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  1. Is Beto on acid? There is something abnormal on that boy from the beginning. Mike N.........how many of these outlawed arms will be stashed underground there?
  2. We take one to our 2 day pulls, but do not charge for it so there is no complaints and the pull insurance covers it. There was more that hooked the shaft up at the last one, but it isn't as popular as you would think, especially being "free".
  3. Most likely.......I bet your Peterbilt will grind into reverse on its own and back up the next time it gets close to the PA state line!
  4. Is he moving the debris with the snow shovel too?
  5. Either way Pete I thought it was funny..........I was always under the impression that it was over sped on the shaft so when pulled down under load it was at rated speed. Blowing silage the difference was huge.
  6. Here it is multi generational for the most part........................Maybe they think they are saving money by thinking they aren't burning up as much fuel?
  7. Do not even consider progressive.................My son and I were in a bad accident where a driver doing 2x the speed limit hit us under the influence of something as I was doing a left turn where I should have had almost 30 seconds to clear the intersection if he was doing the speed limit from where I seen him...............I seen him, started turning and he ran into us as he was traveling fast, having just seen the grill crest the ridge over .2 a mile away I did not know he was traveling that fast. Anyhow he ran into us, spinning the car around, never stopped, went .2 of a mile down the road and crashed into a gaurd rail, then went over into apposing traffic and stopped......................Progressive wants to settle with him so I pay 50 percent of the damages to his truck because I was turning. Police report states he caused the wreck because he was speeding and under the influence and is charged with both, needless to say I am in contact with a lawyer about it and I will be dropping them. Previous to this we had allstate and have had acouple issues like this as the other was at fault and our agent always handled it with no grief and everyone was happy.
  8. Pete, never heard anyone call them Deutz engines......that is funny. Always called Krauts or Germans around here.
  9. We always salted our small squares, always stacked them cut edge up before we hit them with salt.
  10. Must be in the water in this state or something...........I was helping my neighbors fill silo one time and was doing the blowing, they had a 766 that a local IH legend I know turned the fuel up on running the blower. When I blow feed the throttle is reached from the ground, buried in the company notch, and I put it right to it. I was quite enjoying myself blowing the carbon out of it and making it smoke getting something accomplished.....until one of the old farts came over and seen what was going on when I about had the wagon empty. Next load they opened it to pto rpm with nothing in the blower, and the corn started dribbling in, pulling it down right away. I couldn't take it, hopped in the pickup and came home. I don't know where my brother picked the habit up at, although the he doesn't seem to mind running my stuff WFO.......
  11. My dad was on a quest to find the best product and he swore by oil.........had to let his vehicles sit in the yard for a week every year so the extra oil would drip off.
  12. I suppose that is better than the toilet with an owl painted on the bottom side of the lid that was in my yard for years.
  13. Now, your not one of the typical PA guys who thinks working hard means 1800 rpm are you? I had numerous local guys who had Germans slobbering and were worried sick. I would put some of Cat's injector cleaner in them, run them on the dyno with the throttle buried to the stop for awhile with them on their knees, then take them off and grind acouple loads of feed with them flogging them for all they were worth, solve the issue....................I don't know what it is here where I am, nobody runs anything at speed, PTO rpm to the locals means get the needle to just hit the PTO speed on the tach and back it off a hair. If I was you I would find a high load, dump some injector cleaner from CAT in it and beat on it first. Does the oil consumption stay the same or get better after changing it? Personally a slobbering Kraut is a normal thing if your not pushing it. The 358 my brother has would have painted the hood and manifold black if you let it idle around long enough. Good thing his brother is kind enough to get it up to operating temperature for him, he is another 1800 rpm guy.
  14. My oldest gets so mad because I throw out nothing that may have value sometime............I blame that on my youth, I always tell him, if you need it and don't have it you sing a different tune. But he is about next to spoiled being the first grandchild so he has no clue.
  15. Anyone watch the History Channel last night about Air Force 1 during 9/11? It's a really good thing they didn't have a more coordinated attack or we would have been in real trouble.
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