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  1. TP from Central PA

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    Long Farms has a 1066 for sale for $10k in Texas, and you could take that right off the truck and use it, nor would you have to waste time looking at in....I counted a bunch more 06, 56, 66, and 86's in the 6k or less range down in Texas if you want a fixer. The 966 pictured would bring good money here where I am too in its current condition, my point is that just because it does, doesn't mean that it makes sense or is right when there is deals to be had out there.
  2. TP from Central PA

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    I don't use search apps, they never seem to locate anything, I search city by city at night as relaxation off the main sites page. Honestly, I have seen some decent 86's for under $9k. As others have said, it's old, if you want something problem free buy new. The best ones I have bought were out of the west and south for cheap, because I could put money in them and come out ahead, and it turned out mechanically they are really good, just ugly, I like those ones the best.
  3. TP from Central PA

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    That better be sub 7k because I have see quite a few nice 6'ish k 966's on Craigslist the last couple of weeks that appear to be in nicer shape. BUT, I am not afraid to buy things with just pictures and a video and get it trucked in.
  4. TP from Central PA

    Bull Shopping last weekend

    The angus over charging 'er ripping off doesn't just happen at the store with hamburger and steaks was the first thing I thought....................
  5. TP from Central PA

    Repower 886 From D358 to D360

    I will be one of the few who prefers a Kraut.......I personally never seen the longevity of the 300 melrose power plants that they have on here, tractors around me with Krauts are talked about as almost godly......they just run and run, while the 300's have had 2 overhauls in the same period of time.
  6. TP from Central PA

    Repower 886 From D358 to D360

  7. TP from Central PA

    Main bearing not flush

    That should be a classic MTO!
  8. TP from Central PA

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    Her gas comes out her mouth.......your fine
  9. TP from Central PA

    another wedge question thanks

    Warm it up with the torch and dump brake fluid on it while it's warm, not hot as it will burn, do it acouple of times and then try it......a crusty old fart showed me that years ago and have used it with a lot of success since, I don't know what is in the brake fluid that works through the rust/corrosion, but it seems to do the job for me here.
  10. TP from Central PA

    DT361 rebuild

    Ihc1470, that car looks right where it was meant to be when it was new! I like the dirt up in the fenders, so it was driven there, not unloaded off the trailer for a photo op!
  11. TP from Central PA

    1486 valve cover torque

    Indian head gasket goop is what I use, although its the CAT version, I normally only do the valve cover side to make valve adjustments easier in the future, but it holds the gasket in place very well. Not as big of a issue on IH's, but the 466 Deere's can be a pain if you have to snake the valve cover down into the engine from up top, the goop will actually hold it on during all that.
  12. TP from Central PA

    DT361 rebuild

    As a machinist, I don't necessarily agree.......if your theory was true, IH's dry sleeve diesels wouldn't give automotive machine shops who aren't up to speed on them so many ulcers for example.
  13. TP from Central PA

    DT361 rebuild

    I actually have knurled some small engine Pistons for guys that were NLA........difference between then and now is now things are changed out, then they used everything past the point of being shot, and even then some really smart guys found ways to keep things going.
  14. TP from Central PA

    Tractors that weren’t made but should have been.

    The thing I didn't like about the Quads is stopping(or you should) between ranges, and the gear steps if you look at it on a chart does not make a ton of sense.
  15. TP from Central PA

    Main bearing not flush