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  1. My turn for prayers

    prayers from pa.
  2. 3788 transmission issues

    check the bearings on the gear box on side of range housing. this is the one that drives front wheels.
  3. Diesel shop in PA

    No Email call him he is a amishman his prices are very reasonable.
  4. Diesel shop in PA

    Reiff diesel Leola pa. 717 768 2365 will sell any part you want good prices.
  5. in August 1975 we received the panther pictured above and a cougar . took them Harrington Delaware state fair sold them both right away.
  6. Unexpected health issue

    prayers from PA. for a quick recovery
  7. 7120 trans help

    do it right take it apart fix it.
  8. Happy Birthday Farmall. Hope you have a good day. pops1086

  9. hellofarmallhopeyouhadagooddayseeyousoon1086