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  1. i put larsens lights on my 5288, 3688 and 1620. been very happy with all of them. i added a 2nd one on the unload auger. really lights up the the wagons. will be putting led in the grain tank. hoping to get a camera mounted to watch the grain tank as well. Duane
  2. Bill, thanks for the pictures! i greatly appreciate it!! Duane
  3. how did you attached the bracket around the steering shaft? any pictures?? Thanks!
  4. i have an 3688 and 5288. l've been looking into adding auto steer to these tractors. looked at wheelman and trimble. i currently use an ez 500 so trimble would be one way to go. i like the wheelman as i can move it between the tractors. however both tractors have tilt steering and from what i understand these systems won't work with tilt steering. no place to mount the brackets is my understanding. might have to reengineer the bracket mounting area to make it work. i see some have went the hydraulic route. does someone offer a complete kit and instructions for that?? if not, that might be over my pay grade. lol so, what are my options and getting different tractors is not an option. lol thanks!!! Duane
  5. i used to own this one. traded it and my 966 on my 3688. really nice handy tractor but i like the cab a lot better. Duane
  6. what the torque spec for the oil pan bolts? 282D engine thanks!
  7. did ertl announce a new line of precision tractors? were any models released? thanks! Duane
  8. when i sell my tractors the weights and duals will be sold separately. none of my tractors i bought had them. had i bought tractors that came with duals and weights i would sell them together. that's my reasoning. fwiw
  9. my 1981 has the tall levers. fwiw
  10. I have 40x40x16 shop that I just converted my 8' t-12's to led. I used these lights. they are very bright and easy to by pass the ballast. i put the other lights over my work bench which is under my loft. i also install a couple of led lights that are on a motion detector by the entrance door. T8 LED 8 Foot (NO RF) 72w R17d Rotating Ends V-Series Dual-Row CLEAR L – Omni-Ray Lighting, Inc. 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight 42W LED Ceiling Lights for Garages, Workshops, Basements, Hanging or FlushMount, with Plug and Pull Chain, 4200lm, ETL- 1 Pack - - Amazon.com T8 Integrated LED -Motion Sensing – Petersen Parts good luck! Duane
  11. Jim, i do not remember what dealer i used. i remember doing a search of European dealers. i pick one from the united kingdom. i looked around the web site and could not find anything about the dealer that i picked. sorry i can't be of more help. good luck! Duane
  12. when i went to login to the next generations parts website, a pop up screen came up with instructions and a link to download that harmon browser. try login in as you normally do and see if you get those instructions. this link might help too. https://www.mycnhistore.com/ngpc hth Duane
  13. i signed up for the next generation parts group several years ago. at that time it was the same thing the dealers used. it was very difficult to get my account set as you had to pick a foreign dealer. i ended up using one from england. i thought i would not be able to access that site anymore. i just went there and found out that if i downloaded a browser called harmon that i could access it again. after doing that i was able to logon just like i always did. i have access to all parts numbers again. hopefully they will get numbers back on their new parts site. fwiw Duane
  14. i bought light kits for my 3688, 5288 & 1620 from larson lights. very happy with them. Larsen Lights, LED lights for your equipment !. IH 1086/1486/1586 LED light kit led's are well worth the cost. good luck!
  15. I bought the lower cab kit for my 5288 a few years back. it fit good and looks good. i was happy with it.
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