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  1. He is the Top Five guy himself , Mr Tony ? much deserved award with his truck and oh don’t for get his stunning 1206 . You guys would no believe the pictures people took of the 1206 , oh at a car show ? they couldn’t believe the detail on a tractor it was awesome, and then they step over and start looking at the pickup ? all I can say is , Wow !! Mr Tony let me drive the truck to the show on Friday afternoon ? it is something what Tony has done with this project , it is past perfect , top side bottom side , inside , under the hood ??? Danny
  2. It was big fun surprising Tony on Friday , the look on his face when his wife come pulling in the driveway with you know who riding shotgun , very excited to say the least ?‘This car show was something , the quality of cars , trucks , motorcycles (tractor) is something ? I have got another generation started on tractors , this little man just turned 5 years old last week and he thought that tractor was the coolest thing he had ever seen . Got time up there and a started it up and warmed it up for a few min and let him run the foot feet ? That kid was hooked ?, mom and dad doing videos along with about 50 other people , let’s say he was the life of the show at the end of the day just before the awards .
  3. Had no idea they did these , like I said I have never seen it before . They must of done them around the 15,000 sn because both tractors are in that range ,15,610 and 15,997. Danny
  4. One of my IH friends sent me this tonight , it’s the factory frame rail on his original 1066 . I have been doing this stuff for most of my life and I have never seen a frame rail like this before ? Danny
  5. Wow Matt ??? you and the boys hit it out of the park , that looks fantastic ?look like my old 10 I sold in 2015 Danny
  6. I would recommend a Miller , my Esab gave me a lot of trouble and had to send it in 3 times for repair and I am not a a commercial welder . Spend as much money fixing as I paid for it , sold it at the online auction and got 50.00 less than I paid for it new and bought the Miller . Get one from your welding supplier so you have service and help if you need it . Danny
  7. He would like me to put a turbo on the 886 this summer not to go plowing with it just so it has a little air pressure in the manifold . His dad has a tractor just like it back in the day and they sold it on the retirement auction and they had a turbo on it and it gained 20 hp and really cleaned things up as a chore tractor . I told him , no problem , I’m your man pressurizing manifolds ? I have always liked those D 360 motors and have been around them since they were new and there just the best little brother to the 400 series ?? 806 man , that side of the bolt bid is the wall of shame , We don’t call it the Proving Grounds for nothing ? I proved that you don’t put a 450 head /oversized in the injection pump , bigger lines and injectors and try running the stock turbo . Take it for a quick test drive down on the road , throws he TA a head in road gear and there goes the Solar out into the corn field , lucky it didn’t go in the motor !! ‘Danny
  8. Here is his 1486 planting tractor that’s all original ?? He takes really good care of his stuff as you can see ? ‘Danny
  9. It has the round mechanical driven tach , now I will have to check that number again so I can check it . ‘Danny
  10. I put that cardboard on the left side so the -40 windchill doesn’t blow on the fuel lines , it works really good , I have done this for years , no fun putting fuel filters on out in a field ? ‘I don’t know when the brake was in the sn for the 358/360 , this one is a 1978 tractor I think , I forgot to look at the number . ‘Those splitting stands are the best I have ever used and especially when your a one man show ? Danny
  11. This is one of my customers new to him 886. He just bought this from our local Case IH dealership and had it delivered to my shop and have me install LED lights , clean it up nice fix a couple things . He has a smaller dairy farm and it will be his daily chore tractor , box spreader, move bales , grind feed . The tach shows 3234 hours but the tach cable was bad and the guy that traded it in said it had approx 5000 hours . I ended up up putting a new clutch in it , went to grease the throw out bearing and found the live power shaft about to strip out and upgraded it to a 14” flywheel so he now has the bigger setup . Its a really nice original tractor ??
