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    Cause the little blue pill was taken already…? Good to know you’re back.
  2. That’s more of a high-lift forklift than a telehandler…
  3. Organic matter is often ignored when talking about soil health.
  4. The thing with manure is it could have x pounds of n-p-k and some trace minerals in it, but only a small percentage of it is available in the first year. Between the commercial fertilizer being available at the time of application and the manure availability in post years , it’s a very strong possibility that he benefited from both, thus giving him a great yield. The added benefit of manure is the organic matter that is being applied, thereby improving soil health. In my opinion, there is no magic solution to growing crops. Every farm is different and every farm needs to understand how their soil profile works to ensure they apply the nutrients required.
  5. Lol 😂 I don’t know about mice, but I know Holsteins don’t like it! When I remodeled my tie stall barn we used plastic coated rubber hoses from the neck rail which doubled as the water supply pipe, down to the drinking cup/bowl. Some of the cows found those hoses nice to chew on and play with and usually flooded the manger too. After dealing with one too many I started applying a liberal amount of Tabasco on these hoses, one lick and the cows would curl their noses up and leave the hoses alone!😂😂
  6. @olemanI replaced the coil wire and put out special peanut butter to keep the rodents away. If you have a rodent problem, try Tabasco sauce instead of peanut butter. They’ll leave the wires alone after tasting that stuff
  7. Why not a tilt bed trailer? 3/4 tilt for a skidsteer… =cats arse imo
  8. You know… that would be the PERFECT coffee cup if it burned your hand every time you tried to pick it up. It’s not hot, it’s just heavy!😂😂
  9. Local welder built a castle for his kids a few years ago; https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/backyard-castle/Content?oid=35269105
  10. If it could be scaled to match the equivalent size of toy equipment that would be kool🤔
  11. It’s going to be ugly if she loses her balance 😱
  12. Nope. Do a side by side comparison by scrolling up and down between your post and the one above it. Clear differences between the two…
  13. HB Allen. Hope you have a wonderful day
  14. Even the beetle’s know those are garbage trees🤯
  15. Try Tekton sockets. I think you’ll like them better than the china craftsman ones… imo
  16. Can’t go there as it’s political speech 😱
  17. I’ve heard baking soda and sugar- 50/50. Put it where they can get access to water, and keep it away from pets
  18. Do they stink while they’re being done in?
  19. https://www.calumetag.com/ still in business…
  20. 102” Not 103, or 104😂 Edit to say it’s a tri-axle trailer..
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