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  1. I just got done with this project today , took out about 1 acre of trees , cleaned it at up with the land plane and seeded it with the old trusty IH 620 drill that we converted to use on my skidloader . The land plane just got its 3 reinforcement job , that skidloader is just plane mean on it ??? I took it to another job this afternoon and did some finish work around a new pond I built and hit a cut off stump , it passed the test , Danny hit the front window /plastic ? all good ??







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  2. Matt , I pre delivered the last new 1586 at our dealership that looked just like the one in the picture , our customer bought two that time , a new 786 open station and and the 1586 with western interior . Here is the best part of this story , the guy still has them and there sitting in the shed he built for them and there brand new and he gets them out a couple times a year and runs them and puts them back in the shed . He was all red on his farm and was retiring early and bought these as an investment I’m guessing was his plan , I’m thinking it was a good one ??


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  3. 4 of us built this track , along with more donated help with trucks hauling clay , donated road grader guy , the list is endless . At the end of the day we have a few sponsors so instead of 4 of us paying out of our own pocket to put these pulls on so everyone can have fun if we are lucky we break even ? I have done a lot around this area to promote pulling and I really enjoy it and we are getting some of the girls pulling now and as you can see in the pictures there pulling the 10,500 lbs up ?? 

    We have talked about having a tractor pulling training day to get more folks involved in pulling , just need to come up with something simple so we can simulate a load with out having a sled .


  4. The disk is a 10 ft IH wheel disk that we converted so I can push it , it works great , you can put down pressure on it and it really cuts . Be careful of the rocks , those old blades don’t like that big skid loader , I will need to replace some blades . We have about 24” of clay on this track and we have had guys tell me it’s the best track around and it’s as good if not better than most NTPA tracks . We run two packers and I run my skid loader with that 8 ft wide land plane that we built . 
    The day before the pull we disk it open and water it it with a big tank with a pump and flood it pretty good , disk in the water and pack it with our packers , land plane it and then one of our road grader guys stops down for a finish on the top . Depending on what the weather is doing for rain depends on the amount of water we put down . After a few years of doing this we have it down . 
    Steve , that is a 1066 and I built it in my shop , my good friends wife is running it in the powder puff , we are trying to get the girls pulling and it’s working well , those gals can drive them ??

  5. I’m in charge of the dirt at our track so I run down to our track 3 miles from my shop and did alittle track maintenance yesterday, had to get rid of the winter weeds, people having to tear it up with there UTVs ? We have 3 pulls on the books for this summer in Mazeppa MN /Mazeppa Days starting on July 11th our biggest pull . If any of you guys are close or far away we would love to have you come and pull , it’s a two lane track with two sleds so we get it done from 10:00 to 3:00 last year we run 225 hooks through ?













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  6. That’s really cool , I have a smaller anvil and use it all the time . The mill would be handy but I’m not sure if I would use it enough , I do have a big machinist drill press that I can mill with if I want ,  just need to buy some tooling .


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  7. Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds at your service ? I will get my bag packed Tony ? Do you have you got a distributor with points setup in it , try changing that out also do you have the metal wire spark plug wires ? Look inside the distributor cap and see if the rotor is riding to hard on the cap /coil contact area , I have seen the rotors don’t fit down on the distributor like they should . Start it up and run it and put your Fluke Meter on the wire feeding the distributor from the coil and see how much power you have . I know there is different setup with those electric ignition setups . Is the heat range on the auto lite plugs the same as a Champion D15 Y plug ? 


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  8. Thank goodness my name didn’t come up ? Just so all of you know I was going to throw the towel in a few weeks back over one guy that was causing a lot of grief on here . But here’s the deal I enjoy helping you guys and that would be unfair to the rest of you over me getting upset with one bad apple . Most of you know that person is not on here anymore causing trouble so life goes on .

    ‘This is a really nice site , BJ and his team of folks keeping this all in order is a thankless job.

    Thanks to all of you and the forum members for keeping it all alive and well .


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  9. Dang Billy , sorry to see this ? That doggy would be dead if that happened to me !! I was bit as a kid and still to this day I’m very careful around dogs that don’t know you .

