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  1. I had a friend of mine that fix’s IH tractors too and he had a similar problem and the TA was put in a year ago , new pump and he fought with it for a couple days , low psi on the lube when he turn the wheel and it would lock up . Found that hyd pump was bad after messing with it thinking there was a lube leak . I would tell you to check the inlet fitting in the brake valve too , there is a restrictor in there that controls the oil and they can fall out and the oil will return to sump . Pull the MCV and remove the pump off the valve and fill the big hole on the pump with diesel fuel , turn the pump over by hand with your thumb over the small port on the pump , if it won’t blow your finger off the hole the pump is bad . ‘Danny
  2. Welcome to the forum ? Unplug the tach and there is one wire that is hot all the time and one of them is keyed power , I have the IH service manual with the wiring schematic and tells how to test the power . 1979 was the first year for the push button tach , 1978 built tractors had digital but had the selector know and those had the oil psi switch . So , J Mech before you start throwing these guys under the bus about how much you know maybe you should know your facts before you start in running all of us down !! Danny
  3. I have all Milwaukee tools , now that would be cool ?? Danny
  4. I have a bunch of them and everyone is done perfectly , Craig and his son put hundreds of hours in those DVD’s and like Jean said we owe them big for saving all this history ?? Not sure what one I would pick other than having them all would be best . Danny
  5. Yep , and the frost is out of the ground and the dirt work is starting here and my shop has projects that need to get done before before I get in the dozer ? Danny
  6. Wow , that is cool , I need to get out alittle more being this is not that far from me ? Danny
  7. Give it a good cleaning , if you don’t have a pressure washer clean it off good will break cleaner and see where it’s leaking . I do have a couple of those pumps around for parts . Danny
  8. Isn’t there a sn break on that transmission psi as you shift it up through the gears , for some dumb reason I remember that when I did the 5388 transmission clutch psi . I can look it up if you want . ‘Danny
  9. The original Duster is a automatic and the one that’s all done was my second Duster and that was a 4 speed car , I sold that one in 2008 because I never had time to drive it and that was supposed to make me finish my original ? Matt , I am on my game now ? you call me and I can tell you what I have ?? don’t try it in a couple years ? Danny
  10. I vote for you to go for it ? you won’t regret doing it and traveling over into those countries to keep your job , no deal ? In this area there is a lot of work if you want to work , the big contractors don’t like messing with these little jobs for dirt work . If you just want to run dump truck there are places here that will put you on and you have to run long days but the pay is really good , not sure what your dealing with in your area . I have a semi and hyd detach trailer to move my dozer around and I mainly do farm work , water ways , field push back of trees , shed sites . I also have a big track skid loader and do brush hog mowing , water way seeding , it’s a fun job and pays great . Danny
  11. You are correct on my car , 1971 340 car , it was my first car , new crate motor is setting in the shop , all I need is the shark tooth grill , oh and some time , just need to get at it and finish it up . Very good on the Harley , you know your bikes ? Danny
  12. The flooring is out of an old cattle barn , there sitting on gravel , it’s made a nice floor for cold storage . I run my big Cat on them and they hold up to that , the price was right , come and get them ? ‘The fuel tanks and fenders are off my first wife’s uncle 1965 Harley Davidson pan head , just have to do the IH cream white two tone on the tanks . ‘the tires are duals for the 5388, no#1 1086 , and the one pile is all pulling tires , you just can’t beat the BF Goodrich’s . I have a matched set of 20.8x38’s for the new 1086 narrow front tractor ? Danny
  13. Well guys , I couldn’t take it anymore and spent the last 5 days cleaning , moving shelves , throwing stuff . Dang , I can not believe the stuff a guy throws back in cold storage ? I will keep this , might need this someday ? Had a roll off dropped yesterday , full , 6 yard old dump truck full of scrap iron . I had help on Saturday and Sunday , Monday,Tuesday, yesterday on my own and I am tired , I have been in and out of the skid loader , up and down ladders and walked several miles , but it feels good to be organized and find all the stuff I have been missing , didn’t know I had . ‘Two big ticket items I found was a new sentry box and a tilt wheel kit for a 86/50 series both still in the box ??? Danny
  14. BK Diesel in Dubuque IA can make you new ones up too , 563-583-9600 ask for Mike . You will need to measure your old line before calling them . ‘Danny
  15. Same up here in SE Minnesota, 50’s and 60’s ? don’t get me wrong I want the warm weather I sure as heck not ready for spring to be here yet ?? The Caterpillar got drove out of the shed yesterday and shed cleaning today ? Danny
  16. That’s cool , thanks for sharing the pictures ??
  17. Here are some picture I took back in 2011 when I came home from the Half Centry show I drove down there to take a look . Darn sad they tore down the Farmall plant , it sure would of make a nice place for Red Power Roundup ? Danny
  18. The truck got the award , but the tractor complemented the truck . People come over to see the tractor and then looked at the truck ?
  19. Get your injectors from a authorized Bosch deal , no stuff on the internet it’s mostly all China junk . Danny
  20. One of the guys I know from northern Wisconsin just did that very thing , I think he is on here and they talked about it a couple months ago . Let me know if you can’t find it I can get you in touch with him . You can send me a pm . ‘Danny
  21. M&W oil pan, it’s the icing on the cake ?? Danny
  22. Here are just a few of the really nice cars and trucks at the show , just unbelievable nice stuff , these guys have talent I can’t even imagine. ‘Danny
  23. Ok , so let me tell you about this rig ?, They have a diesel performance shop in Riverdale California and they guy at the show works there and was there visiting with people and well you guys know me ,? Holy $hit that thing has a 4 BT Cummins with twin turbos , P pump ??? well after I pulled myself together , I started talking with the guy and he proceeds to tell me all about it , they had some growing pains with it from the start , the first two motors had some difficulty and decided they couldn’t handle all the stuff being ramed in the intake and well , pushed some parts through the block . I ask who’s tranny there running and he tells me a guy in Iowa built the tranny and he tells me the name of the guy and I about fall over ,there about 35 miles from where I grew up ? Ok well enough of this talk , at the end of the day after Tony gets his award the guy comes over to me and says , hey would you like to go for a ride , ? I jump in and out of the lot we go and head out of town , of course I’m looking at the dash and there is two switches for nitrous , methanol water injection ?? Ok , he doesn’t even turn the nitrous on and he says hang on . I have rode in some very fast stuff in my life and let me tell everyone of you guys , my guts where out the back of the cockpit in two seconds and it started to go sideways at about 80 and he let off on it !! Oh Boy , now this is my kind of rig ?? can I ask what kind of crazy power is this thing putting out , well with the nitrous on it makes 780 hp ?? ‘As you can tell , I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming !! They race it at the local 1/8 mile track and he said there is really no one to run against . I thought I had some Proving Grounds here at the Dirt Boyz , I’m thinking I’m going to have to stop in there the next time I’m out and visit there shop ? ‘Danny
  24. Here was looking at things from the backside ?
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