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  1. The locals whined and moaned about the mail order companies of the day, putting the local merchants out of business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMjVlin3BFA&list=TLPQMTkwNTIwMjL7Bg9bRup0kA&index=1&ab_channel=CFWElectronics It would seem that back in the day, both Montgomery Wards and Sears and Roebuck were the equivalent of Amazon and Walmart offering a wide selection of goods, and, depending on the location of the buyer, delivery within a few days, and perhaps even the next day, if the buyer was close to Chicago. Remember that the mails ran faster then, with some places having multiple deliveries each day, as well as almost every town being served by a railroad, again, with multiple trains per day. Yet the towns in those days seemed to have thriving business districts, despite the competition, so what changed? How did the "big box" stores cause the death of small town America? Could it be that the local business just took their customers for granted, never thinking that their customer base would leave, if an alternative presented itself? (Just the "no questions asked" guarantee that Sears offered was undoubtedly a great draw, when it came to assuring the prospective customer to deal with an unknown quantity)
  2. When you watch that little video that appears in the lower RH corner, the spokesperson from the Center for an Informed Public, starting at about the 01:50 mark tries to explain it away as "miscontextualized, mischaracterization, or misunderstanding" BUT FAILS to state the most obvious, that this was nothing more than MEDIA sensationalism, aka, MEDIA LYING, and fear mongering (although I do believe that certain political interests would love nothing better than to see those kind of prices for "fossil fuel"). I am surprised that his racing fuel is NOT sold out of a separate pump/tank, which makes it seem that his racing fuel comes out of the same tank as the rest of the gasoline, and is, hopefully, blended on the fly, as was done with the old Sunoco "select an octane" pumps. Will we see a 'clarification' from the MSM who sensationalized this 'story', I think not, since sensationalism garners ratings.
  3. This IS the intent of (and it is NOT the 'evilness' of 'BIG OIL, as the MEDIA would have you believe), but it IS they, them, and those, in BIG, and not so big, government, and the MEDIA, that are behind, and fully rejoicing, about this experiment in socialism/communism that they have brought to AmeriKa. And, I would suspect that some of those "fully supportive" of this agenda, make their support known right there in the Austin American Statesman (now a USA Today owned 'newspaper', as well as Austin city, and Travis county officials)
  4. Yet according to the ever-optimistic "Dr." Steve Turley, it is happening more and more each day. BUT, I'll believe it when I see actual proof of it, AND I WILL rejoice in that fact.
  5. Morse cables? Probably frozen up from internal corrosion, or have been kinked. https://www.hindlecontrols.com/product/morse-cables/
  6. Wanna bet that the replacement was "Made in Chinee", and out of repurposed LOW-quality steel.
  7. Got my Handicapped Parking placard yesterday. (But the only donut shop in town does NOT have any handicapped parking spots)
  8. And, I doubt IF 99 percent of those twits "flogging him", know that "kerosene", is basically tractor fuel, or distillate, and that gasoline came about long after tractors were BUILT to run on any of the low-grade fuels. "Ducknose Bob", and "Abdul and his Seven Goats" gave up on yt.stewpid long ago.
  9. That hitchpin soaks up quite a bit of ground speed, doesn't it?
  10. Of course they would, they HAVE to compensate for their small dick syndrome by "exercising their authority", and YOU can f-ing well bet that they all had a good laugh about it (their control over the peasants) afterwards.
