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  1. I had that listed in Menomonie Wisconsin, next in line 7591 is in iowa, thanks for the number!
  2. No Kidding! I own 13421 or what's left of it, think that's the donor tractor I used to restore my grandpa's 1206!! I have that tractor at Mecum auction back in 11-2017' out of Canada, then to a guy in Granton Wisconsin. 13422 is in Wisconsin, and was burnt. Can you message me your details? thanks!
  3. Can you provide me with some more information? Town/state, possible owner name? Thank you. I did not have it listed. 10960 is in Delaware and 10966 is in Wisconsin
  4. Thank you, I didn't have either listed, 15599, previous in line is listed in Packwood Iowa, 11943 is in Nebraska
  5. Thanks for the wheatland number, I had it being sold by Patricksjohndeeres of this forum in Canada. Beautiful tractor!
  6. Thanks, Coy, Didn't have it. 8755 is in Connersville IN.
  7. Thank you, I didn't have that one listed either. Straight looking tractor!! Nothing real close listed.
  8. Thank you! What town or auction company had it? I need the info for the registry. I didn't have either one listed
  9. I don't think there's any "pulling that spring back" I think it's too stout. I thought about that too. I think the bolt is square on the end and it goes into that cam to turn it. I and the guy at the junk yard don't have a clue!
  10. 4166 brake cam question. If you look at this housing straight on, are the eccentric cams at 11 and 7 o’clock positions removable? The parts book shows a bolt, spring, retainer, thick nut and the cam. Mine is missing, this is on a parts tractor. There’s no obvious way to remove it to put into mine.
  11. Thank you, I did not have it listed, next in line 14193 is in TN, 14194 is in IL, 14195 is in Wisconsin. Thank you!
  12. Thank you, I had it listed to a guy in Battle Lake MN, closest was 13276 in Texas, then bought by Rich and Cyndy Bayliss in Ottumwa Iowa.
  13. I didn't have 8567 listed, previous in line 8566 listed to Showtime Performance in Indiana, and 8583 listed to you! I also didn't have 8825. Previous in line 8824 is listed to you as well, next in line 8826 is in Loffelhoelz tractor parts in Cudworth SK Thanks for the numbers!
  14. Thank you, I did not have it listed. The next in line 12781 is listed right now on auctiontime in NE.
  15. Thanks IH farms, I didn't have it listed, closest was 13445 in Southerland Iowa, and 13454 in Litchfield MN
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