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  1. Yes I probably did. Last year it was very dry, ground was hard and did not plow well. This year it turned over a lot nicer. The garden keeps getting bigger so I would like to pick up a 2-12 trip plow that we can pull behind the H or my C.
  2. Got a couple of red tractors out this weekend. We used Owen's H to move the chicken coop out of the garden. Then we used Isaac's cub to plow it under.
  3. We did some weed removal and fertilizer application Saturday evening.
  4. After we worked the everything up I spread some 10-10-10 over everything with my 49 Cub. The boys then went over the gardens one more time with the cultivated to work the fertilizer in then Owen went over them with the drag . Finally we were ready to plant. A two row trip planter is on my wish list but for now we have modified this earnest push planter to be pulled by Isaac's Cub. Some still needs to walk behind it and put a little down pressure on it to make sure the drive wheel is turning, but it is a lot Eastham just pushing it through the dirt. I let the boys do it for the most part but am a little concerned that the were watching to see that the seeds were dropping constantly. We will have to wait and see if there are any large skips.
  5. Friday after work the farmall c did its job mowing the yard. On Saturday we decided to plant most of the garden. My oldest son Isaac worked up the smaller garden with his 48 Farmall Cub and the three point cultivator, while my 9 year old son Owen worked up the bigger garden with his Farm all H and the spring tooth harrow .
  6. The boys got some more work done on the chicken coop. The only thing left is for me to put the roof on, which I was planning to do today but it was cold and very windy. It will wait a couple days.
  7. Got home after work and mowed the yard with the C and woods 306 mower. They do a pretty nice job.
  8. This weekend our project was building a chicken coop and run. Still have some work to do but hopefully we will get it done this week.
  9. My son thought we needed to try out his new tractor on some tillage so we hooked it up to the spring tooth harrow and worked a little dirt. Tractor didn't even know it was back there
  10. My oldest soon got his own tractor when he was 9 so since my second son is now 9 we have been looking for one for him. Well I saw an add for a farmall h for sale locally and bought it for him today. She is not the prettiest but the engine runs well and shifts good. The pto, belt pully, and brakes all work good, plus it has a set of rear weights. The tires, well they aren't flat at least. Here is Owen's tractor.
  11. My garden keeps getting bigger every year and I have been wanting something to use with my farmall c, so when this spring tooth marrow showed up close to me on facebook market place I bought it. Even though we are still about 6 weeks from planting the garden I had to give it a try. Probably should have taken the mower deck off the tractor when going over plowed ground the first time, but it worked good.
  12. Well she is back together and running well. My 9 year old son who helped every step of the way took her for a test drive today after school.
  13. I spent sometime this past weekend working on my cub again. Had some help form my sons. We put new valves, and rings in it and got it all back together. Unfortunately we now can't get it to fire. We have spark and fuel to the carburetor. I even switched the carb off my sons cub that starts and runs good and still couldn't get any fire, so I am thinking that we have done installed something wrong and aren't getting compression. So I guess next weekend we will have take it back apart. 🤔
  14. Pretty inexperienced at plowing but enjoy plowing the garden every fall. This year we really worked my sons cub. We are expanding the size so we were playing some sod and it was a very dry fall here so the ground was very hard. If any experienced guys have suggestion for how to get the sod to roll all the way over better I would be glad to learn.
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