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  1. I made some spacers out of old 263 sleeves . It was probably 30 years ago when I couldn't find the overbore sleeves. It worked for a couple years till the tractor burned
  2. I'll say that they look like the're in great shape.
  3. part number used to be 131313c1 parts man said it's 13 13 13
  4. 1981 tractors with the closed center hyd had the metric bolster. If the main pivot pin casting for the front axle is all one piece with the bolster it uses metric bolts. Look at the head of the bolts holding the front frame rails to the bolster if they have a number on them like 8.8 it's metric. If the bolts have radials lines they are standard
  5. No bushing is used with a TA
  6. So you don't have any brackets for the front. we had a 2000 loader on a 806 I tried to lookup in Messsicks or CaseIH parts site but nothing found . the brackets were a 2 piece design But they don't have to be the bracket bolted on with 4 bolts into the frame rail. It basically had a upside down U shaped tab like 3 sides of a piece of 1/2" wall 4" square tube that stuck out to set under the frame of the loader near the front. the bracket on each side at the front was shaped so it had a tab that went over the lower lip of the front cross member of the loader. the loader wasn't really fastened tight to the tractor it just sat on the side supports and the tabs on the front kept the loader from lifting up off the side supports. The rear of our 2000 loader mounted differently as it rested under the rear axle housing with a angled stop that fit the shape of the axle housing at the lower angle with a J shaped U bolt that flipped over the axle housing and fit into a slotted plate that was welded to the bottom of the loader tube. It was very easy to take off and on the the stands that came with the loader.
  7. gary1466

    348 hour 886

    I noticed in 1 of the pictures it has the wrong fuel supply hose to the injection pump from the filters. This hose is a special hose. The hose should be soft like a radiator hose not under pressure. A hose such as a hydraulic hose will cause problems with the pump sometimes.
  8. gary1466

    348 hour 886

    Check the end that threads into the turnbuckle on the TA cable end under the left hood.It's a 90 degree part that goes into the end of the TA lever on the firewall. The end gets seized in the lever end .It bends or breaks off causing the ta to slip in hi side.
  9. Don't call a 72 or 7488 a 2+2 It is a total different tractor. Too bad these weren't the first design
  10. The 1/4" roll pin connecting the vertical shaft to the shifter linkage behind the park interlock plate is probably partially broken
  11. I have done this you need to use 66-86 series exhaust manifold and crossover pipe with 86 series muffler or eliminator. The exhaust elbow out the hood is a reworked 86 series part. 2 966-986 air intake 180 degree rubber elbows withe a section of tubing connects the air side you can't use the 50 series rear mounted turbo because it is too far to the rear
  12. 2+2 tractors have a faster 2nd gear. It's very popular for tractor pullers to swap to have a faster HI 2nd
  13. gary1466


    I can't remember the HP 170 maybe It was later sold in SE Wisconsin. I always wondered where it is now. 3688 turboed with MFD 3 remotes,claw hitch, western interior serial # 502
  14. gary1466


    Yes you will need 66/86 series turbo manifold.I turboed a 3688 mfd serial #502. I used 2 of the 180 degree elbows from a 966 air cleaner setup the get air into turbo. with a piece of tube between the 2. I used a muffler eliminator and a modified pipe for a 986 to connect the turbo to the exhaust pipe.
  15. The reason the park lever pulls up harder if you don't remove the upper pin. The spring is compressed more by the diameter of the pin
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