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  1. Try contacting holley. Maybe they help. Worse thing they can say is no.
  2. Merk


    The 782D was built by MTD for International Harvester. They come up for sale every in once in a while in my area. I sent you an email about one for sale.
  3. The only exhibitor fee is joining-being a member of the International Harvester Collectors Club(national membership). When Chapter 6 hosted Red Power Round Up in 2013 we encouraged everyone to pre register. It made it quicker to get your display set up and kept the line moving. Registration is one of the biggest bottle necks to hosting a round up. When Chapter 6 was promoting RPRU 2013 we would tell everyone that you had to be a member of IHCC. I had a few gents try to get by only paying the state membership dues (Ohio dues is $10). Needless to say They paid the national dues. Chapter 21 is doing a great job promoting RPRU 2020. Dale Merkle Co-Chair RPRU2013
  4. Merk

    Lost arts

    In my area- I have 2 shops that cuts flywheels and rebuilds heads. I have a class mate that owns a radiator shop in my area. Body shops in my area-haven't had to use one for about 10 years. I have a local auto repair shop doesn't use the computer no more than we has to. Wife that can cook.....I'm eating a bowl of home made applesauce that is still warm as I'm typing this.
  5. Mine arrived today. Tonight reading ……...
  6. Ohio was the only chapter that was putting a bid in to host the round up for 2022. The show will be held at the Clark county Fairgrounds near Springfield, Ohio. The fairgrounds is off interstate 70. Not 100% sure of the date(s)-I think the dates are June 23-24-25.
  7. Check the tire date code to see when they were made. Replace tires if they are over 5 years old. Good time to repack wheel bearings and adjust brakes. I always run tires to max air tire pressure. Check for leaks around air conditioner-on some campers you can remove filter and see if it is leaking. Does the camper have a rubber roof? Look where roof goes over edge to see if there is any loose areas. Another area to look on roof is where the different vents are screwed to roof. The sealer could develop cracks in the sealer depending how long it sat in the sun. I use a cleaner/conditioner on my room every year. Make sure you get a good equalizer-anti sway hitch. My first camper was an 9 foot slide in camper that was purchase in 1979. Move up to a travel trailer in 1982. I move up to a 5th wheel camper in 2014.
  8. The 2013 show was voted on in 2010 at La Porte, Indiana. Ohio and Iowa put a bid in host a Round Up for 2013. You must be a member and attend National Meeting to vote on where a Red Power Round Up is held. The winning chapter has 3 years to plan a Red Power Round Up.
  9. Happy Birthday Dennis!!!!
  10. Try this: https://www.cubcadet.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ARIPartFinderView?storeId=10051&catalogId=14101&langId=-1# Under Find Parts By Model Click on select-Another page will pop up Click on Garden Tractor folder Click on select-Another page will pop up Click on 70 & 100 100 70 (towards bottom) Click on select-Another page will pop up Select an item you want to look at
  11. I'm a retired machinist and would like to find some part time work on a farm this year. I talked to a few farmers and hope to have something lined up. I grew up on a farm and miss that type of work. Last year I worked at a local golf course keeping their equipment running.
  12. You IH Cub Cadet 70 came with a K161 (7 horse power) from the factory. Someone installed the K181 (8 horse power). Kohler does not make a replacement engine for your 70. Your only choices are to find a K181 or K161 that runs or needs rebuilt. Cost for a replacement engine varies depending the shape is in. There are vendors that sell rebuilt engines or rebuilt kits. .
  13. I have a extra rear end for a IH Cub Cadet 108. I sent you a PM.
  14. My Wife likes your Wife's quilt house. She is hinting that I need to build a new shop. Been getting prices on a new shop or an addition on my current shop.
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