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  1. IH986

    Learning alot, but want more info

    Great post Dr. Evil, always enjoy reading the posts about your time spent at Farmall. We're all still waiting on your book .
  2. IH986

    71 IH Johnnie Reb

    Few more pics of a Johnnie Reb, this one's an 1110 with 392 and 4spd. Were there ever any built with 4 wheel drive?
  3. IH986

    71 IH Johnnie Reb

    Here's that whole post. http://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/ind...=27957&st=0
  4. IH986

    71 IH Johnnie Reb

    That's a rare one for sure, any pics of it? There's a few pics of a Johnny Reb on the Super Scout Specialist site. http://www.superscoutspecialists.com/store/t-faq.aspx
  5. IH986

    '63 706 Resto

    Looks like a good project and you sure can't complain about the price . My FFA chapter had a '63 706 gasser and it looked pretty much like yours but did have steering and the slightest feeling of brakes if you stood on both pedals about 15ft. ahead of where you wanted to stop.