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  1. 2018 cornhusker classic

    This was for the win
  2. 2018 cornhusker classic

    You are correct on brakes. I run disk brakes with Wilwood dynalite 4 piston calipers and VERY aggressive pads and when you get on them kinda hard they spark like a grinding wheel. Also yes on the alcohol fuel. I switched from diesel to alky 4 yrs ago and there is no way I would go back.
  3. 2018 cornhusker classic

    That thing was scattered all over the shop and short block was in Milan, Mo at Bryan Conner ( Bad Medicine fame) and it didn’t come to life till 5:30am Thursday morning and still had a long ways to go. Finally was together and loaded at 10:30pm but the fun wasn’t over!! No trailer lights now!! Work on them and finally left the shop at 1:15am fri. As I headed to Columbus and hour from the shop I got 30 miles away and blew a charge air cooler boot off because clamp broke!!! Dam REALLY?!?! Ok got my buddy headed towards me with a clamp ..... got that on and made it to Columbus at 3am. I got up at 7:30am and headed to Lincoln. Got all checked in and ready (man I was dragging ). So to win the event was AWESOME!!! To have the tractor run the way it did was also awesome all things considered
  4. Programmer for c15

    Ok here we go ................................ 3500 for a genuine Cat turbo. 900 for a Holset!!!! soooooooooooooooooooooooooo where you going with that? AND I like Borg Warner 171702 on my Detroits $826 delivered!!! So the stupidity I am saying is Cat wants too much for their parts that are inferior ...... 900 for a Holset or a smidge less for a Borg Warner .... pick your poison BUT neither go straight on without a couple mods which t me are no big deal to handle. Oh BTW Pitts Power sell the Borg Warner for 2400!!!!!! try again man .... ALL them companies are ripping you off
  5. Programmer for c15

    Cat turbos are WAY over priced and little!! Keep air going thru that engine and it helps keep them cool. Red top Cummins turbo is 700 bux LOL and its a Holset
  6. Programmer for c15

    To all the "experts" I DONT CARE one way or the other what you figure I'm saying is right or wrong or " I know a guy in timbukto that has a brother and a laptop that will put a suspicious tune in it from India or whatever. What I DO know is all the trucks I have had personally, the trucks my buddy that was here when I typed my response earlier and we discussed it. I run 14 liter Detroits that a bunch of "big guys" with "big Cats" WONT go around in the hills. PLUS burns less fuel (exactly why big fleets are Detroit power) My 3406 2WS Cat in my 1999 Pete was a 550 hp when I bought it and it was a LAZY POS !!! Drank fuel like crazy too. Fast forward I drove it a yr, overhauled it during downtime in my own shop. Got a C18 camshaft, 525 Cummins redtop turbo (you have to flip exhaust manifold upside down) C18 injectors (yes they are bigger than 6NZ and C15 and still fit the head because its still the same) and put a tune in it . Truck had 725hp to the ground on the dyno in Grand Island Ne I drove this truck for 2 more yrs and it was and still is one of the quickest truck I have ever driven. PLUS went from drinking 84 gallons a day average pulling the same trailer on the same roads hauling the same loads down to 68 gallons a day average. I sold this truck to a guy with a BIG checkbook and wanted it really bad and paid a bunch for it so I let it go. Next truck was a 14L pre emission series 60 Detroit I bought as a crate engine factory set at 575 hp was pretty strong but not as tough as my little Pete ...... when warranty ran out I had it tuned up to 600hp / 2050 torque .... ran GREAT because fuel maps and timing tables were then adjusted to take out the "laziness" that is tuned into a Detroit from factory. (this is why big fleets run them, anyone can drive them and not tear clutches and drivelines out) This was a 379 EXHD same as my other one with Cat. It averaged 57 gallons a day same trailer same roads same loads. Because it was a 1997 it became very valuable due to ELD mandate and it left me after a VERY big check was written. NOW I bought 5 2009 Freightliner Columbias with 14L Detroits in them . I deleted all the emissions crap and tuned them to 600hp 2050 torque These trucks have had a BEST day of 47 gallons but all in average is 52 gallons a day AND will still run away from most everything up hill. No they arent as quick as my Pete with the Cat but what I pay at the pump says I'm fine with that. My buddy who I was talking to while replying before is the only truck I have went up hills with that could go around me. Accert twin turbo cat with C18 cam big injectors AND JUST trim codes and numbers in it no "big tune" He loves Cats and does know how to get allot out of them without a "big tune" BUT has had several trucks with 600 all the way up to 825 hp. His trucks all run very good after he messes with them and someone always seems to want them so he sells them for big money and goes on to another. Again ....... if you want something to run very strong without much fuss I have a laptop and my buddy would come look at codes and see what should be changed ..... if not .... fine by me. After all there is an "expert" up above that has all the answers and might report to the feds or whatever he was getting at. Its no wonder I dont even like to post on here anymore
  7. Programmer for c15

