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  1. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    Not anything to do with the tractor, but does anyone know about the sled in the black and white "aerial" style picture? Looks like a mechanical sled with no power plant, curious how it was setup. Our fire company has a sled that was put together years ago by all the locals for fund raisers, and they used cables to move the weight box................I sure would like to do something with chains for safety now, but want something simple and reliable to replace the cables................I honestly would like to start over and build another one, but all the ones who would be up for that are all gone now.
  2. Cool old Kenny

    How and why did they put a stupid Mack in that dumb thing.................Like my brother said, no mention of a Mack in the song, or everyone would have thrown up.
  3. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    Shows how much I have been in my 6588.............I didn't even know that folded down, unloaded it from the truck, backed it in the shed and its been sitting since. My son will like that!
  4. Look here boys a very cheap IHC 5088 in Kansas

    It didn't look to bad, I actually would be interested in it possibly if the sentry was still in it. Figured it wasn't with the price...............Kinda find it hard to believe they didn't sell it yet, but with the way things are in ag now, I guess its possible.
  5. Look here boys a very cheap IHC 5088 in Kansas

    Was that the rough on that was on Craigslist up by you? There is a 5488 MFD's that is pretty cheap in OH but didn't list a email just a number.......I would have emailed to find out the scoop, but don't have time for a 3 hour phone conversation so I didn't bother.
  6. 756 grinding feed today

    In that neighborhood.
  7. 756 grinding feed today

    I'd like to put a turbo I have laying here on it, but doubt it will happen. Haven't come across any dry paper filter canisters that will work under the hood in the stock spot and flow enough CFM. It was only a matter of time................the fuel was put right to it.
  8. 756 grinding feed today

    Well, not all is peachy..............It recently ate a head gasket................Hopefully will go under for that surgery when I get everyone elses projects done and they can all go to the field and leave me in peace. Working on a Gehl Spreader, modifying a transplanter, uptime on a 595 Baler, and got a clutch to put in an M yet.
  9. 756 grinding feed today

    That tractor and the mill are a pretty good match..................its when its on the bigger tractor that I normally use is when the fireworks happen. I will see if I can get one the next time the 560 is on it though, last two times we ground we used a green one, and the next load we will grind will probably use a green one again, my brother just got his latest ''47 G back together and I enjoy blowing the carbon or head gaskets out of them, which ever comes first. His '53 we used this past time worked ok, don't set any speed records though.
  10. 756 grinding feed today

    Yes, they are building them again, not sure why they wouldn't update their website, I looked too and seen they didn't. Maybe it keeps cost down? Go to tractorhouse and look up Lorenz under grinder mixers.............Quite a few dealers have them with pictures up. I was told they don't have much for options other than unload length, scale and different screens. Fine with me, has everything on it I would want at a good price.
  11. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    That 666 could swap places with my 560D and I wouldn't get upset.
  12. 756 grinding feed today

    They want just under $20k for a new will be another $2500 for scales. I honestly don't think that is too bad considering an A-W is double that easy. I am sure the Lorenz has less capacity but that is ok with me. My thoughts are with the way things are in the east, I could use it 20 years and still get $10k for it. I know of a nice 355 coming up for sale for $10k, but the tank is getting thin.......considering that I am not sure about going used when they bring so much. Can't believe it wasn't that long ago I paid only $400 for a decent hydraulic drive 357 NH.......I sold it for $1500 and that guy thought he was getting a steal......I bet now $5000 wouldn't touch that now here. I watch one sell earlier this year for $1000 and half the loading and unloading parts were gone, it's crazy!
  13. 756 grinding feed today

    Yeah, I am looking for a different one now.............getting hard to find a nice one anymore. Trying to convince the boss to pull the trigger on a new Lorenz.................hasn't worked on her yet.
  14. 756 grinding feed today

    I figured the way you were pouring it in and the tractor wasn't really noticing you were just trying to crack it. Years ago when we fed out Holsteins, I added a lot to the feed..........since we got cattle back in "miniature" form I just grind ear corn and add my minerals.
  15. 756 grinding feed today

    What size screen you using? I will have to get a video next time we grind feed, we push our poor Gehl right to the limit!