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  1. Just change out your transfer pump with one off another core pump . Just so you know on those check valves there in two different ways so they can alternate when you run the primer pump . If you pull up on the primer pump and it try’s to suck it back down the one check valve is stuck shut . Check out that return check valve and make sure the fuel flow is good to the filters and put new fuel filters on it , Case IH or Fleet Guard if your best filtration . Danny
  2. Same here , no 9mm shells at Cabela’s or Shields, I have two guesses , government is limiting the supply or everyone is getting ready for Election Day . I have plenty of 30.6 shells for the IH M1 👍😎 , 12 gage slugs and lots of 9mm , 357’s oh and 22 shells 😂😂 I’m ready for these idiots when they come to Antifa comes to the country 👍 Danny
  3. I wear the Dickie shirts and have had them for two plus years , really like them and wear very good and don’t fade . They make them in different colors , I have the dark blue so they don’t show all the grease 😳 Danny
  4. Welcome to the forum 😊 Put a hyd pump in it , new only and make sure you prime the pump with oil when you put it on the valve so it don’t run dry on startup . If you don’t have Hy Tran in the tractor put it in there when you change the pump . ‘Danny
  5. I would have to check for sure but I think the hole in the tip is alittle bigger , it’s been a few years since I did that test . Danny
  6. I have been getting used radios out of 1400 series combines , they are always in good shape because they only get used once a year 👍😊 Danny
  7. $ 1100.00 seems high to go through a Rosa Master . Don’t get me wrong , if there is a lot damaged inside from the bad diesel fuel they can get up there in cost , if the cam ring is bad that’s $400.00 and if the head assemble is bad that $1000.00 . When the head is bad or the cam I have some used pumps that I use for parts to help you guys out so you don’t have to buy new . The best thing I can tell all of you guys is , make sure your fuel tanks are not all rust inside , drain water off you fuel tank , fuel barrels , put additive in your fuel and I would also put one quart of automatic transmission fluid in each tank of fuel when you fuel up your tractor . This is only on your older tractors not any newer electronic motors . Danny
  8. I have tested both tips on the dyno and the stock 414 burn cleaner and the 466 tips have a small amount of smoke out the exhaust , pump fuel not changed and it made 10 hp more . The opening psi was set at 3650 psi on both injectors . Danny
  9. Welcome to the forum 😊 Make sure you have put the oring seals on the steel lines coming from the filter base to the rear of the pump .Try turning it over and look at the exhaust pipe to see if it starts smoking soon as you turn the engine over , if there is no smoke 5 seconds after your turning it over it’s not getting fuel .If you have the old style return fitting on the head of the pump this very well could be your problem , it’s the 90 degree fitting that comes off the head of the pump next to the engine block . Remove that fitting and on the end that threads into the pump housing look to see if it has a spring loaded ball check , if it has this style you need to replace it with the newer style fitting , they just have a .020 hole in the fitting to control the return fuel . This old fitting will let the fuel return to the fuel tank and not build any head pressure in the pump . You might need to pull the pump and have it gone through , set the timing at 18 degrees and pull the pump . The valve adjustment should be checked , if it has a side breather they get set to .020 on the intake and .025 on the exhaust , if any of them are way out of adjustment you have lifters and cam lobe getting worn . Danny
  10. The 7388,7588, 7788’s all brought huge money between 120,000 to145,000 if I remember correctly so I’m sure this tractor will get up there too , who knows? Danny
  11. I’m with you Matt , people are pushing it right now and I’m thinking in the last hour is when it will get real, right up to the hammer dropping . My guess will between 100 and $150,000 , who am I , time will tell . Danny
  12. Anyone want to take a shot at what it’s going to be the hammer price will be 🤔 Danny
  13. My PPG paint supplier mixed that grey for a friend of mine that restored a 10-20 , I could get that code if you need it , just send me a pm . Danny
  14. Looking good Bob , are you planning on air bags too ? There really nice setup , the guy in Mondovi WI builds them along with the cages , frame connectors . When you finish up your drawbar build shims for under and over the drawbar , it’s way easier than the bolts /threaded rod . Let me know if you want pictures of how I did mine . Danny
  15. Yes that’s what that is , not that you can’t tell about the tractor but we have already talked about it a few weeks ago . There off by one owner , it was my neighbors old tractor next to our farm where I grew up in Elkader Ia , the guy is correct on it was sold out of Falb Imp in Elgin Ia . The dealer got it out of Hinsdale after it got done with its tour of the introduction of the 66 series tractors . Joe A Rhomberg Imp in Elkader traded that tractor in from the farmer near Elgin and he sold it to our neighbor . I worked at Rhombergs and I was the last guy to service wax and deal over it back to our neighbor ready for his sale . Jerry Everett /3rd owner bought it on the auction and it’s been sitting in the shed in Volga Ia since the auction back in the early 80’s . Jerry would start it up once a year and take it out for a drive and put it back in the shed . He is a very nice guy and I’m sure he wants it’s to go to a good home , that tractor is in like new condition and yes those are the actual hours . My brother worked for Ray and farmed with that tractor , kinda cool that it was that close to me and didn’t have any money back then or it could of been in our shed . Danny
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