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  1. The old Cub finishing up the final fall work. It mowed my 5 acre yard for the final time this year. Then we dropped the mowed deck and mounted the plow and wheel weighs and plowed up our little garden. Next weekend we will mount the snow plow and be ready for winter. Not bad for a tractor that is 70 years old.
  2. Well I decided to take the PTO shaft and gear box into a guy who has a local shop to see if he would press the gear off for me. After talking to him I decided I would I would drop off the bearings and oil seal I have order when they come in and he will bull the gear replace everything and press the gear back on. While I wanted to say I talked it myself, for as little as he is charging me, I have plenty of other projects to work on.
  3. The project has been stuck because I can't get the bevel gear off the shaft. I tried a cheap gear pulled from harber freight and I snapped an arm off of it. I then tried using a loan a tool gear pulled from advanced auto. I didn't break that one but was not able to budge the gear at all. I am now considering buying a while PTO gear box assembly off eBay and replacing the whole thing. Brandon
  4. Thank you guys. Everything makes a lot more sense. I will order the needed bearings, seals, and gaskets. My sons and I enjoy working on are old tractors and it is great to have some knowledgeable people take the time to help us out.My Brandon
  5. Hey guys, I need a little help. About 6 weeks ago I went to engage the PTO on my c and nothing happened. The lever was flopping back and forth but appeared to be engaging nothing. Well this afternoon I finally had a chance to take things apart and look at it. I had some help from my father and my lead mechanic (he is the one in the overalls and IH hat). Once we got things apart it appears that somehow the lever slide to far and come out of the track on the shaft. The spring that pushes down on the 'let's that moves from indent was bent and the bullet shaped key had fallen out. It appears that a new spring and proper assembly is all it needs. My problem is that when we when we pulled the PTO assembly off all the bearings around the beveled gear that connects to the belt pully fell out (the one shown in the bottom pic). My question is should these bearings be loose like that? All the bearings I am used to are in a ring and when I search for farmall c bearings all I find are ones encased in a ring. If I pull the bevel gear off and remove the ring behind it in the picture am I going to find the remains of that outer ring? If not what is the trick to getting the ball bearings to stay in place while reassembling? Thanks for any help, we are just amateurs learning as we go. Brandon
  6. The only field work done by me involves a small garden and mowing, so here are a couple of pictures of my team of red mowers.
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