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  1. I wonder if, while in the LRGV, he flew out of the same field as where the Confederate Air Force was originally located (Mercedes).
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/weather/2022/09/29/live-updates-catastrophic-flooding-as-hurricane-ian-weakens-to-tropical-storm-over-florida/ It would appear that his "authoritah", and how ever many "stars" he has chosen to award himself has went to his head, and I would NOT be surprised to learn that the good sheriff was running off his mouth from the doughnut shop, just as I am surprised that he wasn't beeching and moaning about NOT having the air and sea resources that would allow him and his badge wearing buddies to be "on scene". He comes across as the type that would park on railroad tracks, or hide in the bushes as a school shooting was going on. BTW, WHY in the h3ll are members of the MEDIA allowed into these disaster sites, long before the home, business, and property owners are, as I imagine that those in the MEDIA are "souvinier hunters extraordinaire", as they wander through private property.
  3. You weren't concerned about dropping your rare find into the murky depths of the blue water, while trying to balance it and the phone?
  4. They needed something to replace God, after taking Him out of the school. Or, they needed something to take the place of the Pledge of Allegiance, after taking it out of the school. OR, they use these type of posters to promote the "progressive" agenda, AFTER taking down the pictures of Washington and Lincoln that used to be displayed in the schools. And, as far as this propaganda NOT being "taxpayer funded", each piece of tape, or each thumbtack used to hang this garbage on the wall WAS bought with TAX MONEY. (Just as was every banana that was purchased to "demonstrate" the "alternate uses of said fruit")
  5. I would have thought that Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Denver and Portland would have made the list
  6. "Third World Chaos" Which part of the United States is affected?
  7. Look at what constitutes 'parents' these days.
  8. You know full well that OUR tax money was used to fund this garbage. As Rush used to say "Young skulls full of mush".
  9. How long before some snack food company comes out with a packaged assortment of bug "snacks"? I can see it all now, a Super Bowel commercial with two, or three, "buddies" snuggled up on the couch, watching the big game, sharing a bowl of "Cockroach Delights", or horsefly flavored Fritos. (Knowing full well where each another's hands have been)(But that accomplishes another item on the "woke" agenda)
  10. Surprised that California allows ANY form of hunting, fishing, or bird watching.
  11. The D-19 with the New Idea pull picker, is doing one EXCELLENT job of moving corn through the machine. I've only seen that amount of clean corn in the wagon elevator ONE time, and he was not traveling nearly that fast.
  12. I do so love it when the MEDIA uses words like "possible", "might", "could", or, "may" to state 'fact', OR, the 'reporter's' own opinion: But, anyhow, there won't be any beer to cry in, IF this comes true" https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/09/26/report-possible-beer-shortage-inflation-troubles-americans/ Just remember that USA Today, IS a garbage grade 'newspaper' that isn't even up to National Enquirer standards. (If it had even a modicum of credibility, they wouldn't be giving them away free at your local hourly rated motel).
  13. I wonder if he meant to say Richardton, when he said one of the dump carts was a Sunflower?
  14. Maybe he heard Someone calling: "“And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan, and was led by the Spirit for forty days in the wilderness, tempted by the devil."
  15. I still am not understanding how they install a NON-modular propeller on a ship, when the shaft is way forward of the stern This video shows how a pre-assembled modular propeller and shaft is assembled and installed (but it does NOT show how the propeller is retained on the shaft. It does show some locking bolts.
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