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  1. That is the one I am talking about, the big JD plug would only go out there.........I made a bracket that clamped on the tube steel cross brace in front of the rear window, it at first held the piece with the alarm that would have bolted into the hole in a sound guard cab, and the plug to the planter was inside the cab instead of outside, just plug it in, put a bit of harness in, close the window.........later with the 350 I added a piece to hold just the plug, as the alarm and its components on the 350 were instead built right into the monitor, and again, the connection was actually in the cab. With the 20/20, the harness when out and the connection was made at the 20/20 brain box on the planter.
  2. That is what I would like to find.......Pete's dad had a 5488 4 post I believe? I have never seen one on a 5*88.......even Mifflinburg Farm Supply was ordering cabs in by then, I find it hard to believe the cheapos out there would spring for them, they had a 5088 Demo here and it had a cab.........they sold the demo and the guys who wanted one like it all got 3688's???? Never understood that.....I am sure there had to be quite a price difference and if someone wanted a 50, you would have thought they would have sold them one?
  3. I mowed today.......the pita started.
  4. We got a ton of rocks here......no rock boxes.......I am not that manly to lift the ones here that high!
  5. I ran all of mine out the back window and just shut it, with good weatherstripping it was sealed good and didn't hurt anything. Did that with a JD 200, 350, and a 20/20. There is a elf sized hole down on the insert step on the right side I seem to remember, but it was such a pain, we never used it. Since the tractor AC is a priority with me, the window stays shut as well.
  6. Yeah, I actually went to acouple sales for sets of Loegering VTS tracks to put on it, but I do like tires for certain things, so rather have one of each. Also would really like a cab and high flow hydraulics on the track machine.
  7. If you read my post, guys go straight to Kubota, they don't even bother going elsewhere............The guys there option to put it on the lot so the number in the end is cheap, because most guys around me buy what is on the lot....................you go over to Cat, if they have any on the lot, they are optioned close to what they sell the most of, which are higher end with all the options............you can't sell against a plain jane Kubota without looking at the details, which no one does in my area..............
  8. Bravo! That was the best post yet about Kubota........not and have never been a fan, a guy I do work for has acouple track machines mostly because I think the Kubota Dealer will go to his house on Christmas Eve and serve cocktails and cheese to make a sale, but that is beside the point.......I run them some and thought the visibility stunk, and even with them taking good care of them, I think the pins on them get loose way to fast. I know my Cat sales guy gets on a roll about it, guys run over to the kubota dealer and just buy one, if they would set down with him and price a cat, for what you get, the prices are hardly different.
  9. Only the MFD on the 7130 I had made up for the lack of the 8.3..............It worked, but I liked the 466 better too.
  10. Can't help with the track machines, but I love my old 226 I bought with low hours on it.......in the future I hope someone will trade in a low hour radial lift CTL undercarriage Cat to the dealer here so it can end up here.
  11. I figured it would be in the machinery handbook, but my fairly new addition did not mention anything about flat belt pulleys.
  12. I seen it on craigslist the other day............Thought real hard about it as I have other stuff that is ready to be trucked east it could come with, however I don't think my trucker would want to deal with loading a dead tractor WITH a picker on it.
  13. Hmmmm, '69 Gmc 3500 '71 GM C-20 '72 GM K-20 '92 Saab 9000 Aero '97 Saab 900 Were mine '01 Mustang GT '72 Ferd F-100 Were hers '07 Saab 9-3 '01 GM 2500 HD '14 BMW 320I '16BMW 328I x drive All we bought together, still have all of them other than the 90's Saabs, 2500HD, and the 320i.......
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