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  1. TP from Central PA

    Salter Farms Antique IH Auction

    I was thinking this all along but wasn't going to say a word......
  2. TP from Central PA

    Winter wood supply.

    Not following all fuel is black, fits in a bucket, and is very reasonable?
  3. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    The doors are a non-issue on the 88's..............The downfall on the 86's was they put the shifters right in the entry way of the door. Still do not understand what the issue was of putting that cab design out at the start of the 86's that were on the small 88's...........Was IH throwing crap at the wall hoping the design they did use would stick vs how everyone else was moving with the console designs???
  4. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    426 Allis.......Harvey Hand Grenade Don't Hunleys have one or two of the prototype 8000's that were going to be Komatsu powered?
  5. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    While the 15 spd might not be on the same level as the C/IH version, I have been around quite a number in this area with high hours and most were not babied and they have a excellant record to this point, most here bought 40 thru 44's new, and the bigger ones were brought in from the west, although a large potato farm south of me had some bought new that had a crap ton of hours with no trouble. Not sure who in there right mind would want a quad in one?
  6. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Look out the '60's owl cage looks pretty good IMO. The bigger battery box and lid also helped easy the pain of the narrow door IMO. The old twin boxes and narrow steps and platforms on the older series was nothing but a death trap........if I could stuff a IH DTI-466 in a 4960 I don't believe I would change anything else it's that good.
  7. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    I thought it was kinder to JD than I expected when I first watched it.
  8. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Yep......enjoyed it
  9. TP from Central PA

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    That is what I am on the hunt for..............45/47/4960. Customer of mine got one, I ran it some............I have to say, they got all the issues I had with them ironed out. Steps are tons nicer, muffler off the hood, other small things changed. Needless to say I am looking for one. I wish I could find one with 4 SCV's, but that isn't likely.
  10. TP from Central PA

    IH plows

    The beam on the 510 was different than the older 540/550/560 plows. All the 510's around here were either 5 or 6 bottom. I have been around both 510's and the older 500's, and it didn't appear that nothing was exactly the same between the 2. I never measured, but it sure looked like the 510's had a hair more trash clearance?
  11. TP from Central PA

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    Me and you are not the only ones to cry about it, I believe it was SDman who put pictures up of the kit to move everything up and completely out of the way. So that tells me the sugar beet guys must have had real issues with it, I know it didn't last long here on the machine when we tried it, I was sitting on the floor and still had to bend to look to see the end of the conveyor if I had the harvester tongue swung to the left as the post was in the way then so the conveyor had to be lifted and it went up even more........was never so happy to hook a lower hp 7400 back on to the harvester...... It didn't help that the boxcar was on 20.8x38's either,. Bigger rubber would have helped, but i have run a harvester on the 88 when it was dry and wasn't on the floor and had no issues and that is on 18.4x38's.
  12. TP from Central PA

    IH plows

    Could you still get safety trip bottoms after the 710? Or just toggle and auto on the 720? Never seen one, wasn't sure...................Where did the 510 fit in here? Quite a few of those around here, must have been the cheapo option.
  13. TP from Central PA

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    Umm, guys...............I can't run in a tomato field on anything but 60" with a harvester tractor if the field isn't opened up as processing tomatoes with pull type harvesters is a one row operation. Nice thought and everything...................a 4450 or 4255 isn't a 8400 JD, but works quite decent for the age in the turning department.
  14. TP from Central PA

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    No it would have been had it been MFD, and I knew it was going to be bad, because at the time I actually was debating on a 6*88 2+2 vs a magnum because of it, as some old posts on here will show. But it was worse in reality compared to what I expected. Point here is the competition had it figured out when IH was still whole, by the time the Magnums came along they should have had everything the 8900's had on them from the word go IMO. I think the 4450 and 4255 were set at 32", took the fenders off and set the stops just that the tire almost hit the frame, turned amazingly tight for mfd of the time.
  15. TP from Central PA

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    Oh, they were/are good tractors..............But I don't see what the ranting and raving is over after having one for awhile. It worked good, but I found it lacking in areas that competition in the same era addressed, and in some cases IH even had the answer on the 88's and then on the Magnums it was screwed up somehow. I often wonder how much of that was because of JI Case being in charge of the situation. My biggest issue was the flow contol adjustments absolutely stunk, lack of hydraulic capacity on the early 2 spd models, and that stupid air box hanging down. Didn't turn worth a crap either(MFD) even when set out to 38" rows, but I suppose it wasn't that bad, I was spoiled by the Deere axles that allowed quite the turning radius for an MFD of that age, even when narrowed up.