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  1. Just bought this 1966 Farmall 1206. Taking home to clean up. Remove cab, have purchased fenders for it. Runs well 


  2. I found a 1206 transmission on a pull tractor that I bought.  I dont know anything about the rest of the tractor.

    1206 transmission 001.jpg

  3. Thank you SD, that is AWESOME information!!
  4. Tossing around the idea of upgrading to a newer Steiger with PTO, which looks to be the STX series. Somewhere around a 440 or larger. Been browsing the ads and some of the early STX's caught my eye having a Cummins engine instead of the Iveco engines. Are the Cummins engines in them reliable? Cheaper to build than the Ivecos I would assume. What about transmission options? which ones should a guy stay away from? Can PTO's be added fairly easy? What year did they start that emissions crap? 2012? Any other problem areas/options to avoid? I see several scraper tractors, what's different on them than ag tractors besides hitch?
  5. Yes, everything went stupid high. Even toys readily available and modern went for crazy money when you can go buy them at the store for a fraction of what they brought on there.
  6. When I attended the Montgomery Alabama Red Power show in 2018 I forgot to get the small cotton bale they were selling as a souvenir. Anyone know of one for sale? I contacted Randy Bodine and he didn't have any left. In fact he forgot to keep one for himself LOL. If anyone has a spare, message me, I might be interested.
  7. Thanks Jerry, I did Not have it listed. Next in line 8487 was listed for sale in North Dakota by a feller on YTmag. Got it updated!
  8. I had that listed in Menomonie Wisconsin, next in line 7591 is in iowa, thanks for the number!
  9. No Kidding! I own 13421 or what's left of it, think that's the donor tractor I used to restore my grandpa's 1206!! I have that tractor at Mecum auction back in 11-2017' out of Canada, then to a guy in Granton Wisconsin. 13422 is in Wisconsin, and was burnt. Can you message me your details? thanks!
  10. Can you provide me with some more information? Town/state, possible owner name? Thank you. I did not have it listed. 10960 is in Delaware and 10966 is in Wisconsin
  11. Thank you, I didn't have either listed, 15599, previous in line is listed in Packwood Iowa, 11943 is in Nebraska
  12. Thanks for the wheatland number, I had it being sold by Patricksjohndeeres of this forum in Canada. Beautiful tractor!
  13. Thanks, Coy, Didn't have it. 8755 is in Connersville IN.
  14. Thank you, I didn't have that one listed either. Straight looking tractor!! Nothing real close listed.
  15. Thank you! What town or auction company had it? I need the info for the registry. I didn't have either one listed
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