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  1. Nephew and his family were up there for 3-4 years. They loved it but it was a long way from home.
  2. 5 strand, chest high, bull tight. Good corners, and you’ll have a fence.
  3. I would be cautious about how you approach this. If he’s as good as you hear, then I wouldn’t want to alienate him from doing anymore work in the future just because of a communication issue. Yes, he should have called you. The question is, would you have said no, I’m not spending that much, or would you more likely told him you want it fixed right? I’m thinking it’s the later… With small machine shops going the way of dinosaurs, I would think long and hard about “never doing any more work with him, again “ Never might bite you in the arse…
  4. Blackrock Investment firm took a HUGE loss… locked in rates are great, but when I heard someone say that- “ for every loan you take, what really happened is YOU LOANED the bank.” Sure, you got some cash against your investment, but they got your investment for some cash. Who got the better deal? When congress spends money like drunk sailors, that cash will very quickly become worthless with rising inflation. A dollar today is only worth .75 cents yesterday.
  5. Find yourself an old circular mill. Then call me, I’ll help feed it😂 Then again, if Bitty is outa shape, I’m just flat out crippled 🤯🤕
  6. Local farm has a hydraulic pump, tank/cooler sitting on their mixer over the pto. I never thought of it until now, but I’ll bet that was their solution to these on/ off pto units on modern tractors
  7. Boss man talked about it. Said they needed three guys to put the cap back on the well! One sitting on it, the others trying to tighten it down. Just drop a stick of dy-no-mite down it…🤪🤕 Have you called anyone to frack it? That’s what I did, made quite a difference for me.
  8. What are you doing for shoes? Arch support? It might be worth going to a podiatrist to get fitted for a better shoe/ insoles? But, I’m with you about being on concrete all day, it’s brutal on feet
  9. Girlfriends brother was sent down to pick up remains from the space shuttle explosion…😰
  10. I’m sure the guberment officials are on top of the lack of efficiency of GM…
  11. Is the trailer drop and hook for you to load it, or do you load while the driver waits? Does he drop the trailer off at his destination or do they unload it? It would be convenient if you could stack on pallets and “shrink wrap the bales with net wrap. It would require some labor but loading a trailer would be quicker and convenient especially if the driver is waiting. You would probably need a dock to drive into the trailer to load with a forklift or skidsteer with forks. For overall convenience I think an accumulator/grapple setup would be a nice economical way (more so than a bale-bandit system) and be labor efficient. You could have a “staging area” where you stack your bales to the height of the trailer then push them into the trailer thereby avoiding the issue of dead space on the top of the load. Just my 2 cents… edited to add, I’m seeing A LOT of old tough hay being baled in August and sold for premium horse hay! It’s hay a dairy farmer would chop for bedding, or maybe heifer hay if feed was tight, yet these horse people seem to like it.
  12. EXACTLY! that’s like paying for cruise control… or tires… or a steering wheel…
  13. Love my BMW but I’m not paying charges to sit in it…
  14. So, you BUY a car and then expect to pay a subscription for the damn seat ? I will be kind and not say what I’m thinking…
  15. Amazing accomplishment that so few couples will ever see… congratulations to the happy couple! May your next fifty be as fulfilling!
  16. You need to come north and we’ll go torture @1586 Jeff Seth @vtfireman85 knows which buttons to push!😂
  17. Does this answer your question?https://texaswater.tamu.edu/water-law
  18. Nope, just a spin on blm…
  19. Everyone here bales old weed invested fields and sells it as mulch. Then wonder why there’s a lot of weed pressure such as bedstraw and poison parsnip.
  20. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬goats🤬🤬🤬
  21. Seth- you did good! You didn’t haggle the price, you paid what was asked for. How many others here would have haggled a lower price, then post on here about the steal of a deal you got? There’s nothing to bitche about here. I’m leaving it at that…
  22. https://behrtech.com/blog/lpwan-antenna-placement/ Seth, this may apply To what you need or it might be nothing?
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