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  1. Did they make a black stripe 1066 hydro with front wheel assist? I’m pretty sure I saw one a couple weeks ago
  2. Troy; Just look at me when you want to beat yourself up ?! Been there, swallowed the whole line, hook and sinker, and it cost me dearly including my lifetime passion for farming ?? You’re strong, you’ve got a loving family that’s supporting you and standing beside you, and you’re still able to do what you love!? I’d give almost anything to be in your shoes! Look for better things tomorrow, forget about the past and enjoy the moments. Dairy farmers are needed more now than ever. Head up, shoulders back, carry on!
  3. We just got back from vacationing in Maine. I was impressed with those tides, but your picture takes the cake Corn looks great!
  4. This wasn’t what I saw before, but it continues the discussion of consuming dairy fats
  5. Anyone seen that Facebook article about whole milk being good/ better for you than skim milk? I’ll post it if I can find it again ?
  6. I love how these experts can pick out the good managers from the bad just by looking at numbers? I’ve always said farming is more than numbers, a lot of little stuff going wrong at the same time can throw a good month or even a good year out the window. Walking a tightrope all the time isn’t easy
  7. Feel for you guys trying to survive in this market ? Greatfull I’m not still in it but I didn’t escape unscathed either???
  8. I feel your pain? We should compare notes sometime, I’m sure we both learned from these experiences
  9. Not to take away from the topic of this post which is cool on its own, but I think there are enough people with a passion for keeping things original on these 88 series that it would be a shame to let your sentry project fall onto the back burner. As successful as your controller is working, it isn’t “ factory” and a lot of guys would be leery about it. Not trying to diminish the success of your work, I think we need more guys with your abilities with these electronic units. Again, I don’t have any skin in the game as I don’t own an 88 series,but these 88 series are my favorite ? Sid
  10. Aren’t we considered family here at red power?
  11. Wire victim? As in high voltage wires?
  12. If coops are dropping members like flies, how can these Amish farmers continue to sell milk? I know very little about how they farm but can only imagine the amount of milk they’re shipping can barely pay the trucking on the milk?
  13. Think about this, and maybe I’m making too much of this, but when you start looking at balance sheets; these larger more progressive farms are operating on tight but manageable margins and most are leveraged to the razors edge. When things are ok to good, they can make it work, but now as I stated in my previous post, beef equals dairy prices, when these guys figure a dairy cow is worth two beef cows, but reality shows otherwise- you just witnessed 50% of your equity vanish, yet your debt didn’t, in fact it’s probably higher now. When a bank looks at this they’re going to have to make some serious decisions about how much they’re willing to lose, do they cut their loses and force forclosure knowing they will get pennies on the dollar, or do they double down and loan these farms money knowing they can recover quicker than a small guy who might have been ok in good times, but won’t recover if this mess continues BUT, the bank WILL recover everything they’re owed! think about that...
  14. We just went through an auction two days ago. Some observations from me; Cows are indeed going to slaughter based upon AGE of cow,NOT production. We had our best cows leave on the beef truck. One cow consistently produced 140 plus pounds of milk since freshening in the fall- BEEF- this was a cow you wouldn’t have known existed, NO health issues, No mastitis, nothing that would warrant her being culled EXCEPT for her age. Another example- a beautiful fresh older cow, she would be one of those cows you would build a herd from. Freshened in with 160 plus pounds of milk, not a blemish on her- beef? What a crying shame, simply because beef is worth more than a dairy cow! I’ve been in dairy my entire life, I have never witnessed this inversion, you could always figure buying a springer for a beef and a half to two beef cows! Because of this no one is willing to take a risk( or perhaps the banks aren’t willing to take a risk) on mature cows. I’m estimating 1/3 of these cows were culled. Granted, some of them needed to be culled but I don’t know about a third of them.
  15. I said to someone when we were talking about high milk prices in ‘14, that the processors paid these prices and vowed that those prices, and their losses because of it, would never happen again... I hope I’m wrong.
