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  1. Thank you, I did not have it listed and nothing real close. I got it listed!
  2. Thank you, I did not have it listed! Closest was 11634 in MN and has a single front wheel, now located in Missouri. I got Larry listed!
  3. Thank you! I did not have 9101, 9100 was listed in rough shape back in 2003, no location. Next in line 9102 is located in Nebraska. I did not have 11722 listed either. Nothing real close listed to it. Thanks for reporting them!
  4. Awesome, King Bros. I did not have it listed. Closest listed was 9100 on auction in 03' but no location listed. Thanks for reporting it.
  5. That tractor was reported by the Farmall Doctor Darryn Shabley, 14902 is owned by Scott Knight in WI. By the way, you're dyslexic LOL
  6. I had it listed in ND and reported to me by a well known Jockey several years ago. 7532 is owned by a fellow forum member SD6788 in South Dakota
  7. Thank you, I did not have 8216, closest was 8211 in Mayfield KY. If you want to PM me your name, I'll add it to the registry, thanks again and sorry I didn't see it sooner.
  8. Thank you, I had it listed to Larry Ford in Brooklyn Iowa, and listed as second owner. Closest was 7666 in Henry IL.
  9. I did not have 11493, closest listed was 11490 owned by Old MAX on this forum in Indiana. I had 8168 listed in Newman Grove Nebraska, Closest was 8171 in Wisconsin, thank you for the report and sorry I did not see this sooner.
  10. What is your serial number? I'll look it up and see if I have any past information on it or the next or previous in line, and I can also tell you what month it was built. Awesome save!!
  11. Richard was a Red Power forum original member. Great guy, and I really enjoyed talking to him at shows. Wonderful sense of humor and knowledge. I'm like BJ, I didn't recognize him and felt bad about it at SD after he had his stroke and wearing a stocking cap and yellow rain coat/hood. I told him he looked just like he'd come off a crabbing boat. He will be missed.
  12. 502 was owned by Bill Borgoff and Larry Eppers, Bill passed away a few years ago, and 501 was owned by Ken and restored, then sold to Richard Lantis. Frank bid on the tractor at that last auction but I don't remember off hand who ended up buying it.
  13. Thank you, I did not have it listed, Next in line 14849 was located in IL. then moved to KY
  14. Thank you, it was reported by Long Farms several years ago. Closest was 9123 in Minnesota. Thanks for the update!
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