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  1. Jack the wheel off the ground , put the notch to the top , put your safety glasses on , get your sledge hammer , loosen the inside wedge . Hit straight down on the axel right out at the end . Just a couple hits and it will pop right loose ? Not to worry it won’t hurt a thing , there has been a bunch of talk about this method a while back , it’s in the IH service manual . I have been doing it this way for many years , it’s proven ?? ‘Danny
  2. I got he 429 from one our forum members over in Michigan /Rusty Farmer . This motor came out of a 4100 tractor and had been sitting for years , the tractor had 4600 hrs on it . We got it home after the 1600 mile road trip . I rebuilt the injection pump , went through the injectors , adjusted the valves , changed the oil , hooked up a makeshift radiator , slipped my cut off TA housing on there and the oil girl cracked right off . 70 psi of oil psi after running about 30 min ? Thanks again to Frank /Rusty Farmer ‘The TD 20 will be back in the field operating this spring after saving it from China ? Sorry I can’t get the video to load on here of it running
  3. Check the connections on the rear tank unit and lower tank unit and make sure the clean and the ends are good . You can hook the wires together on the lower tank unit and it will by pass the unit and and it will operate off the top unit . Take the top unit out of the tank , hook the wires up to it after removing it , turn the key on and look through the rear window and move the float up and down . It should show 1/4to full on the gage . The lower tank unit reads from empty to 1/4 tank . Danny
  4. Nice ?? some day when I make time I have to get my original Duster up to the shop and get it back together . It has new rear quarters and inner fender wells and the new crate motor is sitting in the crate in the shop . Danny
  5. If you have a fuel shop near you some of them can make up new lines for you . BK Diesel in Dubuque Ia can help you if you don’t have anyone around you . There number is 563-583-9600 ask for Mike . Danny
  6. Use a good degreasing soap and hot water power washer , after it’s dry I use automotive grade paint /PPG and put an additive in the paint to make it flat black and spray it on nice even coats . They look like new when your done and it stays on and looks like new ? ‘Danny
  7. The sad part is this oil we have all used is blended right up the road from shop , Pine Bend and it just across the road from Koch Oil Refinery . If Case IH don’t make She’ll use our old recipe on the blend of the oil I will have to look into getting oil from Viscosity Oil . I have used IH oil for my entire life and as a kid my dad , neighbors, relatives that owned IH most all of them used IH oil . I have set through oil clinics from Archer, Schafer’s, Farm Oyl, Cenex , and well you know how it is at the end of the clinic they all have the best oil . Get out the spec sheets and start looking at it and have someone like the IH/Case IH guy that knows what he is talking about and can walk you through each ingredient the put in the oil and will tell from the base oil and each additive and what each one does ? I run straight 30 wt in all my older IH motors , my old Caterpillar dozers and pro farm pulling tractor , DT 466 with way north of a 1000 hp and have had no oil related problems . ‘Danny
  8. My boy told me if the tracks get around 1500 hours they don’t like to stay on if your on hills. These triple flange rollers will pretty much eliminate this problem if you keep the tracks tight . These tracks have about 1400 hours on them and other than some cuts there in good shape so I’m hoping this will get me another 500 or maybe 1000 hours out of them ? This machine has independent tracks and it rides super nice out on rough ground in two speed and I just moved it out of the shop yesterday and the is a big difference on how smooth the tracks are now with the new rollers . Before the change out you could feel and hear the tracks clatter , it’s all gone now ? To tighten the tracks there same as my big dozer , hook your grease gun on there and it pumps the piston out , it’s really a nice setup . ‘Danny
  9. Dan , Who handles Viscosity oil . Danny
  10. It has a single roller in the back and it had double roller in the front . You really have to keep these tracks tight and I was on steep hill side mowing with my brush hog when the came off , two in one day ?? I think a stick got caught in there and I was backing up and turning so there was pressure out on the front of the track . 12,000 lb machine plus attachment is a problem . Sometimes I have the Cat D 6 N there and that really speeds up the installation . Not sure if the other company’s offer them on there machines . Danny
  11. I bought new triple flange rollers for my Cat 299 C skid loader . If you guys have ever had a track come off out on a job it’s no fun getting them back on , they weigh over 600 lbs ? Our son works for Cat and said I should put these on its a done deal , looks like the clear ticket and after 3 times this year getting a tree branch caught in there while brushhog mowing and drove out of the track and 1/2 a day getting equipment rounded up to put it back on ? Danny