    Most tuners are out of country for various "reasons" HOWEVER I have the laptop and datalink ......... make a call and they are in the ECM checking it out. I'm sitting here with my buddy that loves Cats and we are talking about this. Could go in there and change fuel numbers , trim codes and injectors and you will have a VERY stout puller. There is another step that would really wake up the torque ...... camshaft This is all done without a BIG tune and you wont need to worry about burning it down
  8. Programmer for c15

    Put an actual tune in the ECM not a programmer on it. Every programmer Ive seen has been too much timing and too much fuel which DOES make it run HARD BUT will make LOTS of heat till the head is junk. PM me if you want a couple numbers to try for a tune. I have friends that tune trucks.. PDI tunes also have a strong timing and fuel map run hard just not long. Pittsburgh Power ..... same way. I like tuner guys that give you reliable power and torque not just put a smile on your face the first time you crack the throttle after they have your money and say "sorry bout your engine but you knew it was a performance tune"
  9. Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    There is a company Diesel Conversion Specialists they sell kits as complete as you need to swap Cummins engines into Ford superdutys and Chevys.. They have a website with lots of things to look at
  10. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    This is what I'm gonna use for my "light duty " towing. 2003 with 12.7 detroit that's had a "tune" in the ECM 10spd and now a big single axle with an air locker I now have about 8000 bux in the whole deal and it sure beats a pickup
  11. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    Bill Hasenkamp from the West Point/Beemer Ne area is a BIG White/Oliver/Cockshutt/Minnie Mo collector and he has a prototype White that was 1 of 2 he actually uses it occasionally to put up hay just to keep it "limber"
  12. Cub Cadet Mower Jack And John Deere Mower Incompatible

    And some of us choose to not care to be offended ............... thats me ............ I dont care. BUT I am with RichardDSlayer .................. I DONT care what color you are , if you are an American citizen (natural or legal immigrated ) then you are an American NOT African American or what ever else
  13. Springfeild NE 2017

    These were the same run , different perspective. I won the class by about 25' Unfortunately ................. it pitched #4 rod thru the block. If you watch the side view vid close you can see the rod bearing hit the dirt Very slippery starting line ... had to "dance carefully" to about 150' and used brakes more than usual to keep it centered It tried me a few times to get away
  14. Springfeild NE 2017

    Well right now it weighs 6100lbs with me (160lbs) and 600lbs hanging moveable so Im pretty light right now. If I go component I actually go UP in weight to 6500lbs
  15. A shop tractor

    Salem tractor parts in Salem SD has something very similar for the yard
  16. Springfeild NE 2017

    I am thinking about some changes ............. This thing MAY grow up a bit. It MAY get 2 more turbos to make it a 3 charger system. It also MAY turn into a component tractor and I MAY move up a class because if I make it a 3 charger I foresee me being the "class killer" I dont want guys to quit pulling the LSS cast cast because of me and thats why I'm thinking about moving up.
  17. Springfeild NE 2017

    go to youtube and look up Keith Backer .............. my channel and you can watch all of my pulling videos
  18. Springfeild NE 2017

    With the way I have this set up.............. new block and all back together ........... there isnt any change. Runs like a bear right out of the box.
  19. Best Dt 466 for pulling

    Or even a 540 ................. I have 2 that wont be used in my puller. 1 is hyper
  20. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    Which are most durable? Cat? hardly. Detroit ? Yes .......... and thats why big fleets have THOUSANDS of them since the inception of the 12.7 . They are a very underrated engine by owner ops because they are set a tad weak on the torque but after a tune they ran hard and still get great mileage plus last a million plus. My cats always wanted parts headgaskets
  21. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    All this makes me glad I got rid of all my Cats and now have a fleet of Detroits Good by to "money pit" yellow motors
  22. Pierce 2017 pull

    331 ft at 31 mph for the win
  23. Pierce 2017 pull

  24. Pierce 2017 pull

    Im guessing Mark may have clutch issues. However ............... I'm also quite capable of "putting it out there" and as of late I have beaten him 3 times with 2 in a row I like running against him because he runs tough and that drives me harder. twood19541 .......... I run light superstock with Nebraska Bush Pullers I weigh 6100lbs 505 cu on alky with a big single turbo. I dont USUALLY move around that much but this ride was kind of rough doing a little "superstock walk" going side to side. I will try to add the video that someone else sent me from the ground and you will see how it was rocking back and forth
  25. Columbus 2017 pull

    Well this was a 3rd place run. Track was very crappy and slick. Was in high gear dragging the brakes trying to slow the tires enough to bite and just couldnt get it to stand up and do its thing.