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  1. They aren't acting I don't think................They are. Everyone seems to be on the edge too. I told my wife I would like to go to Texas just to see how many keep following the absolutely obsurd nonsense coming out of the Fed's when the state is open 100%................I bet in some of the Biggest cities it would be interesting because I can't honestly say how it would be.
  2. Actually, my list was 535 or a late NH Chain with net. Some early BR's and Deere 566's I could swing for what I would be doing, but it sure doesn't seem like anyone has much good to say there. Vermeer was on the cut list before the list was a list, Gehl was out because of potential parts issues, and the 600 NH's seem way over priced for the age of them. Would prefer 1000 pto, so that makes an issue with the NH chain. Know zero about Hesstons offerings, but don't believe net was common or even offered there.
  3. If you were going to buy an older round baler, to bale mostly grass hay, and maybe some corn stalks what would be your choice? Ability to wrap with net would be a plus. Bale size not much of an issue.
  4. We had that conversation here, often times with the gator I wish we had a loader handy, but it wouldn't be worth the trip with a real loader to do the job at the time, Toolcat would solve that, but as with alot of things, Bobcat gives me ulcers here when it comes to dealer support and the way they build things. I don't know if that would be a good idea or not. My tight wad brother claims he just ordered a new Kubota, supposed to be here in 10 to 30 days..............I don't quite believe him, but we will see, I bet the heaviest thing that will go in the bed will be a 5 gal bucket of co
  5. You should go to the DMV here to renew your liscense..................Me and my wife were nearly asked to leave. I won't say anymore or it will be poofed...........
  6. What isn't expensive right now?????
  7. Know of one..............No problems with it, plows a 100ft long driveway, and drives to the back of a 1/4 acre once a month..............How long it would last actually being used, I do not know.
  8. Someone gave it to me, wish I know who it was, I would thank them...............Now I can walk around smelling farts in freedom!
  9. I know, but gol' darn are you guys making me happy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Mike H!!!!
  10. Been watching this thread.................over the years after fighting getting them out on tomato equipment with the mud/acid/rust, alot of smaller ones that didn't see heavy load I used heavy wall square tube(Keeping in mind of the weld seem when mounting it) as my sleeve, and would mill 4 flats on my spindles, mount them in the tube with a bolt. With the 4 flats/tube vs a round sleeve, you could push them out with a porta power without a ton of trouble vs the round sleeves that would almost weld themselves in with rust and take a ton of force to push out, and in bad cases the sleeve needin
  11. I know, that is why I get so upset..............People try to speak out, and are shut down, out and up. And its not even consistant on their parts............Trying not to get the Ghestopo after me, so here it goes..............Mr. and Mrs. O had a event at the white building, on PA ave in the past in which they praised Dr. Seuss.............Now same people along with other people claim its harmful??????
  12. I really wanted to go this year.................but with all the national BS, not even considering it.
  13. Yup, mine had a special custom rifle made just for it, they were in a hurry when they were here so I didn't find out anything about it, 3 shots - 3 dropped right were they stood in the barn yard.........Drove in with the skidsteer and brought them out one at a time and skinned/gutted/cut them.
  14. They axe him? My nephew is big into it, I said that over the summer when the cancel culture started that the dog would be hauled in the pokey Mine is big into the old Thomas video's right now, so I think we are ok. The new animated ones are junk.
  15. Previous to 2020, I would say irrational fear.................In 2021 I will say they have a well placed fear that its better to have it on hand in large quanities than to depend on being able to get it every week.
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