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  1. I had a small (20-25 quart) YETI cooler, and was NOT impressed, by the time you put a few cans/bottles in it, you couldn't put enough ice into it, where the ice would last any longer than a good Igloo or Coleman cooler. My conclusion, WAY OVERPRICED, made for the "great white hunter", who wants to impress, ALL THE WHILE FORGETTING THIS: https://www.thecoolerzone.com/yeti-coolers-nra-everything-need-know/ AND, true to form, the NRA caved: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/nra-calls-cease-fire-austin-based-yeti-coolers/
  2. There's also a statue of him in Crystal City, TX (The spinach capital of the world). )
  3. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that restriction? It would appear to me, that, if that is the case, that company has just opened themselves up to a lawsuit.
  4. Methinks it is for removing trim moldings, since that 'prybar end' looks exactly like one of those small prybars sold for that purpose.
  5. And: That corn picker certainly took the idea in a different direction. And, in one of these two videos, you can see that the idea of a plow with the "snow shovel" bottoms was NOT something new, just as the idea of running a baler behind the combine with an Electrall, was NOT something new.
  6. Sure as h3ll looks like him, or as the old saying went, "he could pass". In fact, my 'sources' tell me that his parents names were Ward and June.
  7. As heavy as MOST are, and I have went through hundreds, it would take a good stout horse to push one open enough to get through. And, you can go through one with a trailer, but make GD sure that it doesn't start to close between the tractor and the trailer, but, as long as you drive slow, and avoid catching anything on the side of the trailer, it can be done. The worse that can happen, is to bump it open, and either have it slap the back drivers side if you go through to slow, or don't bump it hard enough, and have it come back and hit the front of the vehicle. I used to drive through them, after I went overseas, if they were close enough to the road, just to see if I still had "the touch". Getting caught going through a bump gate with a semi, was one of the many things that would get YOU banned from the King (and associated ranches) down there in South Texas. It was highlighted in the "Rules for Visitors" book that Exxon Co. USA put out.
  8. #1. The "man-made" gloBULL warming shills and propagandists have been eerily silent during this ongoing spate of 'record cold' (all of which seem to be originating in the Southwest US, which are allowing the Artic air to come down from the "Great White North". (But, the useLESS idiots are busy reminding the cidiots to "dress warmly") I wonder IF the temperatures in Siberia are setting record highs since the cold air pushing down from the north must be pushing the warmer air from the southern hemisphere around and up on the opposite side of the world, in a U-tube effect. #2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/01/30/nolte-cheaper-drive-gas-powered-car-100-miles-than-average-electric-car/ (Again, this goes against EVERYTHING the shills and propagandists in the MEDIA are PAID to say) #3. Memphis (DEFUND, NEVER DEFEND!) And since THIS domestic terrorism occurs nationwide on a daily basis, this would appear to be a 'training'/unwritten policy way of conducting business, following the policies put into place by those responsible for Mt. Carmel, Ruby Ridge, Lavoy Finicum, Uvalde, et. al.)
  9. How can it be "climate change" IF, just a few months ago, the MEDIA was blaming "climate change" for the "record setting drought", and isn't it amazing that these earlier floods were NOT the result of "man-made global warming" (How it must have pained the author to avoid using those two 'majikal words", "man made".) What they found was stunning. The Great Flood of 1862 was no one-off black-swan event. Summarizing the science, Ingram and USGS researcher Michael Dettinger deliver the dire news: A flood comparable to—and sometimes much more intense than—the 1861–1862 catastrophe occurred sometime between 1235–1360, 1395–1410, 1555–1615, 1750–1770, and 1810–1820; “that is, one megaflood every 100 to 200 years.” They also discovered that the 1862 flood didn’t appear in the sediment record in some sites that showed evidence of multiple massive events—suggesting that it was actually smaller than many of the floods that have inundated California over the centuries. If these rain events continue, the 2022-23 "bomb cyclones" will fit right in with the 1-200 year cycle of normal weather patterns. (Maybe the MEDIA will invent a new, and even more idiotic 'name' for these cyclic events (maybe hydrogen bomb cyclone) They'd beech if they were to be hung with a new rope.
  10. IF pit bulls were so dangerous, law enforcement would be using them as their attack dogs, but since pit bulls are short and squat, they fail to fit the image that modern day law enforcement demands, which IS the same image German Shepherds gave "law enforcement" when this breed was used for "crowd control" at Dachau, Treblinka, Chelmno and Auschwitz, and others. And we all should be aware how big a factor "image" (shaved heads, beer bellies, tattoos, and mirrored sun glasses) plays in modern day law enforcement, when it comes to the intimidation and harassment of law abiding citizens.
  11. Yet the MEDIA tells us that the video games, 'music', movies, and television programming produced by the entertainment 'industry' has NO effect on a child's (and in this category, I WILL include the teenagers and 20 somethings that spend their every minute addicted to video games, and the PURE FILTH that is marketed as 'music') outlook on, and perception of life and reality. As modern day 'life' and 'reality' are pretty much a mirror image of that shown by the "entertainment industry", THUS, WE have handed those who produce this sheit, an undisputed victory. Another case of "worshipping idols", IS the idea that the Kneeling Felons of N-word ball, are to be held up as "heroes" and role models, when the ONLY thing that this trash deserve are LOOOOONG prison sentences for the crimes they commit.
