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  1. need to replace clutch and brake pedal shaft. after i drain the oil and remove the pedals does that shaft just slide out or do i need to remove top cover and remove or loosen other parts TIA
  2. not always that easy worked in a shop customer brought in tractor same deal pulled cooler off tested good so did head gasket. couple weeks later tractor came back oil in water what the heck so did the head gasket again thinking maybe the guy didn't do it right couple weeks later came back again ok test cooler tested fine again then some one came up with the idea use hot water or heated up the cooler can't member but the hot air or water was enough to open a crack in the cooler......needless to say it was a cooler the whole time this was at a red dealer and an experienced mechanic
  3. Heard it went to North Dakota to a 4x4 collector so my guess is swenson
  4. Exira Iowa I believe both buyers where local so both should stay pretty close to that area
  5. I had 1206 serial numbers in the tag line but didn't notice it didn't post till you said something
  6. 15600 and 11945 both wide front and farmalls on a sale in Iowa
  7. ok long story short unrelated to the exsesive smoke issue its getting water in the oil and has a nocked on what sounds like num 6. this has an 806 motor with a stanadyne db pump and I think it was a swarts turbo it wasn't air research or the solar turbo. the injectors and pump was recently done I believe. it was a younger kid that had it and I told the boss I believe it was a pulling tractor in the makings or has the screw turned to her to make it smoke like it did. but I won't find out what's wrong cause I'm to "busy" to take on a big project and its goin to a diff shop now. I knew the proper way and other things to check but the boss was set in his way just turn the screw out some and be done
  8. got a 1206 that smokes black smoke like a freight train the customer wants it turned down so it doesn't smoke so bad what screw should I turn or how should I go bout doin it thanks
  9. I know the owner his sh!t don't stink and is always in finical troubles had 12+ pieces of equipment repoed lost his family 160 acre farm to bankrupt he farmed 1200 or lil less acres and rolled combines over every year bought green tractors and drove to the red store and traded right away say he doesn't have time for parades but only has 3 tractors and couple cars and semis he's on his 3rd owi he talks big but everyone from Harlan knows to stay away from him
  10. Turbo10 as I mentioned in the response if you ever get over to Michigan stop in and checkout our tractors. Also you are right to a point on us selling some tractors and the reason behind that is if I had not sold some tractors along the way I would only have 1 tractor in my collection as I/we do not have the extra money to purchase multiple tractors too keep. Thanks for listening, Chad

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