  12. I just was told this week Case IH has changed oil suppliers after 35/40 years ? Shell oil is going to be supplying our products now , supposedly will be to specification of what we need for our equipment . Well I am not going to take any chances so I called my dealer and cleaned out want they had at the 3 locations so I should be good for a alittle while . I sure hope they are going to use IH’s recipe because if there not I will probably have to change my Hy Tran to Caterpillar hyd oil and not sure what I will do for 30 w diesel once this supply is gone ? ‘Danny
  13. The first Waterloo Boy was built in a work shop about 20 from where I grew up in northeast Ia , there is a small little museum there . I don’t think the place is on the map but it’s just east of Monona Ia . ‘Danny
  14. Looks great Bob , I think you will need one more pipe coming down from the cage to the frame connector /frame . Did you cut your hitch and brake disks out on your table ? Im redoing my tractor this winter so I might need to call you and visit . My buddy has a big computerized cutting table so I can get stuff cut out , 3 miles from the house ? ‘Danny
  15. I double clamped the one I did , so far so good ?? Danny
  16. I would buy either one , both have big shaft 1000 pto , both have 4’ axels , I can’t remember on the outboard plantary gears . For the motor , last year built 5488 got the inline Bosch injection pump and the 5488 all had inner cooler . For the nuts and bolts there is very little difference in the two tractors other than HP , if you find a nice condition tractor of either one buy it up . I have an idea , find a 50 series with a bad tranny , not to hard ? and go out to California and get a 7140/50 /7240/50 that they took to the salvage yard and cut a hole in the block with a cutting torch and bring it home , I have heard of some guys putting those two tractors together and they work darn good ?? Danny
  17. Auto parts stores have some good paint for this in spray cans , make sure you sandblast the pipe so there is no rust , wipe it down with brake clean or thinner before painting . Tony out in California has a place he takes his stuff to in Fresno California and they ceramic coat stuff . Tony took me there and let me tell you it a cool place and if you get your pipe done there it won’t come off , top notch stuff ? ‘Danny
  18. Troy , the main shop is all cement no in floor heat , I have tube heaters plus heat pump with air conditioning. The cold storage area has gravel down first then the cement slates sitting on top . Danny
  19. The stand pipe in the reservoir under the hood next to the firewall has fallen off . Just need to push it back in and bleed the brakes , it takes alittle bit to get the air out . I just did one this summer on a 5240 . Danny
  20. Those are used slates out of a cattle barn , a good friend of mine gave them to me and I had gravel down in there and just leveled it good /laser level and set them in with skid loader . It works really nice , only bad thing is when your back in cold storage working on some little thing and drop it ? There 4 ft x12 ft and 6 or 8 “ thick 1/2” rebar Danny
  21. That’s a great idea , so are you running oil to a loader valve ? You could put in the bigger relief valve and the higher volume hyd pump ? Danny
  22. Get a long bar and put it in by the front wheel and the spinal, have another tractor pull it and one guy on the bar and you can steer it . Keep in mind if your pulling forward and you want it to go left you put the bar on the front side of the left wheel and pull out, same deal if you want to go left . Danny
  23. Thanks Troy , the shop needs to get cleaned up again , it’s been along fall ? Been in the dozer since September so you guys know what happens , I will put that away later ?? Mike , The D6 9 U was my dads old dozer , I got it back 4 years ago . It needs to get done before this coming summer , the ACMOC Show is in my home town of north east IA . The D4 was a barn find a couple years ago and I cleaned it all up serviced it and resold it this fall , it had 988 hours on the meter , it was in really nice shape . ‘Danny
  24. I think I just went through this with a guy that was running high exhaust temps and he had it at 24 degrees , he moved it to 28 and it cooled it down on . On our big power DT466 Pro Farm we are timed at 36.5 degrees . ‘Danny
  25. Here is my shop , I should be better about taking pictures of the actual building ? just to much going on all the time and most of the time the yard has a lot of stuff sitting here . The shop is 44 wide x184 long with 16ft side walls , 56 ft is heated and air conditioned. 24x44 is the wash bay /paint room the rest is shop , fuel room . It’s takin me a few years to do all of this /like twenty . The first part was 44x96 and then in 2007 I added on 44x88 cold storage . ‘I have been thinking about finishing off the last part of the original shed so I have some more shop area . My dirt working business keeps getting bigger every year and these dozer are big and just don’t have enough shop space for winter service work . Danny
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