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  1. update ser 8857 Wheatland 1206 has been located in alberta Canada 

    1. red_reaper


      Thank you, I did not have it, next in line 8858 was in the Schrock in Indiana and sold at his auction back in 2011, thank you!

    2. redturbo
  2. It's headed to Missouri. Anxious to get it running, and fix a few things, thinking of leaving it a patina tractor. Was sold new few miles from New Orleans, and has a lot of salty air damage. I believe it to be legit from our research and been in same family since new as well as original paint and family claiming it was purchased new as a Rice Special in 1967. I am currently trying to find out if the family has any original sales receipts or other documentation to help document. I don't think I'll have it running in time to take to the Half Century of Progress show, as it won't be here till mid July.
  3. Thank you, that tractor was reported on here years ago by member 1466 as coming into a shop to be worked on in Texas, then it was reported again to a guy in Hastings MN. Nothing real close reported, thank you for the update. Sounds like it's making it's rounds.
  4. Thanks Bill, I didn't have it listed, closest was 13028 in Michigan. I got it listed!
  5. These online 257 bulbs are Chinese junk. Just the vibration of the tractor causes the filament to break. I tried a few when I was searching. Every single one of them quit within couple days. I got lucky and bought a box of 100 original GE NOS bulbs from the 60's and 70's from a Chevrolet dealership closeout. Do not waste your money on those new bulbs. I will only use GE or Phillips old bulbs.
  6. I have them listed up to 9071 registry consistently, then I have about 6 listed after that up to 9907, however they were listed about 15 years ago, and are possibly listed as wheatlands and were actually Farmalls. Some of these reports can't be verified and we depend upon the person turning them in. I did not have it listed, closest was in a tractor parts yard Cudworth Sask Canada reported by bud081 of this forum. Thank you for reporting it.
  7. Thanks for the serial number. I did have it listed to a Chris Roberts in Ontario NY, next in line 9472 is listed in Gary, MN that's all the info I had on it. If that is not you, I need to update it with your name, thanks again for sending it.
  8. Kyle, yes I had it listed to you. That thing looks good in it's work clothes. Larry and Comanche, I replied to your messages, thanks for the numbers boys, I don't always see or read the forums much any more, but if you message me, I get a email notification and will respond, thanks for the updates!
  9. I found this 1206 by accident a couple nights ago . It has an ICB cab in decent shape .Overall the tractor doesn't look bad with 7697 hrs. except for 2 flats but a yard full of STUFF so who could tell by just looking . Southern Saskatchewan .    I 1206 D  8067 s-y .

    1. red_reaper


      Thank you, I did not have it listed. I did have previous in line 8066 located in Colorado by IHhogfarmer on this forum. I got it listed, thank you!

  10. Thank you RCC, I didn't have it listed, but did have prior in line 9623 located at a tractor show in Nattany PA and I had 9626 located in Charles City Iowa. Thank you for reporting your number, and glad to hear you are restoring it. Good luck!!
  11. Thanks Dale HogFarmer, don't let that 1206 get away, keep a close eye on it
  12. Thank you, I didn't have it listed. Closest was 7999 located in NY, and owed by forum member 706-282. If you have a dealer name that would help in the description of where it's located for future needs. Thank you. I put you down as reporting it for now.
  13. Thank you, I didn't have this one either. But nothing close to it listed. I put your username as reported by, thank you
  14. Thank you, I didn't have it listed. Closest I had was 7998 in SD. I got him listed, thanks!
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