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  1. The man who owns the YouTube channel, Cutting Edge Engineering uses that method, on the repair/fabrication work that he does.
  2. Pulled out of thin air, or, as I am fond of saying, "pulled out of the well-used rectal orifices of the MEDIA, or other species of elitists, like movie stars". (Who are well known for testifying before Congress because of their "expertise", (on ANY subject)
  3. And the TAXPAYER will be the one paying for it. Meanwhile, I ask in all seriousness, "HOW WILL HIS COMMENDATION READ"? The I-25 corridor has the most vicious, and out of control law enforcement agencies, and personnel, in the entire state of Colorado. When the costumed clowns realized that the train was approaching, I wonder if they waved their little tin badges, and pulled out their weapons and ordered it to stop? (The engineer was lucky to NOT have been shot).
  4. Just up US 85 from my former, and last, place of employment: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/24/colorado-train-hits-police-car-woman-inside-video Not only does this show the utter stupidity of the badge wearing clown, but it shows exactly what their 'training' focuses on. I imagine that ALL had a good laugh about it afterwards, down at the local cop bar. I would NOT be the least bit surprised to hear the "good officer" say that he "wasn't aware of the tracks", despite this being the UP's main line between Denver and Cheyenne. Wonder how his commendation will read?
  5. Seems like the buffoons in the MEDIA have decided to overlook the recent brownouts, and the FORCED "rolling blackouts" that were in the 'news' just a couple of weeks ago. https://www.npr.org/2022/09/23/1124511549/california-plans-to-phase-out-new-gas-heaters-by-2030 When they say "homes", will that affect the "tent cities" that the homeless 'live' in?
  6. What does Paris's Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport have to do with this?😁
  7. Typical government way of doing business. First, they tout, NO, DEMAND, that EVERYONE convert over to electric (battery powered) vehicles, THEN they, the government obstructs the access to the materials needed to build the batteries. And the MEDIA, and the environmentalists are fully supportive of this FORCED changeover, but neither will ever mention that the government is behind the shortage of the required materials. Wonder IF the fking Feds are using the same excuses they use to ban drilling on the North Slope?
  8. I'll bet that law enforcement has those that can "spot spray" individual "weeds".
  9. THIS, is a nice picture: How hot does that galvanized tin get? Obviously it has not been needed, but I would think that the fire extingusher might be a little too close to the scene of the fire?
  10. I was sure that it was Des Moines that you would have mentioned. Who could forget the Des Moines Register and donald kaul, its editorial kook? And now the Register has sunk even lower by becoming a part of USA Today. God, when I was a kid, the Sunday edition of it and the Omaha World Herald with their page after page of farm equipment for sale ads really, in some aspects, beat Playboy for perusing, given the FACT that you could read those ads in the living room.
  11. One other thing to see, if you go to Tucson, is to drive the few miles down I-19 to Green Valley and take the tour through the ONLY intact Titan II ICBM museum there.
  12. There is also another B-36 at the Strategic Air Command Museum at Ashland, NE. I also remember seeing another, the cargo version of the B-36, and given this, while it was at Kelly AFB, San Antonio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_XC-99 The bomber is stored under roof, along with perhaps a dozen, if not more aircraft (which should give you an idea of the size of the hanger, since SAC, and pre-SAC was NOT known for its small planes. Their planes were moved from the old outdoor display at Bellevue (although not associated with Offutt AFB), after being towed down Nebraska 370, to I-80 thence SW to Ashland.
  13. It is: (Thanks for bringing this up, as I had thought that I had lost ALL the pictures that I had taken of this vacation (and the last time I have been more than 200 miles from the hovel, but so many of my pictures had renamed their files as "Odds and Ends 2014"). Yet these were taken in 2017. The Pima Air and Space Museum IS a great place to visit, and you can sign on for a bus ride through "The Boneyard", as well as watch the A-10's from Davis-Monthan AFB.