  12. 5140 is a very nice tractor and if it’s mfd I would take that over the 3688. 5240 has the 5.9 Cummins , 4 speed powershift , very good hyd system and I’d PFc system, really nice cab with great visibility. Danny
  13. I can bring my D 6 N LGP there ? a guy needs to cut through the wash board , it don’t work to push dry loose dirt in the wash boards . My dad worked for the secondary roads dept in my home town area and my nephew is a grader operator in the same area . Those two guys have always been willing to tell me how they fix stuff like this . The best way to fix a road like your dealing with it’s to wait until it’s wet /just after a good rain , cut it out and get it all bladed back up with the correct crown and it will pack down and wash boards will go away . Then tell the guy to only touch it up after it rains . Danny
  14. Yep , you can thank George Sorows for this , he is buying one of the gun company’s and shutting it down . So the communist people stop gun the ammunition production so it won’t do you a lot of good to have a gun with no shells ? well I have plenty of both ? ‘Danny
  15. If you have no choice and have to use one of those kits I would recommend you take it to a machine shop and have them install the sleeves then check for roundness , fit the pistons , and put them at the wide end of the spec , check ring gap , measure all the pistons and plastigage all the bearings if you choose to use there’s . I personally would get the bearings from a USA MFG , there’s are terrible quality, they comes banged up the notches are misaligned so when the bearing is in the rod or block the outside of the bearings don’t line up . Absolutely don’t use the gaskets , get them from OEM only . The last thing I will tell you is if you buy one and don’t do all the extra work to install it you will get to do it again . Oh and one more thing, when you call the guys you buy the kit from after it fails the first words out of them is , we can’t help you , it was put together wrong ? Case IH don’t offer kits last I checked but Federal Mogal is still making the 400 series kits and there made 30 min from my shop , dry sleeve kits are China junk only . If your doing a Cummins get the kit from them , Cat offers all there kits , and I know JD offers there kits for most everything . Just go with OEM if you can . Just so you know , don’t go to the IH Truck Division for your 400 series engine kits , there made in China too , I talked first had the the manufacture of there kits . Keep in mind who is paying the bill when it fails and I will tell you right now who it is ? Good Luck , Danny
  16. There is nothing wrong with the Deere loader , if I wasn’t running my Cat I would run the Deere , they make a very tough machine . You only want the machine with the dozer under carriage, hyd disconnect coupler and a plastic glass door . When you get the used loader make sure you change all the fluids and use OEM filters , tip the cage up was from top to bottom . Inspect all the hoses and any rub marks , replace the hose and I always put pieces of heater hose and zip ties any place one hose will lay or rub on another hose , this will save you a lot of trouble down the road . There are some after market tracks out there , not sure how they standup over OEMs , I have two sets for mine . Danny
  17. The C series Cat I’d really good , I would tell you to look at a 289C or 299C , mine is crowding 3000 hours , other than the hoses been a great machine . We are going to pull the motor and replace the plastic drive plate just for safety so it don’t strip out when I’m out on a job someday . I use it hard when I’m on job sites , we push windrows with it with a 12 ft bucket that’s 2ft high and 2ft deep , I also move snow with it , brush hog , grapple bucket , broom , pallet forks , 10 ft grain drill , land plane , 10 ft disk . The thing will pickup just under 5000lbs ‘For the tracks 1500 to 2500 hours depending on what your doing . I just put triple flange rollers on mine this winter , nice upgrade . Get cab heat , air , oh and the plastic glass door , that’s a must . I can tell you I have been around skid loaders most of my life and my Cat is darn nice and I would never go back to a wheeled loader again . I think the JD and Cat have the best units right now , just my 2 cents But keep in mind your service is worth a lot too , someone to take good care of you . Ask the guys that run them on construction and work on them there your best guide for what’s good or bad . Danny
  18. Shell Oil Company is the new supplier now ? I sure hope there going to use our old recipe or I will hunt down Viscosity Oil Company to find out where I can get our old oil . Our dealership had the oil meeting on line and they said there oil will meet our specs and they were only changing to save all of us money when buying oil ? In today’s world I will believe it when I see it that the oil will be cheaper than it is today ??Have any of you guys that work at Case IH yet today know anymore details ? Danny
  19. K&M sells LED lights , I get them all the time , they operate on 6 to 36 volts . It is unbelievable the difference from the stick lights , I have them on my D6 N Cat , a guy can push dirt in the dark if you need to ?? ‘Danny
  20. It can be done very easy , send me a pm and I can go over this with you if you want . Danny
  21. That is cool , you better grab that thing up Eason ?? Danny
  22. Very cool Marty , thanks for posting the pictures ?? ‘Danny
  23. I think he is just adding it to his collection but he might be planning on using it , I’m not sure . Danny
  24. Here are a couple more picture from this morning, nothing better the morning sun ? Danny
  25. I have our IH friends IH cab over about ready to head over to Austria . Herbert Startzinger bought this last fall down in Missouri and had it delivered to my shop . Today I had a guy and his crew come out and polish the aluminum. I have some final cleaning and it should be ready to head back to IL for the shipper to fumigate it and then off to Baltimore to the ship . Danny
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