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  1. I don't believe they are......
  2. They sure ruin the never tiller's day on agtalk!!!!!!
  3. I wish I had better water............my well water sucks. My parents well was deeper, along with my grandparents across the road and they had great water. Used to haul home water from the spring at the farm we rented, it was amazing stuff, ran in a mile plus of pipe down off the mountainside here to the farmstead. Originally when put in the 3 springs fed water to two farmsteads, but by the time we were there it was just that one. Now nobody uses it, shame, but the pipe was corroding while we were there so it wasn't long and it would have been done anyhow. Was amazing all of it was put in with teams of horses and hands. My other grandfathers place was fed with a white sand spring, that was amazing stuff to drink. I was spoiled, my well water here is high in iron and tastes crappy even with good filtration.
  4. I figured you had a coffee maker and the customers aka Locals brought the donuts?
  5. RC in bottles..................Now that is something I miss!
  6. Now I figured you would put a ton of coffee away, since J-Mech said your a wise old man???? I thought the wise old me always had a cup of black coffee, a pipe, and a comment that always reminded you that you weren't as smart as you thought you were because you wondered why you didn't think of what they said.
  7. Well, they want it bad enough, they better get a boot leg operation setup....................might be out of the legal stuff for awhile.
  8. Local place used to sell "A-Treat" soda that my grandfather stuffed in a old fridgerator at his farm, get done baling hay there we would head for that garage to get a soda. Ice cold soda in glass bottles sure tasted good.
  9. My old man liked to hit the sauce hard when I was young................Left an impression on me on how someone with so much knowledge could do something so stupid wasting time we honestly don't have alot of. My guilty pleasure in drink form is Diet Coke............Probably would kill you faster than sauce, but on a hot day nothing is better than sitting down with your gut hanging out in a lawn chair sipping away on a ice cold diet coke.
  10. Don't drink, never have,, I am retarded enough................plus a waste of funds, a good cold tea from a ice tea machine is alot cheaper. My liver will fail from antibiotics from Lyme treatments, I don't need to help it.
  11. +1..............Where are the experts on the other posts that said all of this is a overblown joke? IT IS NOT!!!!! Randy was here at the start or almost the start of the original board when the forum started.
  12. Didn't say I was going to stash it, but I would wager most will.
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