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  1. https://www.messicks.com/part/87384118/motor-electric https://www.amazon.com/High-Quality-Parts-87384118-ELECTRIC/dp/B07CHYJNBD https://www.ebay.com/itm/CASE-IH-CNH-WIPER-MOTOR-129068A1-87384118-ST220-ST225-CM325-/202656975868
  2. I put a turbo on my 966 some 25 years ago. the first thing I did, on the advice of the mechanic, was to drill out the upper cooling jets when he overhauled the engine. on the non turbo engine blocks those jets are not drilled out. this will help with the cooling of the engine. then a few years later the turbo was added. he modified the fuel tank and the hood for the new location of the exhaust. I would encourage you to get a pyrometer to monitor your exhaust gas temps. nothing was done to air cleaner other then cutting a hole and putting a cover it so the filter could be service without removing the hood. we didn't go crazy on the hp. ended up at 125 which helped. we did go to the 6 blade fan and I think a different oil pump. I can't swear to the oil pump. kept the tractor for 25 years without any problems. good luck! Duane
  3. I still use 5 gallon buckets along with my shop vac. shop vac holds the hy-tran to allow switching buckets and not make a mess. works pretty slick. jmho
  4. I stopped using salt 35+ years ago. it was difficult a first. didn't really take all that longer to adjust. to me food taste better without salt. I do use pepper. I used to salt my popcorn, but I use a microwave popper and salt doesn't stick to the popcorn unless you use butter. as with any lifestyle change you have to want to make the change. I finally wanted to loose weight and have lost 100 lbs over the last few years. btw you can loose weight during the winter months if you want too. btdt. good luck! Duane
  5. Duane966

    Dog toys

    I've had good luck with kong toys. https://www.kongcompany.com/dog good luck! Duane
  6. looks like I am a slacker cause my 2000 honda foremen 450 es only has 1573 miles and 389.2 hours.
  7. 715 D was my worst. ran one for 10 years. seemed like there was always some going wrong. they were a big pia to work on. the hydraulic pump was the worst. had to work over a hot exhaust manifold. no room to work a wrench. changing the front walk bearings, not fun. the fuse panel was under the cab and exposed. it was loud too. the 810 head wasn't much better. my best day farming was when it went down the road. ih 56 planter while it was an improvement over the 494A it still had piss poor seed to soil. jmho
  8. after running a 715 for 10 years, I will tell you they were not easy to work on. the biggest problem was the hydraulic pump was between the back side of the engine and the grain tank. you had to wait for the engine to cool or lay towels on the manifold to keep for burning yourself. removing the hydraulic pump required cutting down wrenches due to no room to work. rebuilding the front straw walker were just as bad. changing pulleys to run wheat was a finger pincher. the fuses were under the cab and exposed, lots of electric fun. lots of other stuff. not a fan of the 715. I always say my best day farming is when the 715 went down the road and the 1620 showed up. combing became fun again. jmho Duane
  9. Duane966

    IH radiators

    there is a really good radiator shop in Findlay, OH. http://www.candsradiator.com/ hth Duane
  10. mine is always in. one less thing to worry about. fwiw Duane
  11. bought these mirrors through case. looked for the cheapest ones i could find. this was before the after market ones were available. we mounted the on the front of the roof. we put a backer plate in and made the mounting brackets. then bolted it all together. did this on my 5288 & 3688. hth Duane
  12. my 1620 and 1020 use to jump like a bucking bronco. upgraded to the rod linkage. also installed a resistor to allow for more sensitivity through the control knob. here are some links to more discussions on this problem. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=815838 https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=803233 https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=732209 good luck! Duane
  13. when I was in college I told mom I was taking a fencing class. she told dad and he said..... he'd be damn if I was going to come home and show him how to build a fence. she eventually told him it wasn't that kind of fencing class. we always get a chuckle out of this story. Duane
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