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  1. Triples at 30% tread? Or all 6 tires at 30% tread?
  2. Depending where you are, some states let you walk away up to $900. just saying…part of the mamby pamby thing. Me, I’d hit’em over the head and ask them what the f are they doing… I found it gets me more respect.
  3. Had a buddy in High School who would eat it raw. Not for me. My nephew always tells the waitstaff to “drag it through the frying pan and bring it out” when ordering steak. Damn thing must be still cold it’s so raw🤢
  4. You better get it. That WK-40 is probably rarer than the one in the picture…
  5. That‘s great looking hay! Nice color in it still.
  6. Neighbor used a small Deere to pull loaded hay wagons from the field. 130-150 bales in a hardwood kicker rack. I don’t think he baked with it though. I’d ask him but he’s not speaking to me anymore. Seeing how he up and died one day.😱
  7. Happy with my sport dog collar. It makes my Great Pyrenees stop in his tracks and come back when he’s too distracted to listen. At a long distance too.
  8. Only going to get worse…
  9. What’s their definition for woke? Or stupidity?
  10. Because the koolaid tastes so good
  11. Keeping your head in the sand will only lead to your own suffocation. Ignorance isn’t bliss…
  12. Be quiet and eat your crickets 🦗 😂
  13. Saying no isn’t allowed…😉
  14. I dunno… every time I lose power to the stove I have to reset the stupid thing to allow me to turn a burner on or to turn on the oven.
  15. Next stop, banning cooking hotdogs over a campfire 🔥
  16. These modern gas stoves, if the power goes out they don’t work…
  17. Bandsaws are limited by the size of the blades whereas a circular saw isn’t. When the farm I worked at was sawing we would saw logs too big, run it through the saw slow, when it’s out the other side of the blade, finish it up with a chainsaw. You wouldn’t be able to cut any of it with a bandsaw. It didn’t take much to get a big log down to size at a speed that was realistic to achieve. We could saw 5-6000 feet a day, between milking cows at each end of the day. But, you worked hard to do that. I had no trouble falling asleep at night 😉
  18. McKinley being shot, this must have been the start of the phrase; “ no good deed goes unpunished “..,
  19. Or just buy an early magnum and be done…
  20. Yea… but remember that isn’t a one size fits all equation. When small dairies have to absorb astronomical costs to improve their manure handling it puts them out of business. Simple mathematics will teach you that. The crutch of it is, a lot of the “pollution “ is theoretical and not actually occurring to the scope of the calculations being used.
  21. I’m thinking the smaller utility tractors were either Fiat or David Brown, depending on the year built…?
  22. @806 man We aren’t only going down that road, but knocking the guardrails off as we’re speeding out of control going down that road…🤯
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