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  1. 806TA

    maybe it has a spragless TA
  2. 1066 Cat 3 Hitch and Other Misc Questions

    9 and 10 have same oil pan just shorterdipstick
  3. fuel supply line dt series

    Yes I have seen the hyd line give problems. I worked at a dealership for 5 years then 10 years on my own I had 1 tractor that wouldn't run full rpms on the dyno .Changed the hose and the fitting from the filters as it was a larger size with the replacement hose. Another was a 1066 that was short on power. had the pump sent to pump shop came back same problem. the farmer had a turboed Hydro 100 so we swapped pumps. Hp short on the Hydro100 then . I left the hose with the pumps when swapped . Finally replaced the hose with the correct 1 and fixed it
  4. 2+2 Open Center Hydraulics?

    what Pete said
  5. 1206 to 1256 shifting conversion

    I have all the parts to change over the shifting I think its from a 66 series. The right hand dash support is different than a 56 because of the rubber mounts in the base. but your casting can be cut out for the shift linkage. You would't have the chrome levers as a 56 series had. whats your location?
  6. 86 series dif lock

    Not an easy job . Axle housings need to come off and differential needs removed to change side gears ,brake pinion shafts need changed to along with the right hand brake cover and the diff lock shafts and valve
  7. Speaking of Elwoods

    Looks like the EL cheapo front end I installed on a 1486 Brand new frontend looked like a Dana 44 diff with a spider gear type reduction in the wheel. Worst job of welding I had ever seen on the top of the axle to attach the mounting for the pivot pin It had a racheting slip clutch on the drive shaft.
  8. 1086 volt gauge

    do you have a IH combine that you could swap them to see if that is the problem. 4 screws and unlatch the faceplate and just lift out the gauge
  9. 1066 hydraulics

    Good catch on that Pete I didn't think about how he was returning the oil. I have always returned the oil thru the fill tube. Sounds like you have a problem up top.
  10. 1066 hydraulics

    Oil will come down the side if you have the valves in neutral. If you are running the oil through the the flowrater there shouldn't be any oil till the relief opens. Just want to make this clear before you take it apart.
  11. 1066 Hitch pump flow test

    blown oring on the pump cover
  12. pto housing seal area

    It's the same seal as the 1000 bore so you can check that bore
  13. 1466 countershaft

    You don't have to remove the TA eliminator shaft but I would change the seals for the clutch shaft and IPTO shaft while you have it split.
  14. 1466 countershaft

    If it ran very long you probably ruined the bearing bore for the front countershaft bearing. Yes you need to remove the MCV to allow the IPTO gear to be removed. This will allow you to remove the shaft going out the front. the top cover needs to come off and remove the fork rails. Remove the 4 bolts holding the rear shaft in . Slide the top shaft out with the bearing assembly so you have access to remove the lower gears and spacers. Be sure to keep the gears and spacers in order as they come out. When you tighten the countershaft nut shift the top gears so that you have 2 gears engaged at once to lock the transmission from turning Many methods have been used to help retain the nut better. I used the lock plate along with Loctite
  15. 1086 transmission trouble

    Does it have a M&W Tenderfoot valve installed on the MCV It's a white colored valve with a small lever that pushes down a valve when the clutch is depressed. It locks up both sides of the TA clutches to stop the transmission so it doesn't grind getting in to gear from neutral.