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  1. 8 hours ago, New Englander said:

    Where to send torque wrenches for calibration? Up until recently I was able to slip mine in with our mechanics but sadly that's no longer an option. I sent them to one place only to have them all returned with a note "too old" even though they had recent calibration certs on them. I don't want to waste freight again.

    Too old, what a crock of ****!  Unless the wrenches are electronic, any brand, or age of an adjustable torque wrench should be adjustable.  And since, if I understand it correctly, there are only two makers of "click-type" torque wrenches, that should really simplify matters, as to the adjustment process.

    Since YOU have access to the mechanics shop at the aviation business you work at, have them either let the tool truck driver send it off, or throw it in with the shop's precision tools when they are sent off to be re-calibrated.

    That is what I did with my electronic calipers when we sent our measuring equipment off every 90 days. (Although for years, anything that went downhole, and that could back off, was measured an engineers tape for length between breaks, and layout calipers a regular tape for diameter.)

    As far as torque wrenches, I let Matco or Snap-on send them off to be checked.

    I've even been on Snap-on dealer's trucks where he had a tester set up on his bench.

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  2. The restoration process will prove to be too costly, the museum/club will go bankrupt, and the locomotives will be sold for scrap, UNLESS the Union Pacific retained the right to recover ownership of them, should the museum/club prove unable to complete the restorations.


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  3. You believe what YOU want to believe about the SEWAGE of the MEDIA riding in on their white horses, delivering the unbiased, unvarnished truth, and I WILL continue to call out the LYING sons of beeches for being nothing but the knowing,  willing, eager, unquestioning, and PAID propagandists for those whose agenda is the total destruction of moral, blue-collar, America, and the values and traditions that ONCE made it great.

    "Knowledge" implies intelligence, something that the studies I cited, show that the brain-dead drunkards and stoners of the MEDIA DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT possess.

  4. 11 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

      From about the 1960's I have a Sears ad for boots made from it but advertising like that much less likely these days.

    That pre-dates my recollection by about 20 years, but Cabelas quit carrying hunting boots made of kangaroo skin back in the 1980's (IIRC), but they returned them to the catalog maybe 10-15 years later.

    I had a pair and they were quite comfortable.

  5. 1 hour ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    The reporter doesn't have time for all that or the knowledge to do so.

    The KEY WORD here is "knowledge", which IS the word of choice when used to describe a 'reporter' or 'journalist'. So, by NOT having the "knowledge", the intrepid reporter just makes up the FACTS to meet his/her/its deadline.  Remember that SENSATIONALISM, not facts, sell.

    And unlike the investigation, that WILL take months, or years to reach a conclusion, the MEDIA will NEVER go back and 'report' on the fault(s) that were found BY A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION, that were the cause of the crash.

    An interesting take:


    I would take the words "Journalists brains function at a lower level than average", to be interpreted as "journalists/reporters' are STUPID. (But highly paid despite that fact, most likely "highly paid" for their creative writing skills, and their willingness to unquestioningly parrot the proper party line.


    I would argue with this assumption:


    And people who are reporting sports are assumed to at least have average IQs.  

    Although, it may take some intelligence to show any 'enthusiasm' for a game, watching the cretins who announce and analyze these GAMES soon destroys that idea.

    A totally USELESS 'profession' where ethics and intelligence are totally lacking.

  6. 1 hour ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    It's up to the viewer to interpret and learn about the incident.

    Which is exactly why one should NEVER believe what a member of the MEDIA has to say about anything, as propagandists, they ARE 'paid' to sensationalize and dramaticize everything they 'report' on.  Thus, the over abundance of "happy horseshit" stories.


    1 hour ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    According to above posts it will take months before people in the know report their findings.

    And in those months, the NTSB will sort, and sift through every detail to find out what really happened, IF at all possible, BUT they will NOT be telling the public "what the cause was" 30 seconds after the accident, as the "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING" are PAID to do.

    Remember that the MEDIA told us that the passenger jet (Egypt Air?) that blew up off the East Coast was "shot down by the US Navy", when in fact it was an electrical short in the fuel tank that caused the explosion, AND it was the scrapings of the bottom of the barrel MEDIA (CNN) who speculated that it was a "black hole", which "swallowed up" the missing, and yet to be found, Malaysian airliner.

