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  1. nosih

    any Colt experts out there?

    As said before, it is a 1903. The fact that it says "Calibre 32 Rimless Somkeless", indicates it was made 1915 or later, and due to the serial number, it is the 3rd type with a 3 3/4" barrel without barrel bushing (most common variant). The book the OP used is spot on with the info for the "3rd issue".
  2. nosih

    A&I In Frame Overhaul Kits for C263

    How about NOS??
  3. nosih

    Branson Enterprises, Rockford Ill

    Robert does excellent work, and I would recommend him. He has rebuilt a few mags, carbs, and ignitors for me, and all have been top notch. The Webster and Accurate L (brass body) look and work awesome.
  4. nosih

    1939 Farmall H experts needed!

    I should have a good set of 36" split rims for the 1939 H. The lack of serial tags is sporadic in the early production. Some have, some do not. FBH700 did not have a tag on it either. your tractor would be the 147th built. 501 is #1, 647 is #147
  5. nosih

    Lesuer MN swap meet

    This year will make 20 years of going for me. Haven’t found much the last 3 years, but you never know what you will find... Heck, just getting a torta from the Mexican food vendor makes the trip worthwhile.
  6. nosih

    Dt 407 overhaul kits

    I guess I will be saving all my NOS D407 parts for my 856.
  7. nosih

    AR upper receiver

    I have built quite a few ARs, and as long as you stay away from the overseas made parts, you will more than likely be satisfied with the results. I have used Mega, DPMS, Anderson, and aero precision lowers, and honestly could not say anything bad about any of them, as they all seem to have the same fit to any and every upper I have. If you are going to build something milspec, go with a 5.56 chamber and a chrome lined FN barrel if possible. Otherwise just go with what you like for function or looks, as these tend to become a custom build to suit the builder. Most of my builds are 5.56, with the exception of a Wylde chamber on a 18” bull barrel, and a 204 ruger stainless fluted barrel build. I try to stay with a 1:7 twist if possible, as I want a rifle to stabilize a heavy bullet. Speed doesn’t equal accuracy... If I ever do another, it will prob be in 17 Remington, just for something different.
  8. nosih

    Has the flu bug been around?

    I am still not over the flu. It has been 2 1/2 weeks, and still lacking in energy and still coughing
  9. nosih

    Valves for T 20

    I have NOS ones available.
  10. nosih

    D281 sleeves

    I have NOS Clevite 4" bore Piston & Sleeve sets available for the Super MD - 450D
  11. I have a NOS piston & sleeve set for the D361available
  12. Would u be willing to sale 36/inch rims

  13. nosih

    1939 farmall rims

    I have a set of the 36” split rims I would sell (probably have 2 sets). Nice original tractor with ledge front grille, correct light bar, correct light switch, seat, grounding switch, and starting switch kick pin.
  14. Best to call the company you bought them from, but if it is a direct replacement for the 306039R1 sleeve, your protrusion sounds right. The 306039R1 sleeve requires the 305805R2, which is replaced by 225604A1
  15. Do you have the part number of the sleeves you used?