  12. It is good to see the reservoirs filling back up, BUT the cidiots will go right back to wasting the water, all the while demanding that agriculture continue to give up what is rightfully theirs. The MEDIA were making a big thing about the sewers in San Francisco not being able to handle the runoff, and overflowing. NO one mentioned that the upside to water running down the streets of San Francisco, does what the city refuses to do, by cleaning all the human feces (which has become a tourist attraction) off the streets.
  13. Perhaps it is a picture of the blackhole, which CNN, the "most trusted name in FAKE news" went on record as saying that it had "swallowed up the missing Malaysian Airlines airliner.
  14. And no speed records were ever set with that combination. And I thought the 9500 GMC with a 6-71, I had in IC, had earned the title "Super Dog".
  15. Compare the picture to that of a shark, or crocodile in the process of swallowing its catch tail first.
  16. I see what you did there. Good thing that all the lights are LED, as they lower the battery drain considerably, thus giving the owner a few feet extra of range.
  17. Do I sense some backtracking here? I thought that the whole idea was to replace diesel OTR trucks with electric/battery ones, certainly a totally different transportation segment than your route delivery vehicle. I may be wrong but I thought the whole idea of OTR trucking was to reduce vehicle weight, in order to increase cargo weight, something that IS NOT going to be possible when YOU are having to haul a few tons of weight in batteries around, or maybe you can cut back on battery weight by just having to shut down and recharge every 50-75 miles. (Chargers being something new for your SWIFT/Stephens/Werner 'driver' to run over) One would think that Generac would be advertising their standby generators as "just the thing" for recharging your EV on a daily basis, instead of having something that MIGHT only be used once or twice per year. (I'll bet their 7 year warranty would disappear faster than a fart in the wind) Rewire your home, oh, most definitely IF YOU want something more than to plug in an extension cord into your 120V outlet, and then wait hours on end to recharge your electric car. (Remembering that it is NOT a Milwaukee 18V battery that is fully charged in 30 minutes)
  18. Sugar beets, and vegetables, although I have heard of them being used on tractors with a mounted corn picker, as mud did not pack up between the two front tires.
  19. Jeez, NO ONE is making that point, it is either re-wire your home to charge your EV on the "grid", which, may, or may NOT, be able to support the demand, or give it multiple 5-10 minute recharges to get you down the road another 10 miles or so. It would be great, although totally over your typical cidiot's head, to see these TESLA, multiple charging points, being powered by a CAT/Cummins powered diesel generator, that kicks in on demand, much like "emergency standby power". (To make this "efficient", you might have to wait until 5-6 other electric vehicles (assuming they have common plugs) show up needing recharged. Maybe the railroads could offer up their locomotives as "common charging points".
  20. BUT, there are people who post on here, who actually support this. I remember when the Associated Press, utilizing their "expertise" of being "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING", travelled through south central Iowa, and made note of the "lush stands of (ditch?) weeds thriving in the road ditches and creeks, because of the "nitrogen laden run off", due to the overuse of fertilizer, and one MUST remember how agriculture was blamed for the "giant dead spot" just off the mouth of the Mississippi, caused by the nitrogen loaded run off from the farms in the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio river watersheds. NEVER FORGET, the filth of the MEDIA do NOT like 'flyover country', its primary contributions, and, MOST important of all, those who live outside of its urban areas. Ain't that RIGHT?
  21. Yes indeed, and INCLUDING those who proclaim themselves to be "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING", along with L-word dominated academia, who depend on government funding to form their government approved opinions.
  22. And MURDER your family and pets in the process (And you all thought that only James Bond had a "license to kill". Which IS exactly why I feel as I do about law enforcement, well, that plus their utter contempt for the Constitution (Bill of Rights).
  23. My question for Mr. Newman is, When is he going to quit stalling and take up the OFFICIALLY recognized native language of the Maoris, and what will his Maori name be? He can then show us his tattoos also.
  24. Too old, what a crock of ****! Unless the wrenches are electronic, any brand, or age of an adjustable torque wrench should be adjustable. And since, if I understand it correctly, there are only two makers of "click-type" torque wrenches, that should really simplify matters, as to the adjustment process. Since YOU have access to the mechanics shop at the aviation business you work at, have them either let the tool truck driver send it off, or throw it in with the shop's precision tools when they are sent off to be re-calibrated. That is what I did with my electronic calipers when we sent our measuring equipment off every 90 days. (Although for years, anything that went downhole, and that could back off, was measured an engineers tape for length between breaks, and layout calipers a regular tape for diameter.) As far as torque wrenches, I let Matco or Snap-on send them off to be checked. I've even been on Snap-on dealer's trucks where he had a tester set up on his bench.
  25. The restoration process will prove to be too costly, the museum/club will go bankrupt, and the locomotives will be sold for scrap, UNLESS the Union Pacific retained the right to recover ownership of them, should the museum/club prove unable to complete the restorations.
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