  16. Troy- we need to get together to compare notes! I’d be willing to bet your guy and the previous operator here are related! We had open cows dropping calves! Cows almost to their dry off date dropping full term calves! And the list goes on! I can’t say enough about my wife, she has worked miracles with this herd in the past 9 months! 9 months of ****, mind you! We had a cow Monday break 160 pounds of milk! Our “D-day” is tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about it. I’m not even sure if I’ll make it to the auction. My wife is just so glad to get out of there. I’m just sorry all her hard work was for nothing. I’m praying that all the dairy farmers on here survive this mess! Our auctioneer has 10 auctions listed, and the phone is still ringing off the hook. Factor in all the other dairies that are going out, or perhaps more appropriate, being forced out by their cooperatives, is milk suddenly going to turn around and be worth gold before summer is over? I’ve never seen these times in dairy before, I hope and pray this isn’t the new normal. Sid Sid
  17. It’s mind boggling what some people will do to save a penny! We’ve been fighting this same mentality for almost 9 months now and we are exhausted,stressed, and really pissed that we weren’t honest with going into this deal. But, the end is near as the owner has scheduled an auction and this nightmare will be over with.
  18. We just had our winter ag show. My wife was able to get up there and she mentioned that ALL dairy farmers were talking of selling in the spring if not before. Not looking promising for dairy?
  19. I hope you pull through this ok. It’s gut wrenching being told everything is “ ready to roll” only to find out that nothing has seen anything resembling servicing or greasing, cows not bred, vaccines not given or any care outside of daily water and feed was ever done. Welcome to **** Troy! 7 months into it and the fires still burn hot, or is that my temper now?? Sid
  20. Troy, my thoughts on the bullying, this kid obviously learned it from his father, your brother in law? Has he “ bullied” your sister? In my opinion, both pastors are correct in their assessment. IF you don’t go to YOUR family’s Christmas party, than hasn’t bil won? I know you don’t want to make a scene, so just ignore the s o b, and enjoy the rest of your family. I know easier said then done. Just remember why your there, and allow your Christian faith to guide you through the day, you’ll be glad you went as putting it off will only put more pressure on your next encounter with him. IF he mentions anything about it, tell him what’s going to happen if this kid acts out again, in front of everybody there. Bully’s get off on making issues, don’t let him bully you in this process. As far as your barn renovation, are you removing the hayloft in that picture, or just low ceiling? I hope cow comfort is number one in your decisions during this process as it will pay you dividends in the end! One story about cow comfort here; I have a friend that works at one of the feed mills here. He was telling how one of their customers were building/renovating their barn and had housed some cows at a vacant facility. Cows in this facility were pushing 100 pounds a day, just a great place to milk cows. Well, they finished up their renovations, making their new barn identical to their existing barn,( I’m thinking it was an expansion). They brought these cows home to the new facility and are struggling to get 80 pounds a day from them, same feed as the other barn. Cow comfort is key, especially in a robot facility! Merry Christmas! Sid
  21. Just saw this Troy, I see you’re taking the plunge into robots!! It’s a steep learning curve, for both cows and employees! We( my wife and I) have been here since June 1. Not sure how much longer we can bang our heads against the wall, she blames it on the robots, I blame it on the previous operator/ owner. Dairying is becoming ( or has it all ready?) a cut throat business. I’m suspecting that you have your share of environmental wackos as we do? Between low milk prices and the ever burdening regulations I’d have to think long and hard about making the investment as I’m sure you have. I hope you’ve visited other robot facilities before jumping in to remodeling an existing facility? Cow comfort and cow flow are crucial for a successful robot facility- God knows this one doesn’t have either? 90 percent of the robots around here are Lely. Know of 1 farmer that is going back to a parlor because of ongoing issues and expenses of these things. I’ve heard to expect around 10k per year per robot. Our expense, well, let’s just say it will exceed that... Know of another facility being built now with Delaval units. I got a tour of it maybe 2 months ago, NICE! If you need any questions answered send me a pm! Like I said, we’ve only been here since June, but we do have limited insight...? Good luck Troy! Sid
  22. I'm the one asking about Bosch pumps, ( teach me about injection pumps)

    my cell is 1-802-349-7358

    Im easier to get with texts than calls

    I appreciate your offer to help with this thing. All I am trying to do is reseal this pump because it would be off the tractor anyways. 


  23. So are you,( were you?) setting rafters one at a time or did you pre string the Perkins so you could set a gang of rafters at once? Looks nice! sid
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