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  1. @stronger800is going to be S-O-L without his hammer to break the glass 🤯😰😂
  2. A 1950-T! I cut my teeth on one of those- 4 wheel drive, ROPS with a cab enclosure for it, fender tanks and all! Well, all except brakes that is🤯😂
  3. Ihfan4life

    Close Call

    A good cow doesn’t kick! PERIOD. If you need to put a clamp or any other anti- kick device it tells me one of two things; A) you ain’t a cow person and should leave the milking to someone who is. B ) that cow has been abused and is defensive which means she’s nervous and won’t let her milk down. Full disclaimer- sometimes you need these devices such as a new heifer being milked for the first time, or an injury to the cow/udder/teat. But to use these devices for every milking, then that cow needs to go, or the person doing the milking needs to go. IN MY OPINION from 30 years of milking cows…. When I bought my first herd of cows, (a lifetime ago) I think half of them had a broken tail from “milker abuse” Some people shouldn’t be allowed around livestock.
  4. Ihfan4life

    Close Call

    X2! I don’t care how good a cow may be. Once they start this crap it’s time for them to leave.
  5. It’s what you do with your buddies during a night of drinking
  6. We had a ton of apples again this year. I’m thinking the late frost you mentioned took the buds off and your crop suffered from that.
  7. Canceling school could very well be a blessing in disguise…
  8. Naah, those poles are just on a 100 year replacement schedule. Plenty of time left🤔🥸
  9. Always thought robotic barns and harvestore a would compliment one another. If dairy was ever profitable again….
  10. Did you go rotary? There was a farm in the northeast kingdom of Vt that built a floating rotary parlor maybe 20-25 years ago now(?) It took a couple of 3/4hp motors to turn it, cows loved it, it was quite without a lot of banging gates or anything. At that time I believe they were milking 350 cows in an hour and a half. Quite impressive at the time.
  11. Pretty sure Lely has changed software so the older systems are incompatible with the newer…or so I’ve heard The “labor savings “ is mostly just a sales tactic to push the robotics. The savings from manning a parlor is offset by other chores needed to operate a robotic system.
  12. Are you looking for ideas for the weights to put in/on the sled, or for making the sled? Any horse pullers or oxen around there? I’m thinking they could have some good ideas for you…
  13. Not to mention ALL the “flowers “ brought in by overseas travelers, universities and others because “they’re pretty”
  14. Hedge against inflation…? Or depression…
  15. Aren’t they doing what the experts say you need to do? Milking the government money that shouldn’t be in farming anyways. OPM- other peoples money, if they can screw the government and get away with it, I say bully for them. Not that I agree with it, but the government has been deciding winners and losers for a longtime now.
  16. DC, all of California. Portland…also
  17. Drott- wheeled version. I’m told they have a lever for every appendage on your body…😂
  18. It’s extremely elusive….
  19. Me thinks quicker than imaginable….
  20. Train- surgery targets impressionable children and young adults as well as peddle…. you know, the thing! Yet nothing is done to stop it, but rather it’s encouraged behavior. It’s against God’s teaching, therefore it’s against God. Purely satanic in my opinion
  21. Don’t take it apart, if you don’t think you can do it SAFELY, hire a crane to set it up. Cheaper than getting hurt.
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