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  1. Gold or not, that is what I need, although not at that price.
  2. Spring oil debate...........That would be a new one, mostly a winter topic in the past.
  3. Well, the fart smell coming from the seat at those hours working on the tailings while standing on your head shouldn't be so bad................When they worked they were very nice machines, when they didn't, park it, spray gas on it and light it on fire.............
  4. Abilene has a warrenty on that stuff don't they?
  5. I find the $300 difference from Genuine Deere to a aftermarket hard to believe...............I seem to remember the last 466 I had apart their was a considerable difference between the kits. I think maxiforce went in that one, its still going fine............Actually maybe I should have used a reliance kit, because I tried to buy the tractor after it was back together, but it worked so good the owner gave up on that idea.
  6. Probably the same reason the last straight 30 in 5 gal buckets I got from Deere had an inch + of dust on it............they don't sell much of it.
  7. I think Maxiforce is good quality, have put some of their parts in Deere's.
  8. They switched the later ones to the bearing throwout didn't they? I seem to recall only the earlier ones having the carbon throw out.
  9. I was just wondering if it was grooved pretty good.
  10. I don't think the clutch/pto clutch design on the 4020 psycho would have held up to a IH 361...........IMO that setup was really a weak operation for any serious pulling. The Deere sales force must have been real sweet talkers, because the green guys here did not pull the guts out of stuff like the red guys so they held up very well.
  11. Is that graphite throw out bearing, or bushing worn out? I don't have my cub book here at the house, but don't see what you got to use in running out the fingers, sounds like something is wore. I just had one apart last fall and can't remember much, that was the first one I had apart in some time, once everyone took the woods mowers off of them, we never seen them again for clutch work. Didn't make me mad, I find the to be a cheesy setup to begin with.
  12. For chore work and loader use, the psyco range made a lot of sense and worked sweet.........but in the field it stunk IMO because you had to run a gate to go up or down one, and most of the time you couldn't go up or down more than one and there was the issue.
  13. I got a copy of that book.......my wife bought me one years back, it was out of print and super salty then, hate to see what one costs now. Was a great book and well worth the price. The Pond's who started Wheel Horse really started with next to nothing.
  14. The rust on the top end of the replacement engine makes me nervous..........I assume you will sell the loader separate?
  15. That is what I need here..............Post some pictures.
  16. I thought that was SOP on those? I use the hoe on a backhoe here.
  17. Yeah, that makes more sense...............the 700's are super salty. The guy I mention has a phobia about mowing hills and all of the ones he has other than the X730 have 4x4............Which is funny because I run across steeper stuff with my zero turn. About my only gripe with the 700's is the plastic hood, but that seems to be the new normal, the 982 has it in that department, but atleast this plastic has a bit more thought in the construction than the 2082 and 2084 hoods/side shields. Not knocking them, they are good machines and I love them, mostly because I am not really a foot pedal hydro guy, but the ones here that have anal owners are mint other than the side shield pins being broke and that makes them fit poorly. I drill a small hole and use a small zip strip to keep them in place, but that is a band aid. I believe those are NLA now. Either way, a 2082 or 2084 is a billion times better than a new XT3..............I always chuckled when they switched to the 3000's, they made the hood steel, and cheapened the rest of it. Simplicity had some monsters that were stout..............4041 was I believe one of them models, 3pt, PTO, Onan, hydro with acouple ranges and good hydraulics.
  18. Only dry spot up on the mountainside..............probably because its all fill out of a parking lot!
  19. They have some quirks that if you don't know or understand, they bite you................I like them.............Sears GT-18 with an Onan was a sweet machine. I just took a X748 back today after doing its yearly service................Ran a few 982's, 2082's and 2084's, I don't think any of them would match the construction on it, they impress the heck out of me but are not cheap. The guy who has this 748, also has 2 X758's and a X730..............He likes them, and has money to burn, what ever makes him happy. I like them too, but for just cutting grass I rather have my Diesel Toro Super Z zero turn. Back in the day their was alot of good stuff...........You really had to search to buy a "Cheapo" garden tractor................Now its the opposite, you have to really search to buy a good one, and it won't come cheap.
  20. Never met a Wheel Horse I didn't like........the late 400's with 8spds are IMO the pinnacle of the design. Nothing wrong with a 520, but they pushed the frame design a bit too far and they will break, most are likely plated by now. Its a shame toro quit that market, but there was too many players in it for the available demand. I would argue even CC left the garden tractor market, the XT3 they are selling as a garden tractor is nothing but a tin can, park the smallest X700 series Deere next to one and there is no comparison, but of-course the Deere I would assume Is priced a lot higher, but I thought the XT3 was plenty salty for what you got while I was working at the dealership yet.
  21. This thread goes on long enough we could potentially fix all the worlds problems!
  22. I am watching my 6 month old as we speak..........I am not sure how they get anyone to go for it.
  23. Testing by the Russians? Wonder if Mueller looked at it?
  24. I will be the first in line to vote for him for the second round at this point.........coming from a independent mind you.
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