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  1. I knew I wasn't loosing my mind........I seem to remember the story of it being built to move Uni system attachments? Anyhow, it put a Westendorf loader on the trailer that day.
  2. One I seen was at Herr and Leamans, might have been a 06 as that was years ago.
  3. I don't see that much snow getting piled up on a 1486 and it started up without the front being cleaned off? Hard to dig the powder we get here out of the FAF?...................I don't think 18" of fluffy snow laying down in there and the tractor starting up sucking the snow through would be good. 18" of snow getting sucked through on a 1486 unless it was parked toward the wind in a blizzard? I never left the tarp off to find out, but can't think that would be good on the 5*88's so I covered it. Won't have that issue on the 6588, but it may not snow enough here this year to even need it.
  4. Yep, I looked, trucking would make it unrealistic. Sad part is the guy I have haul my stuff was looking for backhauls out of that area a few years back, now they hardly ever get out there.
  5. Should work great if the measurement is accurate. Machinery Handbook has info in it on press fits if I remember right. Honestly when you get down in the tenths neighborhood(four decimal places) unless the environment is controlled, and the measuring tool calibrated and accurate in the users hands, its not really accurate down that small so keep that in mind. Either way, better to aim big than small!
  6. Every day is a holiday here................1 year old.............He has plenty of skidded up diapers and alot of stuff needing to be thrown in his hatch! Fitting day..........he had a dream too at 2 am, only his was all about milk.
  7. If the price is right I don't care! Actually trying to buy a 4 post green weenie down south right now, time will tell if they get their pencil shape enough to hit my number.
  8. Late 186? That is what I need! Hey Paystar, was that 856 at Herr and Leamans?
  9. I take it off when using it, the snow goes through, when it sits here at the house during the storm plugged in(Sheds are not at my house, 1/4 mile away) the powder we can get here I would think would go right through the screen intake and lay in there, with the block heater on, I worry some might melt, and make ice somewhere that wouldn't be good. So I throw a tarp on it. Not sure if its needed or not, but don't want to find out. 2+2 can sit here outside with no worry. Our lane drifts so I try it make sure its here, instead of being over in the shed, because I don't really like trudging through the snow to get to it in the cold wind.
  10. I leave my freeze plug versions plugged in if I know I might need it. Tank heater versions I plug in a few hours ahead of time. During bad spells of weather during extreme cold I have had freeze plug versions plugged in for weeks at a time.
  11. MTO, that would be the most expensive snow plow here.........
  12. Was a few of those and the Simplicity versions around here. Those things are tanks! My dad gutted a rear end in one during the fall years ago, brakes, seals, etc were all put in it. The owner never used it to plow snow, but had a blade so we took that with it and used it over the winter, had downforce on the blade and with chains and weights on the 3pt man would that thing push!
  13. About the only time I don't care for the FAF on the 50's..................Might not hurt, but I don't think 18" of power snow blowing through the FAF is a good thing so I put a tarp over it. Won't have to worry about that on the 2+2.
  14. Other one is on the 6588 for this year, haven't even started it for snow, probably won't this winter.
  15. One guy one here cuts the ends out of the bottom, stacked them up for drain pipe.....................One of those legends right up there with the Lock Ness Monster, man or myth?
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