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  1. OMG! Tweakers at tractor pulls😰 This world is going to h%^^ in a hand basket 🤯 😂😂😂
  2. Do you watch the NBA, NFL, or MBL? I don’t need someone preaching how much better, smarter or more woke they are. 1 Athlete with that attitude, coupled with the TOLERANCE from the Leagues is enough to get me to turn away. Don’t get me wrong, I would watch if these athletes made their stand, squat, kneel on their own time, not on my time. I’m not going to watch this BS every-time there’s a sporting event. NBC could easily edit this crap out, it doesn’t belong in the Olympics AT ALL.
  3. Was this a “kit” building?
  4. What did you do for the base preparation? Did you lay down any stone? What did you use for insulation under the slab? On the 3rd picture, how wide are those panels, do they interlock together or how did you fasten them? It’s looking good, be sure to install security or @MTO will be coming!
  5. With all the activities near Bethel, perhaps it’s a good spot for a mini- red power East location? I was in Bethel Maine 3 weeks ago!
  6. This is what matters
  7. The lack of respect for your teammates, your coaches and yourself, by not standing in the glory of your achievements and the achievements of your teammates is simply appalling. The time and effort it takes to achieve greatness, to overcome the challenges and obstacles placed before you should be celebrated with pride and humbleness that you HAVE overcome your obstacles, YOU have accomplished your goals and in this moment you are proud of what you achieved with your family and friends, and your teammates by your side. This should be a moment where you can show the world that anyone who is determined AND motivated can do anything you set your mind to. People who are meak, weak, timid, or just afraid look upon you in your time of glory and say “ I too can do this”! I too have what it takes to…!” But with these protests, these woke privileged idiots doing what they think is thought provoking is anything but inspiring. It’s demeaning, it is far from encouraging and it’s a damn shame they have the attitude of I can do it but you can’t… whatever happened to lifting up your “brothers in arm” ( forgive the expression) Whatever happened to encouraging others to achieve their own greatness, whatever happened to becoming an inspiration? Good and evil does exist. And evil has raised its ugly head for the world to see. If only the world is smart enough to take off the rose colored glasses… time will tell🙏🙏🙏
  8. I watched 10 minutes plus minus. I thought you were talking about the bribe master and his son selling state secrets… my mistake
  9. I have been avoiding the puppet show wherever and whenever possible. What’s he doing with China now?
  10. I didn’t realize there was still someone in Vt growing them? Perry’s Restaurant Group used to grow them in Charlotte. They said that they would only come back to a girl that used to take care of them, if she wasn’t around forget about corralling them up! I can’t remember if Casey’s gravel pit in Hinesburg raised beefalo or Elk? I think it was Elk
  11. She looks like she needs to lay off the whiskey…
  12. If I ever built a pulling tractor I would name it “Bankers’ Nightmare “ With a picture of the banker sitting upright in his bed! 😂
  13. I have a friend from SA. I know exactly how they feel about those “people “🤯
  14. I avoid it as much as possible
  15. What happened with South Africa started 10(?) years ago. Take something from a group of people to give to a different group of people by reasoning of “fairness” is anything but fair. The same thing is happening here, right before your very eyes! But, let’s ignore the outcome of these actions in other countries because we’re woke and it’s going to be different here.
  16. Anyone pouring any concrete this year? I’m just curious what a yard in place is going for…
  17. I don’t think the automotive industry could afford redundancy in their complex electrical systems. It’s quite different than an airplane that has a failed sensor that could kill 100’s of people whereas an automobile that has a failed sensor is pulled off to the side of the rode to wait for service. The cheaper is better mentality is coupled with the bean counters overriding the engineers desire for perfection while appeasing corporate boardrooms maximizing profits thereby increasing their own stock portfolios….
  18. Not this April! Farmers were planting corn in April here- unheard of for this area. 1st crop of haylage was being cut around the 12th of May. I saw people taking 2nd cut around the 12th of June, and just saw what I believe to be 3rd cut taken off this week! Unheard of around here… Makes me wonder what the fall/winter weather is going to be…
  19. Howie Carr, A Boston based DJ has a “ death pool”, it’s for recently deceased famous people. When one dies people call in to pick the next one… Area 51- skunk works- I just watched something about the Blackbird spy plane, one the pilots who had flown it was talking about having to wear special googles when walking/ being escorted between buildings. The only thing you could see was the ground in front of your feet…I would say that’s a level of security above top secret, or confidential 🤐
  20. I’ve seen tractors, I’ve driven tractors that NEEDED 400 pounds of weight on the front. That had little to do with that breaking, I’d be more inclined to think 50 plus years did that….
  21. Seth, The absolutely best free advice you will ever get, is what your gut tells you. LISTEN to that advice, it will take you far! However, you must also learn the difference between indigestion, hunger pains and being gut-checked….
  22. Pay him in Biden money!!! And you’ll have money left to get your wife flour… I mean flowers 💐
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