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  1. At a "corn shelling" seems like there are way more rats than you can kill no matter what. put several running lawnmowers near where they are gonna come out of......... they run under the mower to hide ........... well lets just say it works very well
  2. Those look similar yes but my truck ones are beefier (I have stacks of them from engines Ive torn apart ) I throw in the iron a lot of parts because I dont wanna have 100 sets of whatever. I literally have 20 sets of rods , did have complete rocker assemblies for all those engines and all kinds of related parts and fastner hardware. buckets and buckets of stuff ................. starting to dump it in the iron wagon
  3. Thats all I said because thats the part that is stronger. They arent just two flats pinch welded together , they are two flats with a "wing" if you will on top pinch welded together this design lends itself to less flex and fatigue also creates a channel to send oil to where its needed. I dont have a picture but just google it and you will see what I'm talking about. These are a "cheap" stepup for tractor pulling if you wont spend the bux for roller rockers.
  4. When you bought your "pulling pump" did you get the hub,plate and gear for an IH? what did it come off of? hopefully NOT a Case , that leads to a new set of issues
  5. I answered the question about "strength" EVERY truck 466 has the "upgrade" stronger valve train ............ so there is that. Did I say it will fix any underlying problem ? NO However , ALL DT466 truck engines ALREADY have them sooooooooooooo
  6. Truck rockers are stronger than tractor rockers ........ especially after you weld the "spine"
  7. hahahahahah I actually know several of those guys
  8. I have 6 of the flat bottom big handle weights
  9. I have a neighbor Troy who is a BIG black man . served in the army and I love listening to his stories. Fact he shakes his head about the BS going on right now!! .. He is originally from the south somewhere . When he n I were sitting outside talking he popped off with G DAM I hate NI&&ERS!! I about fell off my chair!!! Then he went on laughing at me cuz I was stunned !! Then he gave me a history lesson on the word and meaning and how this all ****** him off. He is a VERY intelligent guy and has taught me lots about cultural history. I really like his view of the world
  10. I haul scrap iron from a processor to a steel mill here in No East Nebraska. Price coming in there is better than you are seeing. Plus the price WONT tank "when PO PO cars hit the yard" Theres soooooooooooooooo much more going on that drives the prices of scrap than you would believe.
  11. Well ............... I dont do much " loader" work. Mostly carrying stuff around. picking up an end and bringing dead semi trucks inside to fix, use it as a crane to install engines, pick things up and load them in my enddump trailer. reaching over and past stuff I have in the way and get something so a payloader wont quite do what I want to do
  12. Well I DID figure it out. Someone (last operator maybe?) broke the handle off the spoolvalve that changes the steering modes and it was "in between" thus locked it into deadhead. After I got that undercontrol ...... I figured out the hydraulic park brake and away it goes Got it cheap because they couldnt figure it out . 6000 lb capacity and will reach 39.7 ft
  13. I'm looking at one that runs great, loader hyd work perfect ...................... catch is ............ wont move , brake pedal goes straight to the floor and the steering wont move (acts like its at full lock no mater which way you turn it) Any ideas or know anyone I can talk to about figuring it out?
  14. Change the hyd filter first ........................ plugged filter will do what you are saying
  15. Steel flwheel and good clutch and Ive had one of mine north of 6000 rpm My alky turns as high as 8200 rpm
  16. Put a steel flywheel and clutch in it and it will spin faster than you'd believe Ask me how I know
  17. ok ................. question Is this LP on top of the diesel fuel its currently burning? OR converting to straight LP?
  18. Sounds like a "for sale ad" to me .........................
  19. Ok I will tell you my experience since Ive done this very thing. I put a complete manifold,TO4 turbo and air cleaner assembly off a 1066 on mine. I DID NOT drill oil squirters or buy a fuel tank (I cut the stock one accordingly) I did NOT change the oil pump and didnt do anything to the original hoods!! (keep this in mind .... all these hood parts were on the assembly line to be put on whatever tractor was in the 66 line) Now what putting a turbo on a 966 WILL do for you. They respond very well !! They have a camshaft that was ground to maximize NA and a high swirl head put forced a
  20. Put MORE fuel on it and it will put that fire out. Lots more to working within your means and or rules just sayin
  21. I started out with “farm stock” and now......... burns alky and about 2700hp 😎 And this one could be had ..... as I'm building a new component and stepping up to 3 chargers
  22. Donnie Brumbau or how ever it is spelled. He and his son Gene ran a tractor salvage
  23. I do know a bunch of them got parted out in Gregory SD
  24. Well in 1996 I was at a place in Fontana Ca called Lugos. He built and sold carhauling trailers and equipment also did repairs on equipment. I was their to have repairs on mine. When we went out to the shop I made the comment to him "why didnt he have Miller welders in this shop?" (he had 20 welders running from 7am to midnight) My question was brought on because I saw a turquoise collered machine Ive never seen before. He stated simply ......... the Millers wont last in that shop longer than a yr, they burn up. I use ESAB because of duty cycle and durabilty. He was running 20 yel
  25. I have to disagree ............................................ I wouldnt have blue junk in my shop
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