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  1. Thank you gentlemen. I will let you know when or if I know. I certainly appreciate this, I can only surmise that he would as well.
  2. I don’t know if I should put this here, in a way it’s selfish but in another way, it’s potentially saving a mans life. I just called about an item this gentleman has listed. I won’t get into what. In the conversation he mentioned that he’s probably going to be in the hospital tomorrow and might not come out. When I asked why he mentioned he had an aneurysm and it’s moved on him. Hence this post. 🙏 Lord keep this man in your blessings. May his surgeons’ hands be guided by your hands and may he make a full recovery. In Jesus name I pray. Amen🙏
  3. It keeps girls away from boys for a few more years, but when they make that switch....😱
  4. I don’t think you’ll find true soldiers enforcing something that goes against their core beliefs. Maybe I’m wrong but every veteran I know wouldn’t. BLM is a terrorist group, not law enforcement
  5. Neighbor kept a 22 hornet in the milk house of his dairy barn. Rust was scaling off of it. I wished I asked him about having it but I just never did.
  6. Fire for effect? I think maybe that’s where he was aiming. He certainly got the snowflakes attention. I mean superhero 😂
  7. In there quest to steal foreign companies technology I think they forgot or missed a few lines of code.
  8. They can appeal the second amendment, but when they try to confiscate guns, the civil war will start. They will never take guns , they may try but it won’t happen.
  9. Wasn’t the media talking this up as one of the greatest builds ever constructed and that the axis of the Earth would tip because of how much water it would hold back? Funny how there was no concern about global warming when they said that. Or is global warming just because of America’s faults and no one else’s?
  10. Vermont trip!! These rims need work but you’re welcome to them! 38”
  11. Take common sense away. Take religion away. Take discipline away. Make both parents have to work, and put grandparents away in homes. Give timeouts instead of spankings Give participation awards instead of being a winner or loser. Don’t build self esteem but rather tell them it isn’t fair to be better than their peers. Fail to teach right from wrong or explain the differences. Call police officers racist. Exploit “crisis’” for political gain Ignore blatant injustice because it doesn’t push the narrative. Fail to teach conservative values. Or worse, don’t allow conservatives to have a voice. The only thing they know and have been taught comes from a teacher or a professor. Their parents were too busy furthering their own careers, to expand extra time with their children’s lives. I could go on, but I respect most of you to see what the end result is...
  12. Back when Men were Men and had a backbone.
  13. It looks like someone put a coffin on top😳😱
  14. Those came out nice! So, are the rails really worth salvaging from junk rims? I’ve got 2 junk rims with rails, I didn’t even think about saving them.
  15. Ihfan4life

    Polka Party

    Is it something about a dance move? You do it twice? Square dance calling might be a similar comparison?
  16. What size is that rim? 28”? 30”?
  17. God help me!
  18. I had someone suggest using that sticky water proofing tape for use on windows and doors when installing them in a house. Another suggestion was to use flex seal to coat the inside of the rim. I’m not suggesting these, it’s just what’s been suggested to me, take it for what it’s worth. My thought with the old tube idea, you would need an undersized tube as the old tube wouldn’t fit tightly to the rim and I would think it could bunch up making a problem instead of being a solution
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