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  1. Remember the days when John Deere parts came wrapped in burlap, and the paint was still sticky, and full of runs?
  2. Interesting how one speech maker IS STILL CALLED a 'dunce' and a "warmonger' by the MEDIA, while the other two telling us about "they" and "them", are viewed as the future of OUR country, and hailed by the MEDIA for their "willingness to speak out". I despise and loathe the MEDIA, with a passion only slightly less than those I consider the single greatest threat to OUR Freedom. Perhaps this MAN saw the second video: https://nypost.com/2022/07/03/100-year-old-wwii-vet-breaks-down-says-this-isnt-the-country-we-fought-for/
  3. And since the ELITES agree that a "well fed serf, IS a productive serf", WE peasants should NOT be confined to eating only gruel and bugs, a little variety WILL be permitted: Some say these taste "Just Like Chicken". https://www.breitbart.com/local/2022/07/04/florida-county-on-high-alert-after-giant-african-snail-emerges/ Florida County on High Alert After Giant African Land Snail Emerges Florida, the new 'breadbasket' for the United States of Socialist AmeriKa: "It's NOT just orange juice and vegetables anymore"
  4. And, as I had said previously, the NEW 'green' mantra, that the ELITE are forcing upon us, is "Bugs ARE Better Than Beef" (BTW, Elon Musk is also a South African, and why wouldn't the consumption of bugs for food, be "cultural appropriation"?) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/eat-bugs-live-pod-south-african-entrepreneur-says-caterpillars-healthier-option-steak-latest-push-convince-people-eat-bugs/ Eat Bugs and Live in a Pod: South African Entrepreneur Says Caterpillars Are “A Healthier Option” Than Steak in Latest Push to Convince People to Eat Bugs
  5. IIRC, you could, on some agricultural models, you could lift the pump out after removing the fuel tank and radiator, but you still needed to break the fitting on the main hydraulic (supply) line on the bottom left side of the pump (2" IIRC). I have no idea what kind of shielding your TLB will have, but the MFWD frame bolster plate on 50 and 60 Series MFWD ag tractors was a HEAVY cast plate. That hex nut was best removed using a Snap-on 4-way angle wrench. https://shop.snapon.com/product/Four-Way-Angle-Head%2C-inches/2"-SAE-Four-Way-Angle-Head-Open-End-Wrench/VS64B Strangely, I don't ever remember removing the hydraulic pump on a JD 4WD.
  6. And as the ship sinks ever lower in the water, the MEDIA, the L-words, and the radical environmentalists, (as if there is any difference in the stupidity quotient), tell us that the sea level IS rising.
  7. As did the one at Torrington, WY, and the one at Ft. Morgan. CO. Also ranking right up there with a rendering plant.
  8. I am kind of thinking these are parts 2, 4, and 5 from the radial hydraulic pump. I remember seeing pumps cracking through the threads in the pump housing, but I do not remember seeing one spit out part #1. Getting it out will be the fun part, but I enjoyed rebuilding them.
  9. Aren't 2-53 Detroits what powers refrigerated rail cars? If so, you don't notice them at all when passing a train containing them when in a siding. We used them on our bulk trucks to power the air compressor, but very seldom did they run for more than an hour or so at a time.
  10. Except for the duals, that 560, looks mucho like the one my cousin bought because it had a belt pulley, and he had one irrigation well on some rented ground that was still belt driven. When he bought the tractor, the owner gave him a cultivator and a couple of pieces of Fast Hitch equipment to take home with him.
  11. Just the name of the farmers' co-operative, that had their own station, and grain elevator in town. Seems to be confined to Canadianstan now, but was quite common in the part of the country I grew up in, with almost every town that had a grain elevator was a co-operative, which also sold fuel.
  12. I can still remember the "sweet" smell of the exhaust from the local BTO's 560D from when I was a kid. I do believe that he was burning CO-OP fuel.
  13. Steve Marshall Ford = Nanaimo (?) British Columbia.
  14. When I was working in Angola, Chevron had a charter flight called the Houston Express (DC-10 belonging to World Airways) that flew us between Luanda and Houston and Houston-Luanda), and, as the map shows, when flying over all those islands at night, we were passing over a pretty much unbroken string of lights for almost half the flight. https://airlinegeeks.com/2018/02/12/sonair-ends-houston-express-after-17-years/
  15. Interesting that the US was sending "humanitarian aid" to the French Islands that were controlled by the Vichy (NAZI collaborationist) governments. (Are we to assume that ALL this humanitarian goodwill was distributed to the local population, and NOT given to the U-boat crews?)
  16. Unfortunately, that is NOT how "supply and demand" works. (But, I do think that your reply was done in sarcasm mode)
  17. Exactly And it is verboten to mention who called them out
  18. It is good to see that someone takes blocking seriously.
  19. Very true, given the agenda of the current administration, the 'advice of the experts' to "Eat Bugs NOT Beef", as well as constant repetition of the MAIN cause of "globull warming" (which is 'caused' by bovine emissions), the source of pollution caused by fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and the support the MEDIA has given PETA and the Animal Liberation Front, with their criminal acts being portrayed as "heroic acts against the dairy and poultry industry, and for "exposing the poisons that are being put in our food", not only by the aforementioned "fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides", but by the chemicals being put into the products manufactured by General Mills, Kelloggs, Kraft, and so on. Smithfield leaving California is a current example, but how long before California outlaws dairies, and vegetable and fruit production, with the latter being pilloried for their use of water, water that is sorely needed for our urban population. (Which IS exactly how the brain dead twits of the MEDIA think, and WILL 'report' on it).
  20. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/06/farmers-protest-riot-hollands-war-livestock-farming-protect-environment-nitrogen-pollution/
  21. Steve Lehto, who does the Lehto's Law channel on YouTube has done many videos on how law enforcement abuses your rights through the use of Civil Asset Forfeiture, and the Institute for Justice has had some success in getting the money, and/or property seized by law enforcement, back to the rightful owners. As I have said, "If YOU have something that a member of law enforcement wants, they WILL find a way to make it theirs". These "red flag" laws are just another method used by law enforcement to get around the Second Amendment, and steal YOUR property.
  22. I was going to suggest going to a tech school with an electronics program, or a well established computer repair place, that might want to take it on. I have no idea of how things electronic work, but beings that the tractor probably has controls in the armrest, and since you sit in the same position each time, could the wiring from the rotating seat be damaged, either from wear, or from rotating the seat when you change directions? And, yes, I can see that something that is still relative 'new', and is now obsolete, and NLA, fits the definition of "planned obsolecense".
  23. I fully understand, but law enforcement does watch these videos (while munching doughnuts) and there is enough identifiable information (road signs, businesses, and the lake shore) to identify the area, and then, to quote every cop movie ever made, "be on the lookout" for that car. The only thing I saw wrong was he kind of cut it close while passing a couple of cars.
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