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    Angola In. (N-E Indiana)beside interstate 69
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    Red tractors & IH shows. Grand children are sweet.

    tractors 7488 5488- 3488-1586-1486-4100- 2-1468's 1206 1456 Gold Demo 1026 Gold Demo 826 Gold Demo 656 gold demo 544 Gold Demo I-656-2 -1256 560d 450d 400 SMTA SM M C A B 22-36 E270 earthmover TD15b dozer

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  1. I have been in Fairbanks the last couple days with the Motorhome group, thought about offering to buy your breakfast if you hade time. Having daylight all the time has my sleep clock mixed up. Leaving for Denali in the morning, love your State. Have a good one, Max Favourite.
  2. Hello sir; wanted to ask if you know? If  all of the 7488's have been located?

    have a lead on one and I don't think anyone here has heard of it yet

    thanks ed

    1. old max

      old max

      I haven't keep up, I can't help. My son has my 7488.


  3. howdy

    1. DCSwift


      hi I just saw your pictures you made of the McCormick Deering hay loader you made Apr 18 2010. My Dad and I Have one the same that we are restoring. We have the manual, however it is in black and white was wondering if you happen to know what the original colors were or where I could find out. Thank you for your photo's'

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