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  1. The muffler, and the size of the belt pulley tell me that they are "Bs" (Enlarging the picture also helps, as you can read the decal) The JD "G", during its entire production run, had the muffler and air intake side by side, instead of the air intake setting behind the muffler. The one on the left has a NON-Quik-Tach cultivator, the second from the left has a Quik-Tach. The John Deere pulling the wagon load of bales is either a 620, or 720. It also looks to have "squat" rear tires.
  2. I would bet money that the John Deere is an "A", or perhaps a late UNSTYLED "G", but the early unstyled "G" ran hot because the radiator was too small, which was solved when JD installed a larger radiator with the top tank cut out to clear the steering shaft. Note that the tractor has headlights, and those rear tires fascinate me, as I don't see how they supplied any traction. The one tractor I would have liked to have, was my Dad's 1937 "A", as he had his name painted on the flywheel (which by the way, NEVER came loose and flew off into the wild, blue yonder) had a full set of French and Hecht spoke wheels, and I love the smell of the exhaust when running with the petcocks open. My first thought was that it was hauling hay up to the army post at Ft Davis, or if the railroad had a branch line running up from Marfa to Ft. Davis, but the post closed in 1891. As far as the two Holt/Best "Caterpillars", if one knew when the McDonald Observatory and Indian Lodge were built (early to mid 1930's), they may have been hauling construction material for that, OR were installing, or replacing the bulbs in the Marfa lights. https://mcdonaldobservatory.org/visitors https://visitmarfa.com/marfa-lights/ History of Ft. Davis http://npshistory.com/publications/foda/history/chap9.htm
  3. Aye Haysus, and they call Texans Buell Sheeters. Maybe Mr. Sandhiller can get Cherry County to build a bridge over Buell Sheet creek, AFTER they repair the one near his house.
  4. I thought the Wagners that were built for John Deere came out in the late 60's, early 70's before JD released the 70, and 7520 4WD tractors. Remember that in the 10 or so years between the 8010/8020, and the 70/7520, John Deere had nothing of their own to compete with IH and their 4100/4156 I remember that Weaks-Martin, the JD dealer in Mission, TX, had either a WA-14, or a WA-17, which I imagine wound up out by McCook, (where a few years later a Big Bud wound up) The Wagner may have also wound up on one of the large vegetable farms between US 83 and the Rio Grande, as there were lots of Caterpillars being used there for heavy tillage.
  5. Maybe the pile driver? How long do they anticipate before the project is completed? (Given the 'need' for environmental impact statements, engineering studies, and other state/federal requirements) It would be interesting to go down and watch as they drive those pilings.
  6. How convenient that this 'reporting' by the MEDIA, just so happens to support the "ANTI-meat/ANTI-hunting" agenda(s) of the Animal Liberation Front, PETA, and their like minded allies.
  7. You might want to check out the sale being held on December 5th, by the auction house in Wakonda, SD. The collection originated out of Rising City, NE.
  8. What NO mention, as of yet, of the "great classic" westerns, Shane, or, The Searchers?
  9. State agencies working together to benefit private business.
  10. How many other manufacturers used their own V-8s in their tractors, other than IH (which would include the V-800 used in their 4WDs, I believe only JD, with the V-903, used in the 8850. The only other V-8s used by Oliver, Case, Massey-Ferguson, Versas**t, Woods and Copeland were either Caterpillar or Perkins, or Scania (Case) I once had an operators manual for a 1468, and the owner had written that it had major issues at 261 hours.
  11. Note that he has to fall back on the OLD trail song(s) to make a name for himself. Is he really from Montana/Wyoming, or is he just trying to legitimize himself, as some real 'cowboy'? If that is what he is doing, then he is just another "product of Nashville", on the order of Brooks and Dung.
  12. The Best Years of Our Lives The Quiet Man Open Range Pale Rider/The Outlaw Josey Wales/The Unforgiven (The "Duck of Death") Rooster Cogburn/True Grit (The ORIGINALS, NOT the garbage remakes) )These three John Wayne movies make the cut, even though I AM NOT a John Wayne fan) Any movie with Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Katherin Hepburn
  13. The trouble with that is that NO cidiot, or BTG (Big Time Gardener) has never heard of those models, or cannot find Allis-Chalmers, when they use Google-fu to look for Alice Chambers/Alecia Chambermaid/Aaron Cupcake, or what ever Better Homes and Garden Plots might have mentioned. In most cases that "homestead" would have a YUGE laser cut sign saying its a 'ranch'.
  14. My parents kept copies of the Omaha World Herald, and Life magazine, both of which they subscribed to. What I remember most vividly, was John-John, the President's son, saluting the cassiion that bore the President's body, and the riderless horse with the boots reversed in the stirrups, as his body was carried to Arlington National Cemetary.
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