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  1. Looks like a 3788. Reclaiming a strip mine? I wonder if it’s to get the harrow to dig deeper without the front gangs on it? An offset would cure that issue 🙄
  2. Is it self defense when you’re in the aggravator and not the aggravatee? Seems like the law would be on the side of the deceased as the song is written. BTW- Happy birthday
  3. @bitty- yea, they’re pretty tore up/ rotted off…
  4. I’m pretty sure these are 38’s. I should have looked closer for a tire size or even grabbed a tape measure..
  5. These are beyond fixing as far as I’m concerned. This is a junkyard find tractor that was supposed to be sold new by my father’s family dealership. It’s probably a 20 year project for me 😱 Take care of @1586 Jeff first, I think his is a working tractor
  6. I’m thinking it’s sitting on double bevel rims, but I’ll look when I get back to plow out.
  7. Belsaw built? That’s what I have- 12” Belsaw capable of doing moulding work. It’s old, looks like crap but works fine for me
  8. I want to mount 15.5-38’s, so…14”?
  9. I’d be interested in a pair if’n your coming this way!
  10. What he said!☝️🤫 Is your personal Dr. the same one who did the c-d-l physical? I used to think it was stupid that my personal Dr didn’t do these things, I don’t think that way anymore.
  11. 10 years ago- a father/ daughter/ granddaughter went through the ice on snowmobiles. No ice is safe ice
  12. Here we go gentlemen! A gen-u-wine NY hoggin wagon!
  13. We both know someone who would do that in his sleep!
  14. You’re forgetting the metric fluids for the foreign cars. Don’t even get started on the electric vehicles!
  15. Here I thought everyone suspended their batteries with baling wire 😳🤯 what’s this nonsense about setting them on concrete, that’s where you put your headlight fluid… geez 🙄
  16. You had a search party forming to find you… I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I can say no more 🤫
  17. Reminds me of a Morgan. You should check the Morgan Horse Farm out in Weybridge. https://www.uvm.edu/cals/morganhorsefarm
  18. Do you need to live in the house while you’re doing this? It would be so much easier if you can live somewhere else With that being said- it’s doable but it’s bull work. Find someone who works like a dog -cheap and let them go at the bull work, supervise the finesse work, jacking/cribbing, etc. If you could get a mini excavator without a canopy you would be so much happier than digging by hand. Take your time and being careful around that rubble wall, you should be fine- I don’t think I would attempt to save any of the rubble/stone wall. Do it all now because you won’t want to tackle it again. Do a poured wall with rebar- Be careful and methodical and you’ll be happy you did it.
  19. $90 for 4” slotted with fabric wrap. I wasn’t looking for fabric wrapped but It’s all they had 4” by 100’ long
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