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  1. So let me try and explained this some more , the oil leaves the block that the oil flows into on the inside of the hyd valve stack to the number 1 remote/your priority valve , this means it has priority over number 2,3,4 remotes. Number one remote is the one you run your orbital motor application on , if you run a function on any of the remotes further down the line such as number 2, 3or 4 , number 1 remote will maintain its flow and the rest of the remotes will slow down but will still function if the demand is a lot of flow one number 1 remote . This is how the pressure flow compensated syst
  2. The priority valve is not the one furthest from the seat , don’t try and confuse this guy asking the question . It is number one remote closest to the seat so don’t try running this orbital motor off that not that it won’t run it because it can but when you run 1, 2, 3 remotes the motor will slow or stop and that don’t go good when your trying to spray or anything that requires a constant flow of oil . Danny
  3. Number one remote is the priority valve , same as a Magnum , number one remote valve is a different valve over 2,3,4 , you can look it up in the parts look up if you want to . That slide pin in the cab that goes through the remote levers was to lock the valves for road transport so you couldn’t bump a lever , if you set your detents with a flow rater and you need to do this , to kick out at the spec it will run your orbital motor just fine with out trying to lock it in the run position with that lock out pin . If the Detents are not set correct and the number 1 remote locks out it shut down n
  4. I have a couple RD sitting here for parts pumps if you need the transfer pump . I have one on my 1206 prototype and I think it runs around 90 psi at full throttle. If you want I can look in my service manual today if you need some specs . Just send me a pm if you need some help . ‘Danny
  5. The orbital motor needs to be plugged into the number one remote , that is the closest lever to the seat . Number one has priority over 2,3,4 and yes you -lug your return side into the single return coupler . The flow control is down by your right foot to speed up and slow down your pump . Just hook the hoses up to the pump for oil in and the return side back to the tractor return and it should work fine ‘Danny
  6. Yes Mark , I think if you get the regulator from a Bosh dealer if you can find one close to you or Oder it . They are way better quality than the ones you get from the rebuild shops . ‘Danny
  7. Kathy and I are very sorry to hear about your mom Billy , our sympathy to you and your entire family ❤️ Danny and Kathy
  8. We are coming down , just not sure what tractors I’m bringing yet , I can only bring two on my detach , the 53’ step deck is rented out for the summer . I’m thinking the 5388 and my narrow front 1086 ? Danny
  9. Stop at your local shop that rebuilds alternators and pickup a brush /regular assemble , it’s a 5 min job to change it out . Just on the back side of the alternator remove the plastic cover and two screws and the assembly pulls out , slip the new one in and and your good to go . Those Bosch alternators are really good units and this is about all that ever happens to them . ‘Danny
  10. Make sure you run 30 w IH diesel oil this is important on these old motors . On you oil filter base there is an oil by pass valve on the back side of the oil filter base , remove the plug and pull the spring and valve out , polish the valve and the bore in the base alittle , shim the spring up and put it back in , your pressure will go up on the gage .You might want to drop the oil pan and roll a set of new bearings in the motor , they are small bearings and are more than likely down to the copper . Danny
  11. I’m guessing you have bad fuel in the fuel system and the pump is sticking that’s why it’s not pumping fuel . I’m not sure what this motors have for a pump . Danny
  12. I have a couple new ones sitting on the self but I think there for a 400 series motor and I’m sure they are longer , if you can get me the measurements from center to center for the bolts holding it to the block . If you have no choice but to fix it you can put the style ones we have on out big pulling tractors and I have an extra one of those I could lone you or you can just make one to , it’s just two flat plates that bolt to the block and round pipe , not a big deal to make it . Send me a pm if you want and I will try and help you . ‘Danny
  13. I just seen that , must of been left over casts wheels from the 66 series . There was some roll over of inventory back then so it got used up and those units sometimes went out to the public or back to Hinsdale and scraped . ‘Danny
  14. That is awesome Tony , Josh is a really nice young man , it’s great to see the younger folks saving the history and having fun doing it 👍😎 Danny
  15. Everything went good last night , it was a test and tune for us . There is always remembering everything so you do it all right , moving weights around , air psi in rear tires, oh and make you have everything full /full of fuel !! Oh well nothing hurt other than our pride 😳😳 everything loaded on the trailer so it was good , until this coming weekend weekend 😊😊 Danny
  16. Here is our 1086 , It’s the first one off the line , sn#8601 This tractor would of done the photo shoots , the show tour back in the day and then was sold ofut of Hinsdale Engineering to a dealer just northwest of the Quad Cities . I tried to track down the original owner and when I found out who he was it was to late , he was in a nursing home and passed away . Danny
  17. We just finished this yesterday for my good friend , it got some upgrades for the 2021 season , complete new front frame with air ride and I built all new weight frames , electric hood tilt ,painted the the hoods , frame . ‘This pulls in the Pro Farm Class 9500/10,000 lbs class , 466 cu in , 3x3 turbo , P pump
  18. Nothing wrong with that Tom👍😎 Danny
  19. My nephew has one and he used to ride fields with it , not sure if he uses it anymore , I can ask him if he would sell it . Danny
  20. Hope your son turns out good , the ball park is really nice 😊 Danny
  21. I just got done with this project today , took out about 1 acre of trees , cleaned it at up with the land plane and seeded it with the old trusty IH 620 drill that we converted to use on my skidloader . The land plane just got its 3 reinforcement job , that skidloader is just plane mean on it 😳😂😂 I took it to another job this afternoon and did some finish work around a new pond I built and hit a cut off stump , it passed the test , Danny hit the front window /plastic 😳 all good 👍😊 Danny
  22. Matt , I pre delivered the last new 1586 at our dealership that looked just like the one in the picture , our customer bought two that time , a new 786 open station and and the 1586 with western interior . Here is the best part of this story , the guy still has them and there sitting in the shed he built for them and there brand new and he gets them out a couple times a year and runs them and puts them back in the shed . He was all red on his farm and was retiring early and bought these as an investment I’m guessing was his plan , I’m thinking it was a good one 👍😎 ‘Danny
  23. 4 of us built this track , along with more donated help with trucks hauling clay , donated road grader guy , the list is endless . At the end of the day we have a few sponsors so instead of 4 of us paying out of our own pocket to put these pulls on so everyone can have fun if we are lucky we break even 😳 I have done a lot around this area to promote pulling and I really enjoy it and we are getting some of the girls pulling now and as you can see in the pictures there pulling the 10,500 lbs up 👍😎 We have talked about having a tractor pulling training day to get more folks involved in pull
  24. The disk is a 10 ft IH wheel disk that we converted so I can push it , it works great , you can put down pressure on it and it really cuts . Be careful of the rocks , those old blades don’t like that big skid loader , I will need to replace some blades . We have about 24” of clay on this track and we have had guys tell me it’s the best track around and it’s as good if not better than most NTPA tracks . We run two packers and I run my skid loader with that 8 ft wide land plane that we built . The day before the pull we disk it open and water it it with a big tank with a pump and flood it pre
  25. I’m in charge of the dirt at our track so I run down to our track 3 miles from my shop and did alittle track maintenance yesterday, had to get rid of the winter weeds, people having to tear it up with there UTVs 🤔 We have 3 pulls on the books for this summer in Mazeppa MN /Mazeppa Days starting on July 11th our biggest pull . If any of you guys are close or far away we would love to have you come and pull , it’s a two lane track with two sleds so we get it done from 10:00 to 3:00 last year we run 225 hooks through 👍 Danny
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