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  1. Congrats Jerry and Kelli , your stuff will sell good know the care it has had ? Enjoy your traveling around the country , you guys will have to stop in when your coming by ?? Danny and Kathy
  2. I'm with Tony on all the time and money spent on the restoration of these tractors , but the reward is right here in this last picture ?? we had a great time out in California a few weeks ago and feel very honored that Tony let me drive the newly restored IH pickup ? Danny
  3. Wow Randy , Josh and Allen did a great job ? I always forget to look over here on the restoration page . Danny
  4. Oh Tony , I just got that same sick feeling in my stomach ?? that is some serious metal in there !! Think there was machining material in the oil passages ? Hate to tell you but your going to need to pull the motor back out and complete tear down . Rest easy Tony and Bob , I will send the emergency response team ?? Danny
  5. What Chris said X 2 Thanks for all your work , Danny
  6. Did you guys put the Prototype units on the list ? I have talked to all the owners of these , 501,503,505,508, and 511. 501 and 503 are in northern IL . 505 and 508 are in my shed and 511 is in norther MO . Danny
  7. Can't wait to see some paint on it Tony , your guy most of got busy again ? Danny
  8. Looks good , our neighbors have a JD like yours and it's been a good outfit for them . Danny
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