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  1. Long time forum member passes away.

    That is such sad news! RIP Chub! I also still have my hats that that he sent all the way to South Africa for me. I ordered and paid for one and when I opened the package he had sent me two! Said it was to make up for the expensive shipping. A truly great person, he will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Denis
  2. What's Your Heritage?

    Mostly Irish with a little English thrown is along the way!
  3. April 2017 tractor Photoshoot

    Those are some fantastic looking tractors, something to be very proud of! The missing jingle in your pocket should be replaced by a twinkle in your eye every time you look at them!
  4. Why/where are the other countries?

    I'm also here! From the more Southern part of the world. There are a few of us from South Africa that lurk on here most of the time.
  5. Some prayers needed

    Sorry to hear, he is in our prayers!
  6. Got a couple out today

    Very nice tractors, thanks for showing us!
  7. McCormick B414

    As dewets has said, there were many of this series sold here. There are still quite a few still used especially to pull trailers in the harvesting season in the fruit growing areas. Spare parts are becoming more difficult to find here now though.
  8. Red Power 2017 Pics and Video

    Thank you for the videos. As there is unfortunately no way that I can be there you are being my eyes at the show! Looking foward to seeing more when you have the time.
  9. lorenzo, I live about half an hours drive from Gansbaai the shark diving center, so let me know if I can assist. Our tractor club branch is based in Villiersdorp so every time I go there I drive past that dam. It has been quite dramatic watching the level drop to where it is now, hopefully I will be watching it filling up again soon.
  10. Look Out Gramps & Grandma on the road.

    Tony that looks great! I hope that it makes many happy miles and memories. Don't worry too much about getting used to how it all works, that is all part of the new adventure. Just have lots of fun!
  11. Happy birthday ,Denis & New guy

    Thank you all for your birthday wishes! We had a beautiful day here and spent most of it outdoors. My daughter works at a fancy hotel that overlooks the sea here in Hermanus. She organised for us to have lunch there. The picture is taken on the deck in front of the building.
  12. And never trust a green light

    That accident happened a few years ago in Pinetown which is near to Durban in South Africa. It was all over the news channels here at the time. The driver survived and was far under the influence and did not have a valid drivers licence. He has been charged with murder, not sure if the case is over yet. Whoever employed him should be in the dock with him!
  13. Tony

    Glad to hear that you are ok! Sounds like there are still many RED years left in you yet. And now you can look foward to enjoying your upcoming tractor show without any worries!
  14. Broken con rod some advice please

    Thank you all for your help and advise! The past holiday season has meant some delays in sourcing all the parts that i need. The fact that I was supplied the incorrect rod also did not help much.But I will receive the correct one on Thursday. Then I will start assembly. At least I was able to source all the parts locally and they are all genuine Kohler parts. Importing is an easy option but the shipping cost is a killer for me here it usually doubles the price of the item and on top of that our exchange rate is very bad for us at this time!