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  1. Case IH 1660 Combine

    I was given this check list when I was shopping for a 16xx series combine. Inspection checklist for Axial Combines 1. Put rotor gear box in neutral, open both sides of the rotor and roll the rotor over 360 degrees for balance. 2. Remove the 2 inspection panels on left side of the machine at ground level, inspect the rasp bars on the rotor. 3. Check concave sections (3) for damage. 4. Check the grates (3) under the back 1/2 of the rotor to make sure they are the "key stock" style. 5. Check the straight bars on the rear 1/2 of the rotor are not worn out. 6. Inside the rotor cage are vanes, 360 degrees around the inside, make sure they are not missing or laid flat. 7. The 3 augers under the concaves need to be check for wear, razor thin.... 8. Check the top sieve condition; make sure it is not "trashed". Removing the 2 left side panels just behind the left front drive tire can inspect all of the above. 9. Open the clean out door to the vertical auger, razor thin??? 10. Inspect the 2 vertical auger drive gears at the same location. These are open gears & must be greased regularly or will show excessive wear. 11. At the front of the rotor, remove the inspection panel just the feeder house (10" x 24") Check the impeller wear bars for wear, if worn to the point where the "elephant ears"/impeller bars show signs of wear, ALL the wear bars AND the elephant ears will have to be replaced. These are sold in matched sets for balance. 12. Up on top check the horizontal auger for wear. 13. Check the 90-degree auger pivot section is not broken out at the base where the grease tubes discharges. 14. Are the floor augers thin?? 15. Check the top of the clean grain elevator for wear/breakage & sprockets for wear. 16. Open the access door to the rotor drive belt & variable speed pulley, climb down into the work area, check all belts. CAREFULLY inspect the housing weldments, sheet metal supports that are the rear support of the rotor itself. This is a weak area. To do this face the grain tank/rear of the rotor with the variable speed pulley on your right side. 17. Don't move and reach down with your left hand for the small dipstick that is the rotor drive reservoir. It has a small capacity and leaks into the rotor chamber which you never see. 18. Check all normal items. Lights, clutch, brakes heater, air etc. 19. In the cab, on the left side, just under the window is a panel for access to all of the electrical controls, relays etc. mice?? 20. The final drives need to be checked for "rolling torque" as part of the negotiations. There maybe some marks on the final drive to indicate the date of service, torque reading etc. 21. Check the front axle frame weldments where the frame is connected to the front axle. previous discussion on nat https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=582697 hth
  2. Original Price For ERTL Precision Series 1206

    my brother and I have collected nearly all of the precision tractors. my records show we paid $105 for our 1206. we didn't not buy ours at a cih dealer. we bought most of precision tractors at the national toy show. Duane
  3. 3688 issue..............

    what are my choices for t/a's? oem or aftermarket? thanks, again!
  4. 3688 issue..............

    a few years ago I noticed that when I would let the clutch out, after shifting from 5th to 7th, the transmission/gear would not engage. I would have to double/triple clutch to get it to go into gear. this didn't happen all the time. the frequency has increased and it is happening in the 3rd to 5th and 1st to 3rd. this past spring when I was turning and using the brake the tractor seemed to go into half gear. the tractor didn't stop it just really slowed down. again double or triple clutching would re-engage. then there were times when I would raise the implement up and that would cause the tractor to do the half gear again while turning and using the brake. a few weeks ago while mowing waterways, as I was going up a small incline the tractor just stopped moving. I did a 1-2-1 shift and I was moving again. so could it be the clutch, hydraulic pump/pressure, t/a, transmission or all of the above. thanks for any help!! Duane
  5. Oh Christine

    here is a little video clip of "Christine" on graveyard carz. I love this show and how the cars are restored to better than new. Duane
  6. 5488 Service manual

    not sure if this is what you are looking for.............. http://www.themanualstore.com/International-Harvester-5488-Tractor-Manuals-s/31642.htm http://www.themanualstore.com/International-Harvester-5488-Tractor-Engine-Manuals-s/31641.htm hth Duane
  7. 1 1/8 hex shaft 863 corn head

    are these the shafts you are looking for?? http://www.messicks.com/cas/53133 click on attachments/headers go A-21 hth Duane
  8. 2 generations of combines

    I have had my 1620 since 1999. really like mine. much better than the 715 I had before it. my best day farming was when the 715 went down the road. one thing I added to my 1620 was the external chopper and sieve adjustments. no more climbing inside the combine. Duane
  9. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    1984 5288 and 1981 3688
  10. Mirrors for 86/88 tractors

    we mounted ours to the front of the cab on both our 5288 and 3688. here is post on nat with pictures. http://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=687869&posts=3#M5841316 hth Duane
  11. International 1066 Air filter change

    I bought my first tractor, a 966, back in 1988. I don't remember when but I bought some "shield" that made it much easier to get to the air filter. my 686 had something similar from the factory.
  12. Counting loose change

    well that is assuming the coin machine is calibrated correctly. local tv news showed that most do not calculate the right amount. some were off a little, some a lot. hope my bank still does it and is accurate too. fwiw
  13. tilt steering

    I added tilt steering to my 3688. it wasn't an easy job but was well worth it. much easier to get into and out of the cab.
  14. Truck of the year?

    seems to me that when a truck is redesigned or all new it then becomes the truck of the year. jmho Duane
  15. Oil pan

    I edited my other post. not sure if a notification is received or not.