    It was the NTSB that found that "poor maintainence" was the cause of the other B-17 (Nine-0-Nine ?) crash that killed several crewmembers and passengers)

    Better to know the FACTS, than the speculation of some bubbleheaded 'reporter', or civilian that has been PAID for his/her interpretation of the event. (Airplane go UP, airplane fall down, GO BOOM) is NOT going to solve anything.

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  7. Maybe they lost market share because Rush is no longer shilling for them.

    Plan B should have been having EVERY motel that is run by Mahindra's fellow countrymen becoming a dealer.

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  8. 3 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    I sure would like an experts opinion

    Blanco Lirio (Juan Brown) WILL report on the cause far more accurately and honestly than the speculation and unneeded drama offered up by the "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING" of the MEDIA.

    NO speculation, NO FAKE "sympathy", NO idiotic commentary:

    As you would see coming from the slime of the MSM

    The MEDIA is best described in This song:  (And it has fallen far further since 1985)



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  9. 6 hours ago, twostepn2001 said:

    "A Boeing one-seven collided with a P-six-three." l can see where some people might not be familiar the old warbirds, but if you are going you be a TV hack "reporter"

    Thus confirming that those in the MEDIA, are "qualified" to promote themselves as being "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING".

    That is NO different than when, after an incident, the MEDIA will rush to a passenger, (who may have had help finding their  way to the airport, and later, during the boarding process, their way to their assigned seat), and ask him, or her, or "it", what specifically happened.

    I will be following this, as Juan Brown (blancolirio) discusses this accident.

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  10. For that one, or two bolts/nuts on a machine that a wrench with a straight handle couldn't get to, so one included wrench now fits all,

    Except that big, clunky head has ALL the built in disadvantages of any other 'crescent" wrench.

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  11. There were almost NO campaign signs for any candidate around here.

    However, according to the Abilene, TX "newspaper" (and I use that term jokingly), one gubernatorial candidate was passing out coloring books and crayons, at his campaign event, which MAY have some collector value at some future date.

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  12. This YouTube series is excellent in its coverage of the atrocities/exterminations of the "undesirables" on ALL the fronts of WW II


    Mark Felton also brings up little known events of WW II, but he mostly focuses on the European theater.

    It was either Mr. Felton or the above, who brought up the little known mistreatment of the Australian/New Zealand/Canadian and British Prisoners of war, of course the Americans who were captured by the Japanese


    I do not know who made the statement about the "annihilation of the Armenians", BUT it was the "great hero" Churchill, who conspired with Stalin to sell out Poland, to the Soviet "sphere of influence", AFTER WWII.

    It was also the British who set up the "concentration camps" during the Boer War(s), concentration camps so filthy and disease ridden that thousands of the Afrikanner women and children who were being held prisoner, died of starvation, and lack of medical attention.

    Remember that the Americans fought to "Free the Oppressed", whereas, the British fought to "preserve their empire".

  13. 1 hour ago, Takn4aFool said:

    When I was in Niger, Halliburton gave me one to use, so use it I did, as I was having my house built at that time, and I would call the builder to see how things were coming along, and it got, so i was told, up into the 5-figure range.

    And prior to that, when I was in Japan, the MarineSat was even more expensive.

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  14. What was the "advantage" of a flare-box over a barge box?

     My Dad had three, an Anthony steel barge box, a Heider, and a Dorman, all on Westendorf running gears.  His brothers had flare boxes on Electric Wheel running gears, UNTIL the early 60's, when they bought four John Deere wooden barge boxes on John Deere gears.

    The barn/corn crib/overhead grain storage, had an old John Deere elevator permanently set in place.  The portable elevator was a Kelly Ryan, which even my Dad admitted was NOT that great of an elevator.Kelly Ryan Special 300 44' Grain Elevator W/Truck Hopper BigIron Auctions


      His brothers had a Kewanee. (Or was it a Stan-Hoist?)

    And, in a true sign of getting old, I cannot remember how he filled the one wooden grainery that was for soybeans and oats (when he raised oats), or, what he used to fill the corn crib on "The South Place", as I do not ever remember towing that Kelly-Ryan back and forth.

  15. Just now, Big Bud guy said:

    I keep hearing is JD and Detroit worked together on the 60 series which doesn't make any sense.  

    Didn't John Deere just do the foundry work in casting the block?

    I don't know when the DD 60 series came out, but, you are right in that it doesn't make any sense, IF the DD 60 series had been available when the 60 and 70 series JD 4WD's were out, and JD went with Cummins, instead of using an engine they had a hand in "creating'.

    What was the "50", NOT "53" Series Detroit?

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