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  1. From H to 80, thank you, I had it listed to that auction, thank you for the update, closest was 15596 in Henry IL. Murph1206, I did not have yours listed, closest was 9125 in Lone Star Texas, thank you, I got you listed!
  2. Can you please send me your information so I can add you to the 1206 registry? Very cool find
  3. You tell that boy I said he did an amazing job!!! That thing is beautiful and done right!
  4. Thanks for the 1206 number, I didn't have it listed. Next in line 13621 was spotted in Monroe City Mo. back in 2007
  5. Something to think about, since it's confirmed fender delete, and the WFE is off a 560, I wonder if it came with a single front wheel, or a narrow front? Is that setup popular up North for vegetable farms?
  6. It is in fact a factory fender delete tractor! As mentioned above, the rear light bracket is correct, and you can see the missing paint on the side of the light bracket where the flashing warning light bracket bolted onto it. I always wondered what platform they used for non fender tractors. Cool !
  7. Don't forget, you have to check the hyd oil in the trans on this tractor while it's running! it takes a lot more hyd oil than gear drives. Great tractors! I'd ditch those side tank lights, get the correct panels without holes and put the fender lights in it if it were mine. Makes them look a lot better.
  8. Straight or just curved? I forgot all about that conversation.
  9. Thank you, I did not have it listed and nothing real close. I got it listed!
  10. Thank you, I did not have it listed! Closest was 11634 in MN and has a single front wheel, now located in Missouri. I got Larry listed!
  11. Thank you! I did not have 9101, 9100 was listed in rough shape back in 2003, no location. Next in line 9102 is located in Nebraska. I did not have 11722 listed either. Nothing real close listed to it. Thanks for reporting them!
  12. Awesome, King Bros. I did not have it listed. Closest listed was 9100 on auction in 03' but no location listed. Thanks for reporting it.
  13. That tractor was reported by the Farmall Doctor Darryn Shabley, 14902 is owned by Scott Knight in WI. By the way, you're dyslexic LOL
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