  11. The "ILLEGAGAL 'immigrants', from those Third and Fourth world s**tholes, ARE the NEW 'citizens'.
  12. Interesting that ONLY the rural area of Washington state has been cut off from receiving fuel. (Once again, WE have proof of who runs the states, and that the cities, (where the votes are) will ALWAYS take priority, whether its food, fuel or ANY allocation of tax dollars). https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/biden-gas-crisis-spiraling-california-tops-6-pumps-washington-state-run-dry-stations-add-fourth-number-pumps-preparation-double-digit-gas-prices/
  13. "Gone thru", a tunnel "Gone thru", a car wash "Gone thru", the wall of my house "Gone thru", a whole s**tpot of my money, with NO results
  14. Farm Show magazine is also full of comments in its "Best and Worst" pages (which is fun to read), which say things like: "My 1876 Hoyt-Clagwell tractor, which I use everyday on my 100 square foot garden, serves my purposes well, BUT, it would be a much better machine, if only it had rubber tires, electric lights and starter, a cushioned seat, and air conditioned cab." OR, "I am disappointed that the tube of "Flex-Seal" did NOT last as long as I thought it would, as it ran out before I had finished sealing my screen door, causing me to have to run to the store, and buy another tube. It also gunked up my applicator. OR, I bought a used (name something) from what I thought was a reputable dealer, only to discover that it constantly breaks down, and the dealer refuses to help me out, saying that the (name something) was bought "as is". (Maybe that is WHY it was traded in), hmmmmm? Farm Show magazine IS the print equivalent of yt.com
  15. Transportation Secretary Says Truckers Can Work Longer Hours to Address the Baby Formula Shortage https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/biden-transportation-secretary-pete-buttigieg-says-truckers-can-work-longer-hours-address-baby-formula-shortage/
  16. ANY mention of sports 'news' that appears on the front page, or in the 'news' segment of ANY programming. (Yet this, and entertainment 'news' appears on the two websites that I have chosen to get my information from) BTW, it used to pizz me off to no end when Rush would go off on a tangent and talk about sports. What a waste of ink, or electrons. (However, I would make an exception for those sports 'heroes' who are arrested, indicted, and convicted for their CRIMINAL activities.)
  17. RPRU may be too early in the year, and BEFORE the MEDIA/administration announcement of a new variation of the 'flu', err, Covid, has made it necessary to re-issue the travel restrictions, and mask requirements, that were in force during the past 30 months.
  18. Sign above the toilet in one of the two restaurants in Santa Anna, says something like this: Hunters who brag about their 300 yard kills, somehow can't hit this. Another one that I once saw, read: "Pilots with short props, need to park close to the hanger".
  19. Another thing that leads to the absolute HATE that I have for the MEDIA, is their constant use of the words "could", "may", or "might', or some other NON-definitive term, that allows themselves an out, when their speculation, aka, GUESSING, does NOT come to pass. "News" is supposed to be FACT, not some 'reporters' opinion, they do a good enough job by using "anonymous sources" to insert their far **** opinion into the 'story' as it is. Again, 'journalism' is tied at the top of my list for bottom of the barrel 'professions', BUT it remains in second place for those who seek to eliminate OUR Freedom, by destroying the Constitution, and the RIGHTS that are contained within. (Specifically, those in the Bill of Rights).
  20. They were thicker than fleas back in the days when I was working out of Houma, and ALL the 'alligators' on the highways were NOT the thrown treads off of truck tires.
  21. Can anyone say "planned obsolescence"? Knowing the fact that the 'bean counters' control every decision. And I hate to say that about Firestone/Bridgestone.
  22. My "rant of the day" would be a completely NEW list of what pizzes me off, each and every day. STUPIDITY abounds, AND is infinite. Read the headlines and 'news' articles, and you will see lots of errors in the usage of the English language, by the "highly trained professionals", who DO NOT hesitate to tell the unwashed, that their degree in 'journalism' has made them "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING" Even "Bob' in India, at the 'help desk' has a better command of the English language, than do MOST 'reporters' and 'journalists'
  23. And then it squirts out between the lid and the bowl, and you watch the ever-growing puddle between your feet. Or, you position yourself standing up, and it still runs down the front of your underwear. They say that oracles can tell your 'fortune' by reading tea leaves, wonder IF they could tell mine, by the patterns on the driver side seat cushion of my car?
  24. In the same vein, it IS an Allis Chalmers, NOT an Alice Chambers, or Aloose Chammers, and it IS a John Deere, NOT a "popping johnnie", or a "johnny popper", all coming from those who had NEVER spent ANY seat time in one doing real work, but only bought into that, because that was the fad at the time, or listens to s**t like "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". (BUT, I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, listen to that kind of Brooks and Dung 'music' (and I use that term loosely) anyways. These ARE the kind of people who kcuf up EVERYTHING they touch.
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