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  1. Thanks you guys , the picture of the shop where from last fall , we have been in here now for about one year I just haven’t had time to get the hoists built . I stay working up in the first shop and my son Alex started his own repair business and I let him mainly work in the new shop . The shop is now 44ft wide by 96ft long  all heated and air conditioned , I built the building 21 years ago and it’s been a work in progress to get it this way .


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  2. I finally took time today to paint our two new jib cranes that I am putting in our new addition of the shop. I finished the last 38 ft of the main shop that was cold storage last fall and my good friend come up from my home  town and we built these a few weeks ago . They will get welded to big steel plates that are 1 1/4” thick 4 ft square and the frames go 7 ft in the ground in a 3 ft hole . These hoists are probably over kill but they can never be to safe when it comes to this stuff . We work on some big stuff and the last thing is I don’t want anyone getting hurt 















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  3. I just finished the last end of my main shop last fall and and it is 42x38 x16 sidewalls and  heat it with a 50 gallon LP hot water heater  . I have two tube heaters up in the rest of the shop and they work really well but that hot water heat in the floor is they way to go 👍 


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  4. I put Carlisle 14 ply trailer tires on my gooseneck and I’m thinking they are 235/85/16 . My good friend has been running them for several years and they still look like new and that trailer is on the road a lot delivering machinery .


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  5. If you hot water power wash it , then use scotch bright and scuff the entire surface and you can use a hot rod clear coat . You can mix it for what ever finish you want, flat , semi gloss, gloss  . If you want to rerust the steel you can mix hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar 50/50 and spray it on the metal where it’s back down to the steel and it will rust it in a few seconds . We did my Pro Farm pulling tractor and it turned out great so I also did my shop truck Browny too .




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  6. Remove the line coming from turbo waste gate to the injection pump and install a plug where that line hooks into the pump . Your waste gate diaphragm is leaking . Don’t go buying a turbo. Your injection pump won’t go to full fuel because it’s leaking turbo boost at the diaphragm and this is what’s causing the low power .

    If you need to sent me a Pm 


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