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  1. TP from Central PA

    Will it pull it?

    Wet isn't the word for it...............Everything from one guy done with corn, to some never getting started. A few tomatoes have gone in at a few spots, but most of those haven't left the cannery parking lot or green house yet. They will be pushing the cut off date at this rate, should be 3/4 or better done with those by now.
  2. TP from Central PA

    Hy Capacity spindles not staying tight.

    That is what I use here, they work well.
  3. TP from Central PA

    D-282 sleeve height above deck....What is right?

    So I can assume(I know.......OH NO!) that is why the later D282's seem to be less accident prone on the top end then? Heavy press and different gasket sealing setup made the difference?
  4. TP from Central PA

    Magnum 7140

    I am not going to be smart here, but did you zip strip the fuel shut off back so it could stay running? Sounds to me like the cab solenoid, the one I had did the same thing, was this.
  5. Finally have some room/time to tear the head off the 560.............I believe the failure was bolt stretch after I re-torqued them and then pushed it at the pump. Anyhow, got the head off tonight and although the sleeve heights seem consistent, they are closer by a quick drag of the finger nail to .000" to .001" before I left for the night(Former full time Machinist here)..............I will do a more in depth accurate measure tomorrow after everything is cleaned. Anyhow I came home and dug my stack of Blue Ribbon manuals out that my brother had for the 4/560's we had here before and found one that gave a spec of -.002" to I believe +.004".............And another was +.001" to +.005"? Which is correct? I would like them at the higher end but the inside looks nice, and I don't want to go in any further than I have to for a tractor that hauls manure for the most part. Another question for the experts, when did they go to the heavy press sleeves on these engines? Didn't see any breakdowns of when?
  6. TP from Central PA

    Safemark tires any good for pulling?

    That is neat, my brother will enjoy that..................That could maybe be the tractor that contaminated him, along with a GW that was here.
  7. TP from Central PA

    Safemark tires any good for pulling?

    That looks pretty nice! Did you guys just paint it with the engine work? Or has that been done?
  8. TP from Central PA

    1586 Pictures

    After seeing those pictures, did it come from Fred's? Looks like the building in the back ground.................If it did, that might explain why its "Kustom".
  9. TP from Central PA

    Safemark tires any good for pulling?

    Quite a few guys around me swear by them on the track..................I'd rather have a 151 Firestone. We could argue all day about it here. Best set we ever had for pulling on anything was an old set of Riverside 45 degree 14.9's..........They were old and hard and just worked. Knowing what I know now, I should have stripped them off that tractor when I sold it. I like the SAT II's for the money, alot don't though.
  10. TP from Central PA

    Gimme your definition of the word "Binder"

    "13 letter word for sh*t spreader" quote from the snap bean field man on his thoughts of a "binder" truck..........I like a good Loadstar, but anything bigger, I agree with him
  11. TP from Central PA


    My question is why would you put an 806 on that? We pull tandem axle apron spreaders with M's here in pa. That M should be on that all the time!
  12. TP from Central PA

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    Deere.........I like the 7*00 and the 7*10's, heck of a machine.
  13. TP from Central PA

    2nd career choice?

    Have done the following.......dairy farm employee, crop farm, acouple manual labor jobs in high school, machinist, and a mechanic. Currently self employed and do the mechanic/machinist/welder stunts daily and have some cows just for fun. With the way things are now I don't miss the full time farm..........and honestly I think the trend is dying, being replaced by a bunch of little guys who just want to play at night on a few acres while the main income comes from something else. I do my hobby for work, I like it most days.......biggest aggravation about it is my own stuff is always last on the list, so you never get to it.
  14. TP from Central PA

    no lube pressure on ta

    Not following how it's working right without any lube pressure?
  15. TP from Central PA

    Where did all the antique tractor pulls go?

    Ummmmm, it's a fund raiser? I personal like the double tree pulls we do, every time the sled goes down the track it's like a money printer.......