    ‘I’m glad our guard dogs here at the Proving Grounds are much more calm and only kill on demand the way you trained them ?


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  10. You need the drive gear and the adaptor that the pump mounts to on the back side of the front cover . A setup off a truck motor or a newer Ag application 466 with a inline pump is what you need . For pumps I have an extra P pump that’s all gone through open RPM’s , it made 1140 hp on the dyno and also have some new Bosch MW pumps that would work on that same adaptor for the pump drive . For your injection lines you want .093 line and for injectors there are lots of options depending on fuel delivery , turbo size and rpms. Make sure when your building a puller you do all the safety stuff don’t just bolt the big pump , lines , injectors and turbo on and go , you need a SFI flywheel /clutch setup , fuel dump , air shut off etc . Let me know if you have any questions there are a bunch of us on here that pull and are more than happy to help you with your setup . Don’t want you or anyone getting hurt .

    ‘Depending on what you what run there are a lot of options , Danny

  11. On the earlier tractors that return the fuel into the bottom of the tank I have been making a new line and returning the fuel into the top of the fuel tank . You can use soft copper line or steel brake line , drill a hole in the top front of the tank and tap it with 1/8” tap then use compression style fitting to clamp to the new line . 
    ‘the reason for this is back in the day when it was returned to the bottom of the tank the forgot about the weight of the fuel pushing back on the injection pump so it’s harder to return the fuel when the tank is full . 
    like the other guys are telling you if the flex ring is broke up and gone you do want to fix it , the pins on the cage will slam back and forth causing metal floating around in the pump and that’s a big no no , it ends up in the injectors , damages the head of the pump, oh and when it cuts those pins off on the governor cage it will run wild ?

    ‘Pull it and fix it is my advise .


  12. Yes the new one treads into the top cover of the pump and then your return line fitting threads into the return fitting . That return fitting has to be in the pump because it holds pump housing psi and this makes the advance in the pump work . One more sign if the flex ring is going bad is when you go to full throttle it will search for high idle and when you come down to isle it will almost die and then will come to idle speed .


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  13. The return fitting in the tank just get rid of it and just put the newer one on the top cover . One more thing if you have a rubber hose from the filters to the inlet of the pump I have seen them swell up from the bad fuel we have today and won’t let the fuel get to the pump . You can also take the hose off the back of the pump and thread the screen/ psi regulator assemble out of the back of the pump and see if the screen is all plugged with varnish . It takes a 3/4” wrench and don’t go crazy tightening it back in , you don’t want to break the top off that psi regulator ? $$$ 



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  14. Those are some good tractors , always liked the 312 motor . We had a customer back in the old days that I would set his 666 up for pulling , it had a M&W turbo kit and I would put that heavier spring in the injection pump and on the dyno it would slip the PTO at 225 hp ??


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  15. The return check is more than likely in the bottom of the tank where the return line goes , they did that that way on those earlier tractors . If you have an air compressor and a rubber tip blow gun just remove the fuel cap and blow through the return line from the pump back to the tank . You can run the engine with the line off at the pump and just let the return fuel run into a pail . You can also pull the top cover off the pump , just make sure you have it all clean before taking it off . Remove the timing cover off the side of the pump and this will drain the fuel down inside the pump and then when the top cover is off you can look in the top of the pump . If it’s nice and clean and there is no ground up looking stuff that looks like coffee grounds the pump is probably ok , if you see debris in there the pump will need to come off .

    ‘When I rebuild these pumps I put the newer style return fitting in the top cover of the pump and remove the one in the bottom of the fuel tank .


  16. Pull the MCV and and give the MCV pump a quick test . Put parts solvent or diesel fuel in the pump on the suction side , turn it over by hand and hold your thumb over the small port , if you can’t hold your thumb on the psi port the pump is good , if you hold your thumb on there the pump is bad . Just had a friend of mine with a 1086 with a new TA a year ago and a new MCV pump , the pump was ok when the oil was cold but just after a few min the lube would drop and if he he turned the steering g to the stop the steering would lock up . He capped off the brake valve , diff lock and finally figured out the pump was week .


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