losses approached 75-80 percent. And, we were becoming ever more capable in the bombing of Japan, so there was another need for personnel. The Memphis Belle and its crew was one of the very few aircraft brought home to become a 'cause' to boost morale, and to raise money through the purchase of war bonds. "Heroes" were brought home (although many resisted leaving), for the same purpose, and I imagine that the severely wounded were brought back to the US for specialized medical care. And, I do believe you were in for the duration, my Dad enlisted in either 1940, or 1941 (BEFORE the draft) and was discharged in late 1945. (The military used a point system to determine when you were released) My Dad was the eldest, and his two brothers were exempted by being farmers. It is my understanding that Vietnam was the first war, where the men went home after 12 months, (13 months if you were a Marine), Suppossedly, this caused problems because there was no unit cohesion because of the constant coming and going of personnel. I have never seen "Saving Private Ryan". For me the BEST movie regarding WW II is "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "Dr. Neumann, M.D." Although "A Walk In The Sun, is based on Audie Murphy's experience, just as "Sgt. York" was based on his experience in WW I. I should mention "Hacksaw Ridge". The best, and I believe probably the most honest/realistic movie about Vietnam is "We Were Soldiers, Once, and Young" I can kind of understand why OUR grandfathers, fathers, brothers were reluctant to talk about what they had seen, or went through.
  3. Wasn't Farmtrac the name of the 'tractors' that Northern Tool sold?
  4. Betcha that agricultural equipment salvage yard that was mentioned on here, could sell you a couple of complete tire/wheel assemblies.
  5. The son of a certain high ranking politician would agree.
  6. From what I have read, they are highly intelligent creatures. (And, if this is the case, they probably are more intelligent than those in the MEDIA, along with MOST who have graduated from American colleges and universities, especially those with their worthless liberal arts degrees (Example #1 hair colour in a socially unjust world, or, Example #2, man, or womyn, how to define/determine who is what in this Euro-centric, male dominated, globull warming threatened world, or #3, "journalism") or other totally useless disciplines, degrees that took them 6-7 years, hundreds of thousands dollars of student loans to obtain, and other 'professions' that I will refrain from mentioning, just this one time. It is mind boggling, and somewhat distressing to watch programs about commercial fishing, and the vast numbers of fish and shrimp that are caught.
  7. What this could lead to, is, as California has done, regarding emissions, or as the fking Federal government has done, when it implemented "Cash For Clunkers", or when they destroyed not so old tractors by cutting a hole in the block, to control emmissions, is to ban outright these older semi-tractors from the highway.
  8. I did NOT pick up on that. I hope that, that question will NOT come up on my upcoming bar exam.
  9. "Youts" as used in "My Cousin Vinny", or as used by the late, great Rush Limbaugh, in place of the word 'youths".
  10. Worn out from trying to herd them.
  11. This one: Looks impressive and has a few acres under its belt.
  12. Wonder if the vehicles that were on the cars that didn't fully derail, and tip over, were also scrapped, or were they considered undamaged, re-railed and sent on their way?
  13. My Mom told me that Blondie bit me when I tried that.
  14. Regarding how a tractor/machine is either chained, strapped, or held in place by baler twine, during transport, look and see how they are held down during transport from the factory, and replicate that method. (A picture or two of that, should be good enough to establish its authenticity, and put the correct police in their place) (As far as 'detractors', they are the same 'experts' that, in the world of John Deere, WILL SAY that John Deere himself gave a free hog to Uncle Snot when he bought a new Model "GP" tractor during the depression, AND that "GP" stands for general practicioneer. (These 'experts" NEVER spent any seat time in the field on one, but do block the aisles at shows as they debate whether it is a "Popping Johnny", or "Johnny Popper"). Fk 'em and feed them fish heads.
  15. They ARE "special", aren't they! (And it matters not whether they are high school, college, or professional) And I find it quite interesting that the doughnut munchers would do nothing, even though, your wife is (IIRC) a detective. Undoubtedly, an autograph, and a few free tickets given to the right people, trumps having to do their 'job'. And yet they are held up as "heroes" and role models for the "yout" of America to aspire to.
  16. How big a plot? If you have a set of disk hillers for your cultivator, and with the corn being 20+ inches tall, you should be able to go fast enough to throw a good amount of dirt to bury the weeds/grass that the shovels/sweeps can't touch. Also, a few hours with a hoe for a small plot.
  17. Please accept my condolences. For me, it is far easier to get teared up over the loss of a pet, mainly because they gave everything, and IF they had any bad in them, it was trivial, compared to what good they gave for so little in return.
  18. I do not know how someone in a factory, or on an assembly line can stand there for hours, days, years, doing the same thing. And those repetitive jobs, and the boredom that has to go along with it, well, just the thought, is mind-numbing. They do earn their pay.
  19. That man impresses me. Whether he changes and morphs into an ass, when officially on duty, I do not know, but taking the time, (while standing out in the drizzle and cold to boot), and EXPLAINING things, is something that the rest of those in his 'profession' are loathe to do.
  20. Since you have spoken to a REAL person, ask why you cannot send them a cashier's check, or a postal, or international money order as payment, eliminating ALL the bulls**t. Send the payment via registered mail, so you have proof that they received it, not that they would come back and deny receiving your order. They get paid, you get your part, and hopefully it will be the right one, and equally hopefully, it will work.
  21. Vice grips ARE a useless 'tool' when used for this, as they only serve to chew up the item that you are trying to remove. Get yourself a 6" Ridgid pipe wrench, which WILL grip until YOU tell it not too, and it will bring out that broken off stud, leaving only one set of teeth marks.
  22. Why would this be "a problem", ONLY the MEDIA seems to forget the REAL reason for "celebrating" Memorial Day, as they, being the brain dead oafs that they are, promoting it as "the first day of summer", a day to be 'enjoyed" BBQing and spending the "first day of the summer season" outdoors and having fun, INSTEAD of contemplating and memorializing the ULTIMATE sacrifice that these men made as they fought and died for OUR FREEDOM. "Freedoms" that would include "burning diesel and making smoke".
  23. Reminds me of a very persistent door-to-door salesman, OR the "land shark" skit on the OLD Saturday Night Live shows.
  24. The above are the key words, both for the attendees and, even more so for the exibitors. Despite the use of the "national' for these shows, most, with very few exceptions are regional in nature. The only two shows that I would consider "national" would be working shows like the HCOP, and the shows put on by ACMOC and the HCEA, and a working steam engine show like RollAg, or the one at Mt. Pleasant. I have never been to RollAg or Mt. Pleasant, but I would go back to a HCOP or a HCEA/ACMOC show in a heartbeat. I would think that these "regional shows' could take place in western Kansas, much as the 3 I shows do, the wheat country of Montana, or the Texas Panhandle, or, a show in the Pacific Northwest, or like the John Deere show that was/is in the Finger Lake area of New York State, and perhaps others in the Southeast, and Louisiana, which, like California, would have enough unusual equipment due to the unusual crops being grown in these areas. I do believe that these regional shows would attract just as many people, people who may never have attended a 'national' show, or those who want to see a different part of the country. Although the deal breaker to ANY future show would be the cost of travel, not only fuel, but lodging and meals, and although fuel MAY come down, will it ever come back to the $2-$2.50 per gallon levels, but do NOT expect lodging or meals to ever return to pre-2000 levels.
  25. He was happy, because he knew he was making you happy.
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