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  1. When I replaced the wiring on my 856, I converted it back to the 10DN from the SI. No problems with the system, but I am using a NOS Delco voltage regulator and resistor, and I do have NOS spares for the system. The Delco voltage regulators show up from time to time, and there is an American Bosch replacement that shows up on the market frequently. Do t use the new aftermarket regulators and resistors, find the real deal.
  2. I have them, depending on the size you need, and if you need 2 piece thrust, or 6 piece thrust. (6 piece thrust main can be converted to 2 piece)
  3. Would u be willing to sale 36/inch rims

  4. XT3 GSX arrived this morning... here are some pics.... I am pleased at the construction of this mower, as it has a shaft drive, cast iron rear end that is serviceable with filter, fabricated deck, 25hp Kohler, etc.
  5. Well,I bought the XT3 GSX today... Time will tell if it is a good machine
  6. I would love to see an objective review by someone that does own an XT3. I am trying to decide between a XT3 GSX with a 48" fabricated deck, or a JD X500 with a 48" deck. I am not a Deere fan, but I do Question the Cub Cadet warranty, and also quesrion the CC dealer support in my area.. I do like the rear axle/hydro setup on the CC, and the direct driveshaft. I am unsure of the 25hp kohler command on the cc vs the 25hp Kawasaki on the JD. Price advantage will be $400 to CC (along with 0%financing for 48mo, vs 4.9% for 48 on the JD.... I figure the resale advantage goes to the x500, bu
  7. are you still looking for a set of 0.010 main & rod bearings for your MD??

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