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  1. Depends on who you ask… if you believe in GOD and His promises, then the world will and CAN sustain ALL of HIS PEOPLE. If you are of belief the government knows best…
  2. High crime area. He doesn’t want his straps stolen…
  3. Agreed, he needs to RUN the opposite direction. Crossing the road isn’t safe!
  4. Started the truck late Saturday afternoon to get ready for my overnight run and the cab was blazing a couple of truckers form the southern states- Alabama- Texas maybe? I attribute it to low cloud cover and the low pressure system that was coming in
  5. For the savings, buy the premixed… it’s not much more when all is said and done
  6. This ^^^ Is it plumbed directly from the well? Or, if you can find a sprinkler head can you back feed it with water or air to locate the supply point?
  7. I’m thinking mine is a fillrite pump…? Never had an issue with it
  8. Why now? It’s just going to be torn down or destroyed because it offends some snow flake somewhere…
  9. Remember, those who rock the boat are usually tossed overboard. If you see what’s going on, rest assured the manager and upper personnel do as well. They quite possibly have an arrangement in place when they hired him. Your job is to do the work you were hired for. Period. It isn’t fun when you’re busting your butt and still falling behind because of another employee. But, that isn’t your concern. Your concern needs to be with the quality of your work. Not the answer you want, but it is what it is. You didn’t hire the other person, they did. Don’t kick yourself in the butt stressing over something you can’t control.
  10. I’m willing to bet, if there’s a box full of empty parts, he gets to do it all over again!
  11. This guy here was brought here to guard the sheep. When cold weather set in he decided the kids needed guarding more than the sheep. As winter faded, and sunny warmer days were on the way, he decides he better watch the sheep again 🤪 Sheep are gone, but he’s still here. If you grab his collar he’ll lay down, roll over, and put his feet up. But he’s big enough that if he thought you were threatening, you would be lunch, and most likely never seen again…
  12. Are you going to burn that shed? Seems like a great little shed for hand tools/ chainsaws, etc. I would try and save it, but to each their own🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. I have one that belonged to my grandfather (I presume), given to me by my uncle, with a small block and tackle and braided rope. Very handy and easier than fighting a come-a-long.
  14. I think the FB article linked to it…
  15. Meat. There is a growing market for the meat.
  16. I believe the mole would follow the depth of the ripper? Theoretically you could set the mole higher if you had a way to attach it, but my assumption is it’s going to pull in a straight line from the attachment point.
  17. Say what? I was parked for over an hour for a “regene “ or burn off. Truck uses D.E.F…
  18. He better call the law office if I M Dumb to sue the tree 🌲 😂
  19. Why not scoop a couple inches higher than the plastic and then shovel that couple of inches?
  20. https://www.etrailer.com/question-316502.html I don’t know if this is accurate or not but it’s a starting point for you
  21. And to claim you’re a pilot! It’ll be the shortest take-off and landing ever😂😱
  22. An elderly gentleman that Mom worked for had an A. Also a couple of Oldsmobiles I think. One was 2 cars put together, front collision for one car, rear collision for the other. If you weren’t told the story about it, you wouldn’t know it. Very clean professional job. I think his Grandson, possibly his great granddaughter has the A now. I don’t know where the others went…
  23. Wouldn’t the employees contracts be a liability similar to debts owed?
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