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  1. Yes............what ever the model was it was the same cutterhead as the SP's..............A bit ahead of its time, with 300 hp and IVT it would get something accomplished now.
  2. Loaded out a lot of manure with a '49 A and a NI/Horn trip bucket loader.........neighbors we slightly better off, 300 on a NI, and other had a 620 on a 45.......compared to a fork they looked and worked mighty good.
  3. Isn't one of the ones Sears sold through the catalogue is it?
  4. I was told they broke more bales than they loaded, but of course we use twine here............what is they reason the western states were all about wire?
  5. In hills they wear and as I said on here before you run good heavy alfalfa bales through them and the pans crack up. I will take a electric speed control belt thrower any day. Some guys state they burn off the twine with them, again they aren't moving enough material through the baler causing the bales to not be getting through the chamber into the thrower fast enough.
  6. I was told by an old salesman that it helped keep the center of draft pulling wagons more in line for hillsides, especially when conditions weren't perfect. Honestly, for the time and the material most put thru them in a year they worked just fine. As tractor power increased and everyone needed more they didn't fare as well. Even New Idea augered feed from the knife bed back into the blower on the 767 choppers and I believe the 800 series were the same other than maybe size changes, both for the Uni systems. If you think a pull type is bad, that was a real horrible design as it just killed any capacity on a Uni. What was that big monster pull type number that Deere built back in the day......was bigger than a 3975.
  7. I know 2 guys who went from NH to Deere and the green paint definitely took less power to run.
  8. I watched the biggest Dion on a higher hp IVT Deere and it would out chop a older Deere SP...............I could be wrong, but it doesn't look this offering for Deere dealers is as big as Dion's biggest?
  9. That is a another reason most guys can't get a good bale out of a NH, the feeding system has adjustments, nobody reads the manual to understand how to set it up. I personally think augers to move a crop like hay is stupid, in good alfalfa here augers are more destructive then the the system on a NH if everything on the NH is set up right and the guy on the rake understand how to make a good windrow. They had to change the design to keep up to a capacity increases, you can't use the same setup from a 273 and expect it to feed a 575 chamber unless you want to travel like a slug. My biggest beef with a green baler is that god forsaken pan kicker............give me a belt thrower any day.
  10. Wow, that Dion with Deeres drum would be a sweet setup!
  11. Deere's make a nice bale, but lord all of the ones I got the displeasure to run had no capacity compared to a NH of the same size and year. The major issue with NH balers IMO is nobody does and preventative maintenance on them. Guys complain about banana bales, and guess what, knives are so dull they have almost a square edge, 90% of the hay dogs in the chamber are broke, springs for said dogs are missing, etc...........they make a brick if in good shape and you understand keeping them full. My pap had a Massey baler, only one around, that should tell you everything you needed to know about that, and to quote Boog, MF didn't stand for "Mighty Fine"
  12. Uni system could put you in a SP cheap..........but you could cut silage about the same speed with scissors. As far as pull types go, Deere built a good one and parts are available. I would think that you could rebuild one to infinity as parts will be there.
  13. What I always wanted but could never afford......integrated auto steer. I would like to see the other side of that 1256, is there something interesting under the hood on it?
  14. You must have been the only one..................that is one red piece of equipment I never had a want to own, small square baler. Had alot and used alot of balers, best one out of all of them IMO was the 311.
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