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  1. Do you know any locals with a TD14?

  2. art, did u just send me a mesage on pm?  dind't get it, best, randy sohn

  3. Maybe you like cutting people down that aren't as smart as YOU . I don't have a college edjucation like i think you have . I'm sorry for that . I'm just trying to get a long. So if i have offended you i'm sorry but if i haven't quit makingf me look like a dumb a s s .

  4. HI ART john grott here . I'm sorry i'm not as smart as you . I don't try to start any trouble by my postes . I just want to inform some of you incase you missed the show . I would think these drilling co. would look into what hazards they could create even though it's big money .If you have some wells and you have no hazard prob. good for you.

  5. Don't know much about Art's tractors...but is he ever a veritable mine of information on 'proper music'...Traditional Americana at it's best.Thanks so much, Art, for sharing that.

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