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  1. Here's mine at Huron SD Antique Power Show a couple years ago.
  2. Here's the serial tag on the Harris hillside combine at Rollag. If you zoom in, you'll see that it was manufactured by Harvesters-Implements, Fresno, California. Note also the company logo: a farmer riding on a spinning top: "Always on top."
  3. Rollag Minnesota 2012
  4. HMR

    WD 6 Dimensions

    According to Guy Fay's IH Tractor Data Book: width 63 inches, length 124 3/8 inches, wheelbase 76 inches, approximate shipping weight 5,250 pounds (pages 136-137).
  5. Charlie, I drive it in to Huron each year--23 miles from the farm to the fairgrounds on gravel roads. Love to hear the meadowlarks and to sniff the redolence of the wild roses along the way.
  6. The Huron (SD) Area Antique Power Show will be held June 15-16 at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron SD (site of the 2014 and 2020 National Red Power Roundups). No admission charge. Here's one red (and white!) tractor you'll see. Best, HMR
  7. My late brother Paul ran a 503 LP for quite a few years in Beadle County, SD. Back then most small grain was windrowed and then picked up. I believe that's a Sund in the pics. Later he bought the new quick-attach feeder house attachment from Nelson Implement in Huron so he could use an 844 corn head and a 22.5' grain head. It worked slick. From then on all the small grain was straight-combined (that's what we called it). In the 2nd pic you can see the big round LP tank. Looks like his old Loadstar got its nose into the pic also!
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