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  1. Probably cheapest to get an entire shaft assembly from an A&I dealer.............I don't screw with components for small shafts, you can buy a complete one with a sheild alot of time for not much more than what the ends would run. Cut it and the sheild down for the application and put it on.
  2. I believe NI bought them from GE, WH was the one that bought them out. We had an E12, E15, and a E20. They were a heck of a machine with the 3 spd transmission and F-N-R. The batteries at the time weren't as good, but today with sealed deep cycles, I bet you would have double the run time. With all the weight they would pull a house over.
  3. We had 3 of those here when I was young, they were an impressive machine for the time. My dad had a snow blower, blade, front mount deck, and roto tiller, weight box, and the hand held hedge trimmer and weed eater. It moved all the snow and did all the garden work. Later we got other gas garden tractors and he decided to sell the last two and all the attachments. I sure wish he would have kept them, with the good sealed deep cycle batteries out there now they would really work good.
  4. Looks like an Easco(Sp?), that is what I have, double thumbs up on it, took a lot of big tires off with it over the years.
  5. I would agree with that, other than the X495 with 4x4 is the master.
  6. I don't know what he is doing, he sold all the little rare ones. Nice not hearing those annoying vertical 2 cylinders.
  7. Those don't look like any safemark I ever seen............There was some 45 degree Generals floating around me, but those treads were different too.
  8. You must have pretty decent group of people in the area if you haven't had issues.................My full time ag based customer base wasn't extremely large(Not many full time operations left here, most guys here now work a job and play at night), but it was always a fight getting money out of the full time guys for some reason. Guys who made livings elsewhere didn't give me any grief, nor did the small out door power equipment crowd. Luckly I did get everything chased down and paid up before I closed up. I enjoyed the work, but don't miss the desk end at all. I have to say, our local banks we deal with are really good. Bought acouple properties, vehicles, equipment and never had any issues and they got right on it. Called FC about the one piece of ground while trying to buy it, they didn't seem interested in helping at all, so it was back to the locals who got right on it. Its a running joke around me that if you call FC and tell them your last name is one of a half of a dozen, they will then get right on it for you.
  9. Sounds like the Agco I know............If these other companies would get their acts together they could give Deere a real run for their money, but they just can't figure it out, or are happy being in the back seat.
  10. I told my brother he should be that, he was looking for another one since his 826 gold demo will have to go into a muesem after he soaked acouple years wages into it, now he needs one to use. It doesn't look bad at all for the price.
  11. Put the tank on the other side? I built these for my brother who was working on a cyclone A for a disabled owner. Always wanted to build something similar for the M-TA years ago when it lived on our feed grinder, the axle housing with feed dust on it was a death trap. This guy had to get on it on the right side, don't remember why, but I built the pappy hand rail on that side but if it was mine it would have been on the left side, same way.
  12. Who said we don't lay pipe just because we got a buried main? One farm here was well thought out to hard hose travelers, basically pull up to the riser, lay out the flex from the riser to the reel and fire it up, do a pull in each direction there, and then move to the next riser........................Now that was the exception, most farms had only one riser in a field of 100 acres, so with a traveler you had to lay pipe out from the riser to each reel location. And then there are most farms here without a buried main, so you put the pump at the river and start laying out 30 ft sticks of 6" aluminum ring lock to where ever your going. Which could be quite a distance sometimes.................
  13. gearclash, looks like a good tractor to me..................one question though, how in the world do you get in it? Don't see no step and that door is open???
  14. +1.............We had a D3 Cat here for awhile, found a ton of iron in the bottom, and the guy who owned it had the powershift rebuilt because it shelled out. First thing I thought of was they didn't get it cleaned out, or were too lazy too clean it out 100% because it worked well. My brother didn't think so, thought it was going to blow apart. Well the guy who owned it needed it to cut some roads in at his cabin up in NY state, so my brother was excited it was leaving. They hauled it up there, cut the roads in, then his neighbor up there rented it, and last I talked to him, still had it and was using it, not a lick of trouble. I bet if we kept it here and used it, things would have cleared right up and no new iron would have been made.
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