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  1. Thanks, I cruise through there once in awhile and check them. It gets hard to document them all during harvest, planting and busy times. Auctiontime is another good place to find them.
  2. I had it listed in salvage to a guy in Plato MN, previous in line 12063 is in Arkansas, thank you for the update. Glad you saved it!
  3. Thanks for the correction, I updated it.
  4. Thank you, I had 15442 listed as being in Kansas or Missouri, given to me by Brian Long Farms on here, think they guy's email was Deeredevil1@yahoo.com So if you have had it since the 80's, that may be a mistake, closest was 15449 in Maine. I got a little excited when you posted 11566, as my dad's was 11596 and still missing. I did not have it listed, closest was 11564 in Onega Kansas Thanks for the report. You can PM me your name and town if you like to update your grandpa's tractor.
  5. I did not have 8764 listed, closest was 8760 in mowhawk valley NY I also did not have 8958, but have next in line 8959 owned by a guy in Adair Iowa. Thank you for posting them.
  6. I sent you a message, thank you!
  7. Those are factory 34" 5 slotters. I found 2 or 3 sets of them in the local salvage yard Monday if anyone is interested.
  8. That would probably not be feasible to send to the US, can you send me a picture of the rim? These rims I don't think are super rare, but they were junk from the get go and didn't last. They didn't have rim stiffeners around the 9 bolts, and broke out horrible. That's why there are so many singles out there. thanks.
  9. I sent you a message. What town/state are you in?
  10. Thank you, I replied to your message. What is the serial number of your dad's 1206? I'll look at the registry and see if I have it listed or past info.
  11. Thanks Patrick, I didn't have 8177, next in line 8178 was in Milaca MN. I did not have 8141 either, previous in line 8140 is located in the sate of Washington, Tom Wilson is it's owner, found his tractor and bought it back after trading it off 35 years earlier. Thank you for the report!!
  12. No, I did not have it! Next in line 10025 is in Illinois, 10022 is in Ohio. Can you message me your cousin's info? Name/town/state? thanks
  13. Thank you. They may match the patina I'm looking for, you never know.
  14. He called me back and said he did not have any either. Thanks for the lead.
  15. No answer, I texted him, maybe he'll have some, thanks for the lead.
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