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  1. With the old camshaft gear was a mess. But once it was off we pounded to new one on and started reassembleing. Putting everything back together was pretty smooth except for getting the hoses that connect to radiator to the block on right and not leaking. I also was rushing and need not put the two o rings on the new hydraulic pump where it connects to the lines from the touch control so it leaked at first. Once i saw the o rings sitting on the bench and put them on it worked fine. The last pick is my so taking it for a test drive. I hope you guys enjoy the pics. This is the biggest projec
  2. Once splitting stands were built we split the front pedistal and radiator from the engine. My redneck engineering on the splitting stands worked great. We then had to take everything off to get to the timing cover. Once the timing cover was off pulling the camshaft gear itself was pretty easy.
  3. A couple months ago I posted so question with a hydraulic problem on my farmall c. It turns out the the nut had come off the end of shaft on the hydraulic pump. The nut apparently for wedge d somewhere and striped half of each tooth of the camshaft gear off. There was enough tooth left to grab the crankgear but not enough to heal the gear on the hydraulic pump, which caused the hydraulics to quit working. So I needed to change the camshaft gear. I thought I would share some photos from the project. After pulling the tractor in the garage the first job was building some spliting stands.
  4. I have been wanting a cultivator for my farmall cub for a while, but since I use my cub to mow with weekly I figured I would never have time to take the mower off and put the cultivator on. Well a couple months ago a bought a Farmall Cub for my oldest son so I figured now I could get one and put it on his Cub and just leave it on all summer. Well here it is but I don't think he is ever going to let me play with it.
  5. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I am going to tackle the project. It will be a couple of weeks before I have time to take it on but when I start I will start a thread on the project. I am sure I will need plenty of advice along the way. My only concern before starting the project is breathing a gear pulley to pull the pulleys and camshaft gear off. I had a cheap set of harbor freight gear pullers and I broke them trying to pull the PTO gear off the c to replace the bearings. What does everyone think about this set of pullers from OTC? Should it be sufficient for the job?
  6. My concern about replacing that gear is that, if I understand correctly that is the camshaft gear. Replacing that appears to require putting the engine on stands, separating the radiator and front axle, removing the fan and two pullies, removing the governor and pulling off the cover. I am also assuming the timing would then have to be set correctly once the new camshaft gear was in place. I am afraid that might be biting off more than I can chew by myself. I am wondering if I should just sell it as is and cut my loses.
  7. The hydraulics on my C quit working the other day. I was mowing and they were working normal but when I went to raise the mowed when I finished I got nothing. After some inspection I realized they my hydraulic fluid was low and my engine oil level had risen, so I figured the pump was leaking hydraulic fluid into the engine and needed to be rebuilt. When I pulled the hydraulic pump off I found that the nut that hold the gear on the pump was missing. I found it in the housing on the tractor at which point I inspected inside the housing and found that the gear looked worn down or broken on each t
  8. I enjoy reading the forums pretty much daily and feel bad that I never contribute anything other than to ask for help when working on a tractor, so I thought I would share a few pictures form the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show in Georgetown Ohio yesterday. We go to the show every year and it is one of the best shows you will find. We watched the tractor parade and it was an hour and a half full of all kinds of tractors and steam engines. After looking at all the tractors and going through the fleemarket we tested for a little but by enjoying some fair food style snacks and a concert.
  9. My oldest son loves tractors as much as anyone on here and over a year ago he was promised his grandparents John Deere 2010 as a Christmas present. In a long story it became apparent that what was promised was not going to be delivered. He was heartbroken but handled his disappoint in a way I was proud of, so I have been looking for a tractor to buy for him. Well today we found it. It is a 1948 Farmall Cub. It needs some work but runs when pull started, shifts into all heard and the hydraulic s work and only cast $750. He is already having fun working with me to figure out what is wrong w
  10. Just a final update, after cleaning the carb thoroughly I got a chance yesterday to mow about 3 acres with it and it can great. Hopefully it stays that way.
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I have a zenith carb and not an IH. I took the carb all apart and cleaned everything thoroughly. I have only had a chance to run the cub for a few minutes but it was running great. The real test, however, well come the next time I get a chance to mow with it.
