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  1. If you think that was fun in the 88, wait until you have to stand on your head to put on in a Magnum.
  2. Never get out of the right door, but like it alot when you have a stack of monitors and have issues, flop the door open and stand on the step. Also nice blowing silage or other stationary PTO work.
  3. I think he means that is the quickest way to test without any special tools.
  4. Yeah, I think that is what I will do, I seen it there, thought maybe they put a port somewhere I wasn't seeing. I would like to see what it is before I check the sump screen.
  5. I bought a lift off a guy who restored old Mopars............he was telling me how much he liked my old Government Motors 3/4 ton and said I bet you wouldn't believe it, but I actually started out with Fords. I said, I have to ask you, why did you jump ship? He looked right at me and said, I spent 3 billion dollars on Mustangs and would go to the track and get my a$$ handed to me by the Road Runners and Chargers that were far from built, I switched and it became alot more fun.
  6. I prefer this one.............taken right after me and the old man put the bed back on, wish it was still that nice...............stupid salt brine.
  7. Screen is next on my list.............Is there a port on the outside of the case I can plug into with my gauge to see what pressure I have at the pump itself? This is a dairy tractor so its lucky to have a hood, so the dash working properly is out of the question. Doesn't matter what side of the 2 spd, doesn't work. In A range in first it trys to move, but of-course pressure is too low so it doesn't, but I don't think any of the other components are the issues with that in mind.
  8. Was asked by a friend to look at a 4230, it didn't/doesn't move, even though I am done with the shop I told them I would since they don't need it until next spring and when its fixed I can use it until then. Anyhow, put gauge on the clutch pressure port, had maybe 120 at idle, no change at higher rpms. Everything else seems to work ok. I believe the spec at idle is 165'ish and it climbs to the 180 neighborhood if my memory is right? I know the spool can be shimmed to bring up pressure, but that is a bit too much for me as I believe the shims are for 5 psi at a time, and I assume there is a issue elsewhere. I threw a filter in it, old one was ok, I am thinking the other screen in the rear might need looked at, but was wondering if there is a port there I can test that pressure first? Appears there is, but not sure which one? I took the spools out, polished them, cleaned and installed, springs and everythign else looked great. Anything else I should be looking at? This is the first time I have monkeyed with troubleshooting a quad range.
  9. I get that, but alot of guys complained the vision to the rear on the Cat's were horrible.............The "Factory" installed camera in them eliminated those complaints, I thought it worked really good and is integrated into the display.
  10. How bad do you want to own one? This is my wife's '72 F-100........she might sell it for half a million or so?
  11. Maybe its the brand? Pretty much do that, I think I got shut eye cement now, but would have to look. Maybe I will get a different brand and try the denim patch if needed next year. So far I have been lucky, only acouple cases in 3 years.
  12. My pants are so oil impregnated that they repel water most days. Maybe I am not using enough?
  13. That is what I use on the patches I got now, was thinking the denim might not stick as good?
  14. Can't say that Cat parts are or are not expensive because I haven't needed any.....The ground cable we made here.............I did leave the fuel cap off one time and lost it, took a rag and zipped stripped it on the neck to finish what we were doing in the fencerow one time, told my wife about it on the phone, she showed up that night with a new cap. Said they had it on the shelf and it didn't cost much. The Cat with pilots will take some getting used to, coming from Gehl T-bars, I hated mine at first, but now I would never go back to t-bars or anything else for that matter. Lift capacity on mine could get a guy in trouble, will lift more than the machine should handle, but their is quite a difference from my 226 to a 242. I would suggest go and trying one and go from there.
  15. They don't scratch them off? I figured you would need to stitch the patch edge??? Maybe the cheap jeans I buy are the issue??? Never heard of using jean material, but nobody had any beef breeds here until recent times, the dairy breeds we raised for steers for years never seemed to be affected.
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