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  1. Anyone notice the Dipper Loader in the first picture? Apparently,they are a handy little machine.
  2. There are often instructive videos on You Tube,that might give you an idea. I opened up a CAV pump,due to a great video on YT.
  3. Ebay is a good source of Brochures. The British BTD6 ,of which there are many in Australia, were commonly fitted with the Toolbar blade. I have a basic brochure for the BTD6 toolbar.
  4. I wonder if "A" referred to Angle blade? The PAYLINE book shows : TDG 300 was a Gear Drive. TDT 300 was a Torque Conv. TDP 300 was Powershift.
  5. I remember seeing it in 04, just after I joined up here. Around the time I sent you that haunted gear for Curse of Reverse.
  6. Several years ago,you could get 264 engine parts from various engine parts suppliers. The Australian AD264 engine was fitted to a 554 Tractor. Maybe they run the same valves. Jim
  7. Good to see you here CC. Staying as positive as possible does help recovery.Good luck...
  8. Hi Russ, Good to see you here.I always like reading your advice & information.
  9. I think Buckeye were known for Trenching machines . IH did use various attachment makers for their crawlers...Southwest,Isaacson,Bucyrus Erie,Heil,Armstrong-Holland,etc. I guess Buckeye must have been in the mix at some point. A few pictures would be interesting....blade & ID Plate.
  10. TD9 C-Frame, doing what it does best... These frames are well made & heavy,but I'm not sure about it being pushed around by an 18.Certainly not wide enough. Mike,Nice red crawler! Jim
  11. Hi Frank, Send some pictures of the 85B machines too. I have a 150 Parts Manual(TC-93B ,May 1966),plus 2 Parts Manuals for the Loader Frame & attachments. PM me if interested. Jim
  12. Brown IH in Canada or General Gear,Idaho or F P Smith might be of help.
  13. Greg, That Value Part website might list the IH stuff under "DRESSER". Also,see if your local Komatsu agent can supply. Maybe a weld on rim from something like a Case 450,or Allis ,or excavator might be a fit. The pitch on these 500s is similar to the pitch on a bigger 6-8 ton crawler. A switched on track guy should be able to help.Do a google search for "undercarriage New Zealand" & see what pops up. There are a lot of guys selling cheap Chinese track gear for big money....when they quote you,ask them where it's made. Then,ask if you can get a quote for Italian undercarriage. Chinese stuff is probably Ok for old machines that run few hours,but the price difference for good gear may not be big. G'day Mike, I hope all is well with you. Jim
  14. Greg, Nice little 500 you have there. Last I heard(a few years back) ,Berco had stopped making Chains for these. I assume the sprockets went the same way....unless an Asian maker picked up the slack. Most track importers now have access to a big range of suppliers in Asia & Europe. Try the Value Part Australia website...they have specs on each item. That little machine has a big sprocket-I remember once trying to find a weld on rim of same diameter...I think the Massey 2244 came close,maybe Mitsubishi BD2F...but of course they have different pitches.(140 & 135mm) I still have used parts for a 500 Loader here..except the undercarriage,of course! Jim
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