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    I now own a small trucking co with 2 hired drivers/Beck Metal Express LLC Plus build parts or complete pulling tractors.

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  1. I think its funny when anyone throws it out there about so n so is a racist AND Joe Biden has been featured in papers saying very racist things. The deal with our gov ..................... I heard his speech replayed ......... NO thats not what he said BUT I am not surprised that its being touted that way
  2. Yeah its a breeze to do. Put new on with new seals and weld hubs where you need them ez peezy PLUS it never sees the feild for hours n hours n hours ..................... yeah I know you see where this leads
  3. This is what mine look like. Wil wood 4 piston calipers and these disks. Work AWESOME And the "yellow" part is magnesium and weighs 4 lbs I also take the tapered bearings out and run sealed bearings allowing the bull pinion to "float" = less parasitic drag AND helps the rearend run free so it responds easily to brake pressure I dont know how elaborate Gonzo is gonna get but mine is substantially modified to eliminate problems and make it run free
  4. Since you are in SE SD how far from Norfolk Ne are you? IF you want to stay with a non-concrete floor prep it and put 0-1 slag from Nucor steel in Norfolk down about 6-8" deep. Water and pack it with one of those vibrating plate packers This sets up VERY nicely and solid its not concrete but the next best thing
  5. Well my POS 706 you could hold the glow plug button till the cows come home but it wouldn’t be running to feed them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will take my 966 EVERYDAY over that other junk. Best thing that happens to 706 tractors besides Cummins swap is cutting them up and turning them into pullers. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then they are useful otherwise cast is $230 a ton
  6. Really???? I read this thread from start to finish before I said a word. BASH BASH BASH that junk Cummins Well I owned a POS 706 with a 282 in it and I wanted to start it on fire more times than not. And after seeing my buddies 706 with a 5.9 Cummins in it a driving it ........... ITS AWESOME !!! He did a nice job on the swap and it runs great,smooth and tons of power while sipping fuel. So WHY do you think the newer tractors and combines have Cummins engines? Could it be that they are JUNK and gets them repeat repairs? Its this guys tractor and he can do as he likes for his situati
  7. Amazing to me how closed minded some are . However a buddy of mine put a 6BT in a 706 and now its an AWESOME tractor. Sips fuel , runs smooth and way plenty of power . Best thing that ever happened to that tractor. Took out the crappy glowplug JUNK that didnt like to start even in the heat of summer to something that starts in the cold unplugged Thats a win win especially if its a chore tractor you need daily to feed no matter what. Your tractor so build what suits you and your need sir.
  8. Calling on the experts. What’s it worth? Lots of variables I know but looking ballpark. Got a friend looking to buy it and I’ve never been around one
  9. again that wasnt my point.........................................
  10. It seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many missed my point. a 66 series tractor from centerline of rear axle to centerline of front spindle are the same. hoods are the same length I AM NOT talking about a fan shroud or any other fool thing you wanna convince yourself about. So sheetmetal interchanges
  11. Put 34" rubber on the 10 and then see if the "grunt" is so much better on the 7
  12. Little 66 ,,,,, big66 , you do know they are all the same right? no frame size difference fact if you put the tires off a 766 on a 1466 and didnt have 1466 stickers on it how quick would realize its a "big" tractor? carry on
  13. Thank you guys!! wasnt too bad a day I worked (which is normal)
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