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  1. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Stronger800, if you lay the regulator on a table in front of you, turn the regulator to where the plug terminals are facing you. Left to right, it goes Yellow wire, Brown wire, Red double wire, Blue double wire.
  2. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Problem solved. The 4 wire plug at the regulator was wired exactly backwards at the factory. I pulled the wires from the plug, reversed the order and it works fine. I started comparing wires off a 756, and found the problem. Owner of Porch made it right with me on my next project for spending a lot of time trying to figure it out. Very nice guy. Tech who built the harness is no longer with them, prior to this problem, and owner is looking at the other harnesses to make sure they are correct. It's very easy to look at a plug on a blueprint and look at it from the wrong end. I would definitely do business there again. Anyone who goes out of their way to make their product right, gains my respect. Mistakes happen.
  3. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    I've put 3 different ones on, and swapped wires side to side. I agree, it's backfeeding from the Alternator, or thru a gauge, but don't know how, as I have eliminated the gauges by unplugging them and changing resisters.
  4. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Yes, I want to keep it original. Shouldn't be too difficult when everything is brand new I wouldn't think.
  5. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    that's what it acts like. But I've got all new battery cables, and the harness is grounded to the alternator via pink wire, that runs to the regulator and grounds on that 5/16 bolt it mounts to.
  6. Wiring was shot in my 826 Farmall GD I drug home last month. Thought I'd try some Porch Electric harnesses and compare them to the C/IH ones I always use. I installed the complete harness, and looks pretty nicely done. I can't say that I could tell it apart from OEM. The original wiring was so bad prior to putting the new harness in, the amp light didn't work, so I'm starting on a system I know nothing about prior. Anyway, When I turn the key on, the Amp light is fairly dim (not as bright as it should be), start the tractor and the light does not go out, just stays dim. If I turn the key OFF while the engine is running, none of the gauges (fuel/air cleaner indicator) go to the off position and MCV pressure light flashes very dim if the clutch is pushed. If you kill the tractor with the fuel shutoff, all the gauges shut off like you turned the key off. Which all this sounds like a backfeeding problem of some sort, and running off the alternator. If I restart the tractor, and reach down and unplug one wire on the resister, the light gets as bright as it supposed to, and the moment you plug the wire back onto the resister, it goes dim again. I have tried 3 different alternators, 3 different regulators, and 3 different resistors. Even took them all to a Alternator shop and had them tested. Called Porch electric and the owner walked me thru all the connectors to make sure a wire wasn't installed into the wrong ports on any plugs. After thinking about backfeeding, I tried unhooking the fuel sending unit, and air cleaner wire off the sending unit to make sure there wasn't a backfeed thru those, and also pulled the light fuse. Nothing helped. I am at a loss. Any ideas?
  7. Devon's Tractor Parts - Awesome Customer Service

    Can't tell you how many times Devon has bent over backwards, and lost money to make things right. I'm glad someone started this thread because He and Tracy deserve being recognized for going above and beyond.
  8. 1206 Serial Number

    8314 Is listed to Craig Moeller in Creighton NE and closest is 8315 in Menominee WI, originally listed in Davenport IA.
  9. 1206 Serial Number

    Thanks for the update, 15396 was listed to Kerry Graves, seller of this 12. Previous in line 15395 is in Harmony MN, and 15394 is in Lowville NY and 15393 is in Spokane WA and is a FWA. 15392 is in Darien WI. That's 5 in a row listed. 14985 was on Mecum auction and brought 18000 in 2016 at Davenport IA. 14987 is located in Liberty IA. 11697 is located in Minot ND and owned by Swenson farms. Nothing close listed. I did not have this on the list. thanks for the numbers.
  10. 1206 serial no.

    Thank you, I did not have 14290. Previous in line 14289 is owned by Prilbeck on this forum from West central Iowa. I got it listed, thanks again!
  11. First 1486 for auction

    I met his daughter and wife yesterday, and I can't say enough about how nice and friendly people they are.
  12. 1206 IHC wheatland ser number

    what is the number and I'll see if I have anything higher.
  13. 1206 serial number registry

    Thank you, I had that tractor listed to loffelhoelz tractor parts in Cudworth SK closest I had was 8828 in Uclair Wisconsin. You can message me your name and town if you like.
  14. 1206 serial number registry

    Thank you, closest I have is 7605 in Canada providing this is a Farmall not a wheatland. Message me the guys name if you can, thanks again.
  15. Pic is a bit blurry but dated August 14th, 1970 "Last Forging Tractor WKS" Farmall plant's last melt was in 1967 and Tractor Works was prior to Farmall Works if I remember right. The IH also has the letters E Z on the legs of the H if you can see that in the photo. I've not been able to find any info on this. Think it's made of Brass. I am assuming from another country maybe?