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  1. TP from Central PA

    Antique pull rant.

    I fail to see this arguement, if you only got 35 hp, why and how is someone who spent a million on theirs ruining your experience? I hope the misguided owner of the 35 hp tractor doesn't expect to seriously compete? With that said, I seen a lot of interesting things over the years, it's amazing how a good operator who knows his machine can squeeze everything he has out of a underpowered and out classed machine.
  2. TP from Central PA

    It's green and yellow....... let me explain.

    One of the best UTV setups out there, simple, reliable and just work. I see a lot of 600's come through here, some are rode pretty hard. Have yet to do anything major on one. Keep the Kawasaki happy with good oil/filters and it will treat you well.
  3. TP from Central PA

    This weather is gonna put me out

    Were I am it is easy to add water to a crop from the river vs a monsoon. I was actually in the field working on irrigation equipment before this crap started. Hard to believe.
  4. TP from Central PA

    Calling on the Tomato pro's - i need some advice

    Appears to me you have what they call a split set................You basically had the plant trying to go reproductive as it was under stress, then when the stress eased it went back to vegetative or wanting to grow vine yet, then went reproductive again which are the ones that aren't red yet. You leave them they should mature. If you were closer I could get you some ethaphont(SP?) that we use here to ripen processing tomatoes. The plant do it naturally this just speeds it up. But even this will not cure a split set if you want to pick them all red. Gives guys like me who work on the machines ulcers.
  5. TP from Central PA


    I am a huge Honda ATV guy but the UTV's while made well are a pain to do any work on, they really stuffed everything in there. I also had one loose a steering gearbox while in use, owner took a ride. Gear box cracked, not sure if it was a manufacturing flaw or abuse, but after I replaced it no issues. Out of all of them, I prefer a Gator..............They hold up, easy to work on, reliable, and parts are quick and easy to get. I see alot of them, and have done some major work on a few, but considering the abuse they take, its amazing they just keep going. I got an old 6x4 Gator myself, a tote lives in the back of it and it isn't ever unloaded. Other than being slow those old things are about unbreakable.
  6. TP from Central PA

    MTO, Do You Mount Split Rim Tires?

    LOL, got me there.......stupid auto correct.
  7. TP from Central PA

    MTO, Do You Mount Split Rim Tires?

    I got 2 piece rims on my C-20 Cummings/Chevy Farm truck..........Just had one go flat and someone else hit the valve stem on the other side, so I got two to change, they aren't bad, nothing like the 3 piece bombs. I do the same thing...........Chains, tire chuck with a latch, hose on a valve and stand back. Haven't had any issues. Never understood how to do those in a cage, seems like the drop of the tire sitting upright from gravity would be a hinderance? But never was around a cage either.................Nobody here locally would even touch them, so no cage that I ever seen.
  8. TP from Central PA

    At Progress Days

    Was planning on going, but with this weather, most likely not.
  9. TP from Central PA

    Mystery machine

    Neighbor collects steam stuff, what little I learned from him, that is probably pretty valuable.
  10. TP from Central PA

    Bitty........Good news for you.

    Yes, that is what they do...............Might be just me, but it seems the steel work and oil on the M&W helps transfer alot of heat out to the atmosphere too, of-course they are basically just reading power and then letting off. The AW has everything up top surrounded by water, so the heat transfer is quicker and almost immediate as their isn't really alot of H2O up there around the parts actually restricting the power. And of-course I am used to hooking up the shaft at the shop, turning the water on, and the tractor is out there gettings it guts flogged out of it while I am doing other things. Of-course it will be warm even with cool well water in short time. And, I never would have thought that AW that was rated at what 250 hp max, would be almost too small now at the time we got it from you. So being up against the limit on the hp side doesn't help either. With that said, I would miss the red cube as I call it.
  11. TP from Central PA

    Bitty........Good news for you.

    We have found the opposite, most waddle around saying they have a 45 hp M, back up and the needle is past 65 hp and are still pulling the pto speed down to 540 yet. I enjoy my AW a lot more since the valve I can hold in my hand, so it isn't as dramatic as the wheel at the captains helm as I like to call it on the M&W's, I can pull it down to read at pto speed, everyone is all excited drooling at the gauges as its working, so I twist it quick and the look of horror as the tractor is dying is priceless. I can't take mine as we do not have enough running water available to keep it cool.
  12. TP from Central PA

    Bitty........Good news for you.

    His are better!
  13. TP from Central PA

    Bitty........Good news for you.

    My brother Troy P...............Just got that hp gauge from you. I didn't see it yet, but he said it was real sweet.
  14. TP from Central PA

    Bitty........Good news for you.

    Not only will there be one Dyno there this weekend, Pete got my brother his parts and there will be 2 M&W dyno's there! So pack your tools in the truck.
  15. TP from Central PA

    Gasoline ?

    You need to spend some time with the Jedi Tractor pulling master..................The best in the valley taught him. You don't need to have the biggest engine or throw the most weight. It all comes down to knowing how to make your equipment work with what you have. I have seen him take his rough looking hand start '44 A, and yes he still hand cranks it so its not extremely crazy, only throw a ton of weights max all night and pull 6+ classes and put the whip to bored and stroked Molines that people have spent tens of thousands on. Have seen him told never to show back up at places because it looks bad when his old Jalopy cleans all the fancy iron. The old school tech on that A is amazing, unfortunately those days are vanishing now that its a money competition, and everyone follows who spends the most money. But he is a great example on how to get it done. He sure knows his pulling.