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  1. That is how all the ones here are............I can't get pictures, stuffed in the shed. I have never seen any in a series, all the other glow plug engines I got use a drilled metal strip across the plugs, current fed to all of them, if one doesn't work, the next one thanks to the strip still gets juice.
  2. Your wrong, all of those engines here were in a long loom, wire off of it to each glow plug, any are out it doesn't effect the rest...............main feed is usually in the middle and went out from the middle two cylinders to each end as well.
  3. We were up at a sale years ago in the western part of your state, was a cabbed 1468 there that was nice, they had to fight tooth and nail to sell it, and even then it didn't bring much. My old man said the only thing it was good for was chrome polish sales. I will never forget that. It sure would have been an improvement over what we had at that time, but with what is sitting here now I certainly am not buying one because there isn't much there of value to me other than to look at it.........with the chrome polished, so I guess my old man was right.
  4. Holding it up with wire too? "K"ustom................
  5. T-Shirts from the seed corn salesman are clearly the best.
  6. You know, I didn't pay much attention to it, but now that I looked at this you put up..............That sure looks like my girlfriend's, now wife's former tonka toy..................
  7. Never was around any dairy breeds that wouldn't be high strung early in life????? I had a cat jump under a holestein fresh cow one time after only being milked a few times in the stall, she hauled off and kicked and I went flying across the alley into the other row of cows for example, luckly the two in the stalls across the alley were older cows and not as exciteable and didn't kick me when I fell into them....................Not sure how those guys weren't used to dealing with that??? Had others that were mellow, but that didn't happen instantly and was a aquired trait with time. And dairy breeds that were kept for steers were really nuts, that was all we raised years ago, fished acouple out of the river and had to round up some way up on the mountain..............when they got out they were gone. Compared to the Herefords my grandfather had at the same time, they acted like breathing was as much work as they wanted to do, unless they were eating. The Dexters I have now are like those Herefords.
  8. One I dated had a pickup and a car................Still here, as is the car, thankfully she replaced the tonka toy with another truck though.
  9. My parents let me use a car..............but I had to tear the whole interior out and weld sheet metal over the holes in the floor to get it to pass safety inspection, and I didn't drive it anymore than I had to because you drove it for an hour then worked on it for 3 days. Finally ended up with a '71 C-20 Chevy that I still have. I rode the bus every day, except two days a week I had college courses, and in the spring of my senior year those were later in the evening, I even hopped on the lunch vo-tech bus that went to a elementary school below the house that was a computer vo-tech center for the district for a ride home and walked from there so I didn't have to drive. Stashing cash the entire time.
  10. That is why I have mini ones............kids are not as scared, and I am definitely not scared of them after fighting dairy breeds all my life. If the OP is after some food for the family and a kids project that isn't a massive headache, they might be a better fit.
  11. I find most of my treasures on CL...............I look at Fartbook, but so does everyone else, more eyes means less buys
  12. Yeah, its hard to stop it once it starts.................We did a frame off on my '72 K-20 I drive back in '00'ish................Because of strange events, I had to run it every day all winter one year, rust started even with washing and its starting to get bad again. Was hoping they would start repop'ing new steel cabs and would just switch it, but hasn't happened yet...............And the good no rust western iron is drying up as popular as they have become. So as long as I can keep sliding it through our state safety inspection, I am going to drive it. Even in a garage with concrete, it still is spreading like cancer on the floor and door bottoms.
  13. Honestly, if you find the right people and use them over and over, and aren't in a hurry for what you bought, I have found trucking to be fairly reasonable...............I certainly would never waste my time to go out and come back for what they charge to do it, and most of what I buy you need permits for anyhow, and doing it on my own, while you probably could, wouldn't be worth the headache for me anyhow because I know it would be a headache crossing multiple states.
  14. I believe this is the same guy who moves stuff up here from the deep south, I tried to buy acouple things from him but could never come together on a price. Had acouple LP tractors I was real interested in 20 years ago, but couldn't get it done.
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