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  1. Except for the duals, that 560, looks mucho like the one my cousin bought because it had a belt pulley, and he had one irrigation well on some rented ground that was still belt driven.

    When he bought the tractor, the owner gave him a cultivator and a couple of pieces of Fast Hitch equipment to take home with him.

  2. 4 hours ago, KWRB said:

    What is CO-OP fuel?

    Just the name of the farmers' co-operative, that had their own station, and grain elevator in town.

    Seems to be confined to Canadianstan now, but was quite common in the part of the country I grew up in, with almost every town that had a grain elevator was a co-operative, which also sold fuel.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    You must not be familiar with the sweet smell of the exhaust from a D282 engine! 

    I can still remember the "sweet" smell of the exhaust from the local BTO's 560D from when I was a kid.  I do believe that he was burning CO-OP fuel.

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  4. Interesting that the US was sending "humanitarian aid" to the French Islands that were controlled by the Vichy (NAZI collaborationist)

    governments.  (Are we to assume that ALL this humanitarian goodwill was distributed to the local population, and NOT given to the U-boat crews?)


  5. 20 minutes ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Coming to a farm near you soon!

    Very true, given the agenda of the current administration, the 'advice of the experts' to "Eat Bugs NOT Beef", as well as constant repetition of the MAIN cause of "globull warming" (which is 'caused' by bovine emissions), the source of pollution caused by fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and the support the MEDIA has given PETA and the Animal Liberation Front, with their criminal acts being portrayed as "heroic acts against the dairy and poultry industry, and for "exposing the poisons that are being put in our food", not only by the aforementioned "fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides", but by the chemicals being put into the products manufactured by General Mills, Kelloggs, Kraft, and so on.

    Smithfield leaving California is a current example, but how long before California outlaws dairies, and vegetable and fruit production, with the latter being pilloried for their use of water, water that is sorely needed for our urban population. (Which IS exactly how the brain dead twits of the MEDIA think, and WILL 'report' on it).

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  6. 1 hour ago, brewcrew said:

    In several states they can claim civil forfeiture on large amounts of cash without ever charging you with a crime. This is most commonly seen in airports because the X-ray finds it.

    Steve Lehto, who does the Lehto's Law channel on YouTube  has done many videos on how law enforcement abuses your rights through the use of Civil Asset Forfeiture, and the Institute for Justice has had some success in getting the money, and/or property seized by law enforcement, back to the rightful owners.

    As I have said, "If YOU have something that a member of law enforcement wants, they WILL find a way to make it theirs".

    These "red flag" laws are just another method used by law enforcement to get around the Second Amendment, and steal YOUR property.

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  7. I was going to suggest going to a tech school with an electronics program, or a well established computer repair place, that might want to take it on.

    I have no idea of how things electronic work, but beings that the tractor probably has controls in the armrest, and since you sit in the same position each time, could the wiring from the rotating seat be damaged, either from wear, or from rotating the seat when you change directions?

    And, yes, I can see that something that is still relative 'new', and is now obsolete, and NLA, fits the definition of "planned obsolecense".

  8. 35 minutes ago, SDman said:

    I love the comment under the video that says "for legal reasons, the video was filmed in Mexico with an unknown driver". Lol. Yeah right....

    I fully understand, but law enforcement does watch these videos (while munching doughnuts) and there is enough identifiable information (road signs, businesses, and the lake shore) to identify the area, and then, to quote every cop movie ever made, "be on the lookout" for that car.

    The only thing I saw wrong was he kind of cut it close while passing a couple of cars.  

  9. 30 minutes ago, Absent Minded Farmer said:

    Reminds me of the Eimco rocker shovel. Kind of a goofy contraption.... ok, it's a really goofy contraption. But, I'd wager it beats a shovel.


    God, almost NO clearance between the wall, and the operator, working in standing water, and having to listen to that air motor, not something that I would want to do.

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  10. 1 hour ago, dale560 said:

    From what I have read most were in for the duration. Some of the bomber crews had a 25 mission and then home but later on that got raised to a higher number.

    This is what my understanding is, whether the number of missions were raised because of a shortage of aircrews, either because of losses, or because of the numbers of new aircraft arriving needing aircrews, I do not know.  Remember that the USAAF were able to launch "Thousand plane raids" towards the end of the war in Europe, but you also had raids like those over Schienfurt and Polotsi where the losses approached 75-80 percent.

    And, we were becoming ever more capable in the bombing of Japan, so there was another need for personnel.

    The Memphis Belle and its crew was one of the very few aircraft brought home to become a 'cause' to boost morale, and to raise money through the purchase of war bonds.

    "Heroes" were brought home (although many resisted leaving), for the same purpose, and I imagine that the severely wounded were brought back to the US for specialized medical care.

    And, I do believe you were in for the duration, my Dad enlisted in either 1940, or 1941 (BEFORE the draft) and was discharged in late 1945.  (The military used a point system to determine when you were released)  My Dad was the eldest, and his two brothers were exempted by being farmers.

    It is my understanding that Vietnam was the first war, where the men went home after 12 months, (13 months if you were a Marine),  Suppossedly, this caused problems because there was no unit cohesion because of the constant coming and going of personnel.

    I have never seen "Saving Private Ryan".  For me the BEST movie regarding WW II is "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "Dr. Neumann, M.D."  Although "A Walk In The Sun, is based on Audie Murphy's experience, just as "Sgt. York" was based on his experience in WW I.

    I should mention "Hacksaw Ridge".

    The best, and I believe probably the most honest/realistic movie about Vietnam is "We Were Soldiers, Once, and Young"

    I can kind of understand why OUR grandfathers, fathers, brothers were reluctant to talk about what they had seen, or went through.

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  11. From what I have read, they are highly intelligent creatures. (And, if this is the case, they probably are more intelligent than those in the MEDIA, along with MOST who have graduated from American colleges and universities, especially those with their worthless liberal arts degrees (Example #1 hair colour in a socially unjust world, or, Example #2,  man, or womyn, how to define/determine who is what in this Euro-centric, male dominated, globull warming threatened world, or #3, "journalism") or other totally useless disciplines, degrees that took them 6-7 years, hundreds of thousands dollars of student loans to obtain, and other 'professions' that I will refrain from mentioning, just this one time.

    It is mind boggling, and somewhat distressing to watch programs about commercial fishing, and the vast numbers of fish and shrimp that are caught.

  12. I did NOT pick up on that.

    57 minutes ago, KWRB said:

    So you did or did not recognize that my post was a My Cousin Vinny reference. When judge Herman Munster asks Vinny "The two hwat?"

    I was trying to be obscure to see if anyone would get it.

    Mensch, I love that movie

    I hope that, that question will NOT come up on my upcoming bar exam.

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  13. 30 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

    The last couple of days feeding calves without Gus has been hard on me and seeing the others who have lost their constant companions, I feel your pain. 

    I think I speak for everyone on here when I say our lives would be very empty without our dogs. 


    Wife knows I been down so tried to cheer me up with this photo of Cash and the caption:


    The Border (collie) has been overrun by the cats



    Worn out from trying to herd them.

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