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  1. And the "Silver Bullet" of Lustiks is a resheetmetaled "Bad Medicine " tractor that Bryan and Ernie Conner had built and was dominating the SS classes. They were about to be banned from competition because of said dominance the sold that tractor to Rich Lustik . Lustik took the 2-180 White sheetmetal off and put Agco sheetmetal on and continued to run it for yrs
  2. And yet a westendorf doesn’t go past where mine stops. And “used hard”. Not here. It’s to pick stuff up outside when the forklift would get stuck and maybe pile snow. Grapple is already off I have no cows to feed 😎. Gave 800 bux for the loader but mounts were for an M.
  3. Well since factory mounts were nonexistent, and I have access to LOTS of steel I decided I’m done waiting and built these so I can put a 340 Du-Al on my 966. I wanted to build quick tach mounts but I no longer care 😎. I have a forklift to take it off if need be. Plus I’m gonna put quick tach bucket mounts on so I can swap bucket for pallet forks easy. Next will be a joystick control
  4. Good thing I save all kinds of things Ive taken off tractors when I build pullers. I have remotes by the bunches
  5. I think this is the plate Im looking for. What ever I do Im trying to NOT tie up my remotes but send hyd power thru the loader spool valves
  6. Ok I have a 966 with dual remotes. What I would like to do is for my loader hyd power I want to run from tractor to a 3 spool control and back to tractor. Do able?
  7. But you only have to take one off NOT 2 like if it was the middle one............... thats his point
  8. I HAD one on my 966................... took junk off and put the good stuff on from a parted out 1066 and never looked back.
  9. Detroit ALL the way for me all day everyday run a fleet of 5 Have had other "colors" and all of them cost too much
  10. Take off all unnecessary cast You would be surprised how light those tractors get without " surgery" With surgery my "966" is 5300lbs
  11. In 1985 I owned one of these new , YES BADASS!!!!!! I only weighed about 110lbs at the time plus was 19yrs old and fearless you could say. I know I did lost of things on mine at that time that the now me would think I'm crazy LOL Blast in the snow ... good times. I lived inside city limits of Omaha at the time too. Lots of drag racing on Abbott dr down by the airport..... You better have a monster for a car to even think you could hang
  12. Well it has the name right on it so start there. Cant Afford Something Else. (case)
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