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  1. Keep in mind synthetic oil won’t leave an oil film on anything above oil level and it will rust .I would just run straight 80-90 👍 Danny
  2. Wow , nice time capsule there , still has the pipe strapped to the side frame 👍😎 Danny
  3. It will be just fine , I have been putting it in them for years , it won’t hurt a thing . Danny
  4. Happy Birthday guys , enjoy your day 😊😊 Danny
  5. You would be sick if you guys seen the stuff going to the junk yard out there 😞 anything not T4 compliant is going off the road or out of the field . When it hits the salvage yard they take the cutting torch and cut a hole in the side of the he block 😳😳 Danny
  6. I just finished the last end of my main shop last fall and and it is 42x38 x16 sidewalls and heat it with a 50 gallon LP hot water heater . I have two tube heaters up in the rest of the shop and they work really well but that hot water heat in the floor is they way to go 👍 Danny
  7. I put Carlisle 14 ply trailer tires on my gooseneck and I’m thinking they are 235/85/16 . My good friend has been running them for several years and they still look like new and that trailer is on the road a lot delivering machinery . Danny
  8. I had trouble with one and I had to hand file the top of the tank where the sending unit sits . Not sure why it does that if it’s from over tightening the sending unit and it pulls the metal inserts out of the plastic . ‘Danny
  9. If you hot water power wash it , then use scotch bright and scuff the entire surface and you can use a hot rod clear coat . You can mix it for what ever finish you want, flat , semi gloss, gloss . If you want to rerust the steel you can mix hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar 50/50 and spray it on the metal where it’s back down to the steel and it will rust it in a few seconds . We did my Pro Farm pulling tractor and it turned out great so I also did my shop truck Browny too . Danny
  10. Remove the line coming from turbo waste gate to the injection pump and install a plug where that line hooks into the pump . Your waste gate diaphragm is leaking . Don’t go buying a turbo. Your injection pump won’t go to full fuel because it’s leaking turbo boost at the diaphragm and this is what’s causing the low power . If you need to sent me a Pm ‘Danny
  11. Nice pass 👍 are you guys Pro Farm /466 cu inch , 3x3 turbo , 20.8 tires ? Danny
  12. Very cool Billy , thanks for doing this 👍😎 Kristin will be wanting that 1206 wheat land with the auger mounted on it . I like the old barns 👍 Danny
  13. I think it’s Elmer’s Auto museum correct ? Unbelievable cool stuff in his collection , very sad to see it go but this is how it goes . ‘Danny
  14. I tried two of the 6.0 Hunter Biden batteries , don’t waist your money , the one lasted about 3 charges the other one is still working but only lasts about 1/2 or less of the Milwaukee Danny
  15. I see it had the old farmer sleet plate welded to the cast front pivot so the pin won’t fall out 😳
  16. Call Mapel Hunter Decals and she will fix you up . ‘Danny
  17. Chris , I have been using the PPG acrylic urethane single stage and then putting the flatting agent in it /semi gloss , egg shell, flat finish . ‘Danny
  18. I pulled one many years ago and full fueled it , it pulled ok but it needed way more power . Make sure your accumulators are charged , turn the fuel screw in all the way then back it out one turn , then back your high idle screw out and don’t worry about the dash blinking on the rpms , it will start blinking at 2500 rpms but you can get some more out out of it . Slide your drawbar in all the way and try to get it at 20 “ to the top , I think I changed out drawbars with something else we had on the lot back then , so if you have something with a straight drawbar or if you can flip over the step type drawbar ? Just try to get that 20” make sure the wheels are set perfect from side to side and the drawbar is dead center . Then air the tires with the tractor on the cement and have one of the bars straight down from the axel and air the tire until it just starts to life off the cement an 1/8” , check the psi and put the same in the other tire . ‘Danny
  19. I have made adjustments to the big spring through the top plug /Allan plug on the top of the governor housing , back the psi down on the star wheel inside but make sure you leave some psi on that spring . For the two bolts on the back of the governor the small nut is the main idle and the big nut /screw is the bumper spring . Turn the small screw in / out so it’s idling100 rpms under the rated rpms 700 then turn the big nut screw in the last 100 rpms to 800 rpms. After this is done open the throttle wide open and make sure you get to 2450 high idle , if it’s low remove the cover from the stop bolt , un jam the 10mm nut and back the screw out alittle . Set the throttle at 2450 and bring the bolt back in until it touches the throttle lever . ‘Let me know if you need any more help , and you can give me a call . Danny
  20. If you have a neighbor that has a 7100,7200,8900 series Magnum take your dash there and try it in your tractor . Let me know after that if it’s in the tractor and I can send you a wiring schematic. Danny
  21. That’s a lot of iron , if I remember correct 237,000 lbs per unit when I was down at Caterpillar 😳
  22. X 2 on the 3 LM -466 or the S 2 E , bolt on and go , these turbos blow 15 percent more air and are built by Switzer and from what I understand are on back order . You can try BK Diesel in Dubuque IA , they had some a few weeks ago , there phone number is 563-583-9600 ask for Mike or Scott and they will help you out . ‘Danny
  23. Great pictures Tony and Carol , glad you guys got to run up to Lowell and Sharon’s 👍 Did you get to see my old 1566( Old Ivan ) Sharon promised me they would take good care of him and after seeing the stuff that was the place for it 👍😊 Have a safe trip back home Danny
  24. Like the other guys are telling you on the chaining down , anything over 10,000 lbs needs to have 4 chains and for binders . I use all grade 70 , 3/8”chains and screw binders , make sure you check the binders for the correct lbs rating , there are binders that are under rated depending on what your hauling . The ratchet load binders are not the thing for tiring down a tractor . I had a new 53 ft step deck and it was setup for straps but they don’t work well for tying down a tractor because of the sharp edges of steel cut straps , even the 6” straps . ‘I have had a commercial drivers license since I was 18 years old and have hauled a lot of stuff over the years and trust me I have done things wrong and had chains come loose , straps get cut , you name it and it happens . Just take the extra few minutes and tie it down good . Keep in mind the DOT officer looks at you when you coming by and I had one tell me , if your truck looks to be taken care of / clean , looking maintained and you have things tied down and chains are tight I won’t pull you over . Make sure you guys pulling a trailer with a pickup look in the door of your truck for the gross weight and the sticker on your trailer for the gross weight and add them together , if your over 26,000 lbs your considered a commercial Vehical . So then this opens up an entire different can of worms 😳 US Dot number , name on the truck , 5 lbs fire extinguisher, safety markers , drug testing program , CDL license 😕😕😕 better save this for the next discussion. Danny
  25. Very cool Billy , thanks for posting those pictures 👍😎. Danny
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