  12. Thanks for the ideas guys. As far as it vapor locking, it doesn't only do it when warm, in the video the tractor had set for about 48 hours and only been run enough to move it from the head to in front of my garage, about 50 feet. My under standing is vapor locking should only happen when the engine is hot, correct? second the RPMs being set to high I will try running the tractor some at a little below full throttle and see how it runs when I get a chance. My question is what would cause the tractors to be running fine then suddenly running at to high of an RPM. Brandon
  13. Here is a shot video for you guys to hear what it is going. I have tried running with the battery charger on it and it makes no difference. Tried loosening the gas cap. The coil, plugs, and plug wire have been changed and the problem keeps coming back. Has flows from the tank to the carb freely. So I am deducting that the problem in the carb itself? Thanks for any suggestions in advanve. Brandon
  14. Thanks for all the suggestion. I am working my way through them. Here is a video for you guys to hear what it is doing Sorry but the audio does not seem to be working. I will try and fix it later
  15. I have had the same intermittent problem with my cub and it showed up again this weekend. I was mowing with it for about an hour and fifteen minutes and it ran perfect. I then started to notice what sounds like a miss every once in a while, about 15 minutes later it was sputtering and running rough. Now it will run pretty good at a low rpm but will run poorly at full throttle. It will run smooth for a few seconds then sputter, then run smooth for a few seconds then sputter. It has done this before and I have tinkered with different things (new coil, plugwires, electrical wiring) It will r
  16. I am looking at getting a set of cultivated for my cub. I would like to use them to cultivate weeds in the garden but also to work the garden up in spring to prepare for planting. The garden is plowed under in the fall and sets through the freeze and thaw process all winter here in southern Ohio. Understanding that I will have to double back over where the the row of crops is supposed to be, will the cultivated work the prepare the garden for planting. Thanks in advice. Brandon
  17. I know it has been a while but I wanted to thank you guys for your advice and help. I finally got the PTO gear box back early last week. It is all put together with new bearings and oil seal. This afternoon we put it it back on the tractor this and everything is working good.
  18. The old Cub finishing up the final fall work. It mowed my 5 acre yard for the final time this year. Then we dropped the mowed deck and mounted the plow and wheel weighs and plowed up our little garden. Next weekend we will mount the snow plow and be ready for winter. Not bad for a tractor that is 70 years old.
  19. Well I decided to take the PTO shaft and gear box into a guy who has a local shop to see if he would press the gear off for me. After talking to him I decided I would I would drop off the bearings and oil seal I have order when they come in and he will bull the gear replace everything and press the gear back on. While I wanted to say I talked it myself, for as little as he is charging me, I have plenty of other projects to work on.
  20. The project has been stuck because I can't get the bevel gear off the shaft. I tried a cheap gear pulled from harber freight and I snapped an arm off of it. I then tried using a loan a tool gear pulled from advanced auto. I didn't break that one but was not able to budge the gear at all. I am now considering buying a while PTO gear box assembly off eBay and replacing the whole thing. Brandon
  21. Thank you guys. Everything makes a lot more sense. I will order the needed bearings, seals, and gaskets. My sons and I enjoy working on are old tractors and it is great to have some knowledgeable people take the time to help us out.My Brandon
  22. Hey guys, I need a little help. About 6 weeks ago I went to engage the PTO on my c and nothing happened. The lever was flopping back and forth but appeared to be engaging nothing. Well this afternoon I finally had a chance to take things apart and look at it. I had some help from my father and my lead mechanic (he is the one in the overalls and IH hat). Once we got things apart it appears that somehow the lever slide to far and come out of the track on the shaft. The spring that pushes down on the 'let's that moves from indent was bent and the bullet shaped key had fallen out. It appears
  23. The only field work done by me involves a small garden and mowing, so here are a couple of pictures of my team of red mowers.
  24. Thanks guys, They love working on stuff and playing around with the tractors. It may take a little longer to get things done letting them turn a wrench but I would rather have them out with me then sitting in front of the TV.
  25. I thought I would share a couple of my two oldest sons tractor activities recently. The weekend before this past weekend they changed the head gasket on my farmall c. Then this past weekend they plowed a spot for a garden at our new house with our farmall cub. They are not completely loyal to farmalls though. My oldest son was given a john deere 2010 by his grandmother that was bought new by his great-grandfather on his mothers side. It needs some work but as soon as we get it hauled from his grandparents to our house I am sure he will get to work on it. Not bad for a 5 and a 7 year old. Altho
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