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  1. My wife, 2 girls and I drove the 45 minutes to Topeka to see the new Evel Knievel museum. I thought it would be a one or two room museum since its below the Harley dealership but i was wrong it was huge and full of memories. They had Big Red his Mack truck restored. Lots of his bikes and jump history. Snake River Skycycle. Just super well done. They had a virtual ride on a Harley jumping in Topeka and it was unbelievable, I know Evel was a risk taker and hot shot but growing up watching him fail so many times and get up and go again was fun watching him as a I grew up in the 70s. and yes I jumped my motorcycle too and never forget the groin pain of a wreck and feeling like your dying. I think most episodes were on Wide Word of Sports with Howard Cosell. Evel even jumped at Hutchison Kansas State Fair one year. . The people that got all this together and restored is fantastic. they are the real hereos. Lots of money volunteers and time and they tell there story. So if your close to Topeka,Ks. check it out you wont be disappointed.
  2. Birthday wishes to BILLOHIO,Wheels, cowwbboy.

    Thank You ! And happy birthday to the rest of you groundhogs out there. While we haven't had snowfall to deal with yet the temperature swings in northeast kansas seem tough this year. or my age is telling me so.