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  1. I would rather by from a local dealer than a Northern Equipment/online(?) vendor. You’re more likely to get service when you need it…
  2. Ford -6 freaking headlights? Why?? And worse yet when they’re driving behind you and blinding you in your mirrors and or back window if you’re in a car
  3. I don’t know Seth’s father in-law but I know what that conversation would sound like 😱😂
  4. Yup. Better brakes, wet disc maybe? And I thought the rearends were beefed up. But mostly cosmetic changes.
  5. Pushing that Waukesha into the 55’ series with a turbo was the same as the 560 fiasco with IH. I’m not sure how clean a sheet of paper they used… Isn’t the 2-135/155 and 2-180 the same 3speed over/under and 6 speed transmission? I thought the White influence was the later series that was a joint venture with Cat, and AGCO. Perhaps that was after WFE was out of the picture…🤔
  6. Mine were impacted. I told them to knock me out. The nurse/anesthesiologist stuck me with something and said to count down from 10. I got to 8… Don’t remember any of the surgery, just the way I wanted it. I couldn’t eat anything chewy for 6 weeks as the teeth were still well into my jawbone… I told the Dr he owed me a steak dinner.
  7. I did not know the Allis lineage or the transition to the newer lineups. Thank you.
  8. What was the lineage of the Allis tractors, say from the WD’s up through the 100’ series? Buddy bought a 7010(?) cheap. We used it on the harrows one year and then pulled forage boxes with it. I liked it for what it was, except for the climbing into the cab that was a lesson in being a contortionist
  9. We won’t haul a load without a headboard on the trailer simply because we don’t have a headache rack… those straps might have been loose as the load shifted after the initial loading. I ALWAYS check my straps after running a few miles. A few, meaning anything from 5-50… depending on where I can safely get off the road to do so. And I don’t rely on someone else to say my straps are tight enough…
  10. I didn’t have but 3-4 beef cows so we ran them with the dairy cows. We could sort them whenever we brought the cows into milk( tie stall on rotational pasture) She was short and fat, but she was sneaky enough that she would get in the middle of the herd and be in a stall eating before you knew she snuck past you. You could yell- momma beef, what the he** are you doing and she’ll back out of the stall, look at you, and reluctantly go outside 😂
  11. I could see cows figuring that out. We had one we called momma beef. Black Angus momma cow as big around as she was tall. She was always doing something that made you question why you had cattle…
  12. That’s similar to what I did. 33-35 depending on soil types and hybrids. Some hybrids do well with higher population. You would see twin ears on some hybrids even with the higher population. Twin developed ears, not partials. Soil type, and fertility is key.
  13. BeeeUtiful truck Lorenzo🤩🤪 and I’m not a Ford guy😁
  14. Because the problem doesn’t exist in the eyes of the government
  15. I’m thinking that would be impossible to track down milk quality issues…
  16. D-F-A…. They were the beginning of the end for the small family dairies. But the real nail in the coffin were/are/is the larger/better philosophy of our Ag policy in DC. The idea that you need x number of cows, and y percent of yearly growth put these small farms out of business. Coupled with the ideas that the retirement age of dairy farmers crept up on a lot of farms. The fact that dairy is considered the largest source of water quality issues (because city water runoff is ignored), and the cost to small farms to comply is not sustainable, it’s no wonder these farms are extinct. Not everyone will agree with me, I think the dairy demise is the canary in the coal mine for all of agriculture. Bigger, better, economy of scale, just like anything, bigger and better, these economy of scales have a diminishing return the bigger you get. When you’re now the big guy that has to travel 50 miles for acreage…. Throw in the food security of smaller farms verses larger farms, look at the poultry industry and egg prices right now. Look at mad cow disease from 15 years ago… Now, you have a food supply issue if these larger farms don’t pay their bills, and who gets to step in and purchase a 20,30,40 million dollar operation? It ain’t Jr coming home from college with an Ag degree… Walmart, and others have set up shop to provide milk for their stores. Does this seem like a good idea for the consumer? This beckons a warning to me that the next step is state-run farms, aka communism, but we won’t go there… my 2 cents, in these times of inflation is probably worthless.
  17. Father in law had cataract surgery, I don’t remember hearing anything about corrective lenses being used but his vision is better than 20/20 after surgery. I thought any correction was due to the surgery itself but not a lens installation. I will need to ask him… no idea on costs.
  18. Ihfan4life


    Yup☝️☝️☝️ Seriously look them up.
  19. Ihfan4life


    There’s room in these prayers for you and anyone else who needs them. 🙏🙏🙏
  20. Yes, as I read it again.
  21. Get right down to it, ain’t none of us all cracked up to “it”
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