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  1. Corrected version: "Because ONLY the MEDIA can make up a fairy tale like this" Between the PROVEN willingness of the MEDIA to manufacture the 'facts', and its belief in the ever changing words of the QUACK, Dr. Fraudci, this IS the REAL "Never Ending Story".
  2. Bingo! Believe NOTHING that comes from the MSM. I went through the public information center at one of the two nuclear plants on the Hanford Reservation back in 1994 (or so), and while one plant was on line, the second was something on the order of 98 percent complete, but could not be completed because of 'environmental concerns' or some such BS. IF the do-gooders, and the CPUSSA had allowed the completion of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage site, the US would have a safe and secure place to store high level nuclear waste products. While the radical environmentalists c
  3. Remember who said that he would see that the coal industry would be bankrupted under his administration.
  4. As was said, this can NOT be taught in 'school' anymore. I have also noticed that, starting about 10-12 years ago, when the 'newspapers' would publish "This day in History" fillers, they would use the words "allegedly said" when mentioning Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death" quote. EVERYTHING mentioned in "1984" is coming to pass. ("Animal Farm" also comes to mind). I was so hoping that January 6th, would have served as the "Concord Bridge" moment of the Second American Revolution, but since that failed, I must settle for supporting Texas secession. As Dean
  5. No more Paul Shanklin parody songs, which were every bit as good as "Weird Al Yankovic's", and no more Justice Brothers, or Spatula City commercials. As some has said, when I first heard Rush, I thought the callers were pranksters, as both they, and Rush were saying the same things that I had come to believe in during the PRESIDENCY of Reynaldus Magnus, things which, even back then, were mocked by the LYING, LIBERAL, ELITIST, FILTH of the MEDIA, who also ridiculed and despised PRESIDENT REAGAN, with the same venom as they did, and do PRESIDENT TRUMP. One must understand that the main
  6. At least the dealer admits to it having "aftermarket welds" on the hitch and wings, which says one of two things, either it was built too light from the factory, or it has had the holy beejebus run out of it.
  7. I'll bet that the driver can tell you all about LSU's sports program, and name all of their star athletes.
  8. Another problem I heard mentioned was that all of the equipment at the well sites, and gathering stations are powered by electricity, with NO backup generator installed (which would only have been theifed, or vandalized, anyway.) Even pumpjacks, no matter how remote, are no longer powered by AJAX hit and miss engines. It will be interesting how the MEDIA explains this as being a consequence of "man-made glo-BULL warming", but WAIT, CNN probably already has.
  9. The 'rolling blackout" lasted 47 hours here, which was interesting in that every town, , to the east and west, for 40 miles or so, including Talpa, in which the only 'business' is the post office, had power during that time. When I moved here, Coleman had one of the highest electric rates in the state, two years ago the city contracted with another supplier and the rate dropped about 40 per cent, but AEP still is the provider of the lines and substations, so I think that this was AEP's way of getting back at all that lost revenue, PLUS, why supply a few thousand, when they can transfer th
  10. A truly sad day for REAL Americans. There will NEVER be another to combine humor with TRUTH as did Rush. It would be interesting to hear the snarkiness, and see the glint in the eyes of the LYING, LIBERAL, ELITIST, FILTH of the MSM as they celebrate his passing.
  11. "WHAT will the SEWAGE do"? Should biden-harris become 'president', it will be as if the America HATING MUSLIM never left office, and the adoring MEDIA NEVER had one bad word to say about their 'boy', did they?
  12. The USDA has a pecan research facility over in Brownwood/Early. There are acres and acres of pecans grown south and southeast of De Leon, and then down by San Saba, where there are a couple of processing plants. I did not know about the tree having a long taproot, but, I do know about what he said about the branches breaking off, and one tree will have truckloads of leaves. HOW do I know this, I have two of the branch shedding, leave shedding SOBs in my backyard, BUT they do keep the sun off the house, and the squirrels happy.
  13. From today's Dallas Morning "News" (Focus On Science) Written by an air-headed (naughty word for female body part) who 'reports' for Bloomberg, and whose nom-de-plume is laura millan lombrana. Online stars, gamers are new climate warriors On TikTok, YouTube, Gen Z entertainers driving a green shift. ONE paragraph of the absolute idiocy: We all know that the MEDIA, who were told on their first day of 'journalism' school, that their degree would make them "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING", has told us many times over that Greta Thunberg IS an 'expert', and that "she speaks the
  14. And yet it is STILL TWO weeks before the official start of the "season of man-made gloBULL warming"
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