  14. IF, the Midwest Messenger is still being published (and their office was in Tekamah, NE., there was a company out of Sioux City , that would advertise in there every issue, he dealt in new and used pressure washers of every type, along with parts. It has been years since I last saw, and read one, but their office may be able to tell you the name of the business. It could well be this business, as the address (US 75) sounds familiar: Hundertmark Cleaning Systems Inc. Address: 3230 hwy 75 n, Sioux City, IA 51105 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon Phone: (712) 252-1572 Just think of the shipping cost from Kuala Lampur (which is a suburb of BFE) to Cody, Nebraska. Save Cal5.014 Google reviews
  15. Which was NOT very much. (1986-1987) And those 12 hours off, went by REAL quick.
  16. That should be interesting, since the factory is not set up to DIS-assemble the combine, and even the new ones that are flagged to have minor problems repaired, are not damaged, AND, since John Deere is not going to be doing this for free, how is the dealer going to pass the cost on down to the customer, and would the warranty be extended, and would the customer be told of the machine's history? I guess that the dealer's insurance would pay, but the end user would still wind up with a machine that might never operate as advertised. IF the three had been involved in a derailment, would they still have been shipped back to the factory, or just crushed and buried?
  17. When I was in our Industrial Cleaning division, out of Wood River and Crossville, IL, we would do boiler/firebox cleanouts at various coal-fired plants in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. We were at a power plant in Labidie, MO, and while we were waiting on something, I took a wander through the 'dirty' side of the plant, and was fascinated at the speed of the conveyor delivering the amount coal into one of the fireboxes, when we entered the fireboxes, the piles of ash were like snowdrifts 5-6 feet deep, and still red hot, once you broke through the crust, we would use lances, and hoses to wash the clinkers, and ash out from between the tubes (which were spaced maybe 4 inches apart), and over to the 'cold side' of the firebox. The ash had a content of sulpher, which when doused with water, would make sulphuric acid, which would burn holes in your clothes and blister your exposed skin. A nasty job, but you did get to see how things are made, and how industrial processes work.
  18. I actually saw a used 3300 at the JD dealer in Hoxie, KS (IIRC) setting next to a 7700, which made it look tiny, and the 7700 was setting next to a 9500, (9600), which made the 7700 look small.
  19. The old boy seems to have a thing for small gravity box wagons, and is probably very protective of his "treasures", but it would be muy interesting to see what other goodies he has stashed away under the 'blue sky' shed.
  20. That seems to be the common theme, when listening to those who saw combat, in any war/conflict, but we hear it again and again, when the WWII veterans tell about their experiences. And the war was covered by correspondents like Ernie Pyle, who lived with the men, and not one of those correspondents mocked, or condemned those who served, and you had cartoonists, most famously, Bill Mauldin, who, through Willie and Joe, found the humor in the situation, again without mockery (except for some officers and petty regulations), or condemning them for what they had to do.
  21. Interesting that the 'journalist' just so happened to be there, AND a safe distance away, when that one rocket, shell, M-80 just happened to explode, and be caught on camera. And I am not just singling out Al-Jazeera, as ALL the major 'news' organizations have proven themselves willing to stage events to give 'color' to their 'reporting'.
  22. Which would be almost impossible on anything 'modern', given the amount of electronics, the wiring, and connections, not to mention the heat. I wouldn't even be too thrilled using high pressure cold water, or to spray a grease removing solvent on an engine, even prior to washing with high pressure cold water. Remember how the operator's manual would say NOT to spray the injection pump with cold water, causing it to seize, which gives me a feeling that spraying a computer module with hot water, or steam, might well 'cook' it permanently.
  23. WHY? This had to be an ultra-rare option, OR, is this an example of "farmer ingenuity"? And how were they actuated?
  24. They might not have the money to "build schools", but they sure as h3ll are NOT shy about wanting money to build sports complexes, which shows where their priorities lie. Somewhere in my pile of CDs, I have a song by either Red Stegall, or Don Edwards that tells of how the urbanites look down their noses at those engaged in agriculture, UNTIL it comes time to raise taxes on those "rich farmers".
  25. I believe that is only allowed to be used by law enforcement
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