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  1. I've never changed the gearing as you want to do but the 2600 rpm tractors also have a spacer plate for the MCV to make the pump gearing correct.
  2. It looks like 560 is written in black grease pencil on the right side under the 60
  3. yes I have seen the spring broken always amazed that the light spring the 86 series used would hold in park.
  4. I didn't notice the tires . I was looking at the woman that unhooked him lol
  5. I would think you could cut the housing down around a 300-560 ta assembly to lose weight. all the drivetrain is on center. The ta clutch part is dry so the only part that would need the oil contained would be the rear section though i'm not sure how you would couple to the output shaft gear. the belt pulley drive gear could be machined off to create a seal surface.
  6. If used to buy bushings for a 686 they fit the shaft without reaming.
  7. I forgot to say when working in the cab unscrew the steering wheel telescope nut completely so you can pull the wheel out and get it out of the way
  8. No need to remove the seat from the cab.The seat and the base assembly can be be removed by taking out the 5 3/8" bolts holding the base to the cab 2 bolts in front 3 in the rear.you need 3 feet of extensions to reach the back bolts.Open the rear window and lay 2 layers of cardboard on the cab panel behind the seat and out the rear window area so the seat can be lifted up up and layed back out the rear window.lift the seat and base up and towards the front of the tractor 4 inches first the you can tip the seat back and lift if out onto the rear panel. Use should be able to feel if the detent spring and rollers are in place by moving the shifter. The shifter should click into the detent position.You need a special puller tool to pull the range cover up off the reverse shaft and and special tool to hold the detent arms while reinstalling. if you don't use the puller to remove the cover you will pull the reverse shift shaft out of the reverse shift fork. this will require removal of the auxiliary fuel tank and then the side cover to reassemble. I used to vee out the top of the hi-low shifter shaft and the shifter arm and weld the 2 together, then grind the weld flat so the bolt could be installed again. very common for the bolt to come loose.
  9. I made some spacers out of old 263 sleeves . It was probably 30 years ago when I couldn't find the overbore sleeves. It worked for a couple years till the tractor burned
  10. I'll say that they look like the're in great shape.
  11. part number used to be 131313c1 parts man said it's 13 13 13
  12. 1981 tractors with the closed center hyd had the metric bolster. If the main pivot pin casting for the front axle is all one piece with the bolster it uses metric bolts. Look at the head of the bolts holding the front frame rails to the bolster if they have a number on them like 8.8 it's metric. If the bolts have radials lines they are standard
  13. No bushing is used with a TA
  14. So you don't have any brackets for the front. we had a 2000 loader on a 806 I tried to lookup in Messsicks or CaseIH parts site but nothing found . the brackets were a 2 piece design But they don't have to be the bracket bolted on with 4 bolts into the frame rail. It basically had a upside down U shaped tab like 3 sides of a piece of 1/2" wall 4" square tube that stuck out to set under the frame of the loader near the front. the bracket on each side at the front was shaped so it had a tab that went over the lower lip of the front cross member of the loader. the loader wasn't really fastened tight to the tractor it just sat on the side supports and the tabs on the front kept the loader from lifting up off the side supports. The rear of our 2000 loader mounted differently as it rested under the rear axle housing with a angled stop that fit the shape of the axle housing at the lower angle with a J shaped U bolt that flipped over the axle housing and fit into a slotted plate that was welded to the bottom of the loader tube. It was very easy to take off and on the the stands that came with the loader.
  15. gary1466

    348 hour 886

    I noticed in 1 of the pictures it has the wrong fuel supply hose to the injection pump from the filters. This hose is a special hose. The hose should be soft like a radiator hose not under pressure. A hose such as a hydraulic hose will cause problems with the pump sometimes.
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