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    I now own a small trucking co with 2 hired drivers/Beck Metal Express LLC Plus build parts or complete pulling tractors.

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  1. again that wasnt my point.........................................
  2. It seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many missed my point. a 66 series tractor from centerline of rear axle to centerline of front spindle are the same. hoods are the same length I AM NOT talking about a fan shroud or any other fool thing you wanna convince yourself about. So sheetmetal interchanges
  3. Put 34" rubber on the 10 and then see if the "grunt" is so much better on the 7
  4. Little 66 ,,,,, big66 , you do know they are all the same right? no frame size difference fact if you put the tires off a 766 on a 1466 and didnt have 1466 stickers on it how quick would realize its a "big" tractor? carry on
  5. Thank you guys!! wasnt too bad a day I worked (which is normal)
  6. YES!! for the alky ................ I dont pull diesels anymore. Once you go smokeless you wont go back.
  7. Gonzo this is the new set of hair driers going on my cast tractor 😎 I’m turning the wick up on it even tho it’s for sale
  8. Yes and I have a stack of billet mounting plates that will put a tuthill pump driven of the front side of injection pump. I love this setup over ANY version of an electric. Number 1 reason ..... it matches fuel delivery with speed of engine. Faster engine turns faster pump turns. Electric...... you get what it has no mater what. High volume and pressures can lead to idle issues and barrels n plungers stuck. Yes new light super component is made of 1 1/2” tubing I made that fuel log actually. For some that are in familiar. This is one of the best ways to do this. Put your 3 way shut
  9. Simpson makes the water system ................ makes it fool proof and completely simple I've run his stuff on my diesels Front drive stuff ....... again pretty simple
  10. This is how I did my hitch on my cast tractor. And the bolts make adjustments very easy Really not sure about the “shims” he’s talking about make it easier. This is cake. Make a quick adjustment at the scale and away ya go
  11. Not to hijack your handiwork but in the vein of puller projects..... this is my new ride I’m building.
  12. At a "corn shelling" seems like there are way more rats than you can kill no matter what. put several running lawnmowers near where they are gonna come out of......... they run under the mower to hide ........... well lets just say it works very well
  13. Those look similar yes but my truck ones are beefier (I have stacks of them from engines Ive torn apart ) I throw in the iron a lot of parts because I dont wanna have 100 sets of whatever. I literally have 20 sets of rods , did have complete rocker assemblies for all those engines and all kinds of related parts and fastner hardware. buckets and buckets of stuff ................. starting to dump it in the iron wagon
  14. Thats all I said because thats the part that is stronger. They arent just two flats pinch welded together , they are two flats with a "wing" if you will on top pinch welded together this design lends itself to less flex and fatigue also creates a channel to send oil to where its needed. I dont have a picture but just google it and you will see what I'm talking about. These are a "cheap" stepup for tractor pulling if you wont spend the bux for roller rockers.
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