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  1. Try Tradebit . I have bought a few there & never had an issue.
  2. Fiat track gear was used on some MF crawlers. I often wondered if BENATI used Fiat gear too. There were a few Asian manufacturers that listed TD6 ,7 & 9 chains & rollers.A lot of stuff was made in Korea,but I think even they let China make it all now. I was in contact with a place in Italy several years ago & was able to get TD5/500 chains at that time.Also TD9 rollers & possibly chains. They offered me the last 500 chains they had,but I never bought because of the killer exchange rate. I don't think they are still producing them. They are ERMA in Modena,from memory. Roter was another Italian supplier. I got right into the reasearch ,but always came up against exchange rate issues,so becoming a supplier was a no go.
  3. John Parks @General Gear (Idaho) might help with new & used parts.
  4. I wonder if the new pump is made for another model....B/C/D/E etc?
  5. There was a website called "Case Terratrac Crawlers" years ago. There were 600/700/800/1000 models,I think. I have books for 800 & 1000 models.
  6. There has been recent talk about E200s on the UK CMN forums (Classic Machinery Network).
  7. I think there was an undercarriage change up between somewhere in the 175 models.Others will now more than I about this. Check that you are getting quotes for correct parts.
  8. I fixed a 500 that had sat outside for 15 years ...lots of work . I think the engine is a 154 . The steering is likely to need attention,due to rust. I hope you get it working Ok...
  9. You can get parts thru eBay,or other websites like Yesterdays Tractors.
  10. You might have lots of boss/bushing wear there?? Case make very informative manuals for their Backhoe-Loaders. I wonder if you need the manual dedicated to the Backhoe section itself. There were 25 & 35 series Backhoe attachments ,plus others. I know there were dedicated manuals for them. Talk to a specialist wrecker or supplier.They would know the issuue on this very common machine.
  11. Making Aftergrowth Grow Again. Excellent people with real knowledge & attitude.In direct contrast to the nutjobs currently burning buildings..
  12. Hi Mike, I hope all is well in NZ. Don't get me started about living in a Socialist State. However a lot of people say I look better with my dial covered!
  13. JD CRAWLERS.COM is another site. Also: Case Terratrac Crawlers was a good ATC/Case forum. Heavy Equipment Forums. Tractor By Net. CMN for UK stuff. I've been watching a lot of YouTube stuff about Russian & US tractors / military machines . Lots of great informative & entertaining stuff there.
  14. I know nothing of the IH ,but Case sold a lot of 580s ,for a reason. One good thing is that Case OEM & aftermarket parts are available ,even on eBay.
  15. I took this toolbox from a 9-92 Loader. It sits on the front of my tractor & has tools, D-shackles & spare pins inside.
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