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  1. How tight should a pistion sleeve fit into the block? How do repair a loose one?
  2. the one with the yellow arrow
  3. What is the red light on the dash for? What makes it stay on? Temp, pressure, or what?
  4. maurer

    new ride

    well , we got the touring model in blue. i hope we have good luck. thank you for all your thoughts.
  5. maurer

    new ride

    what do you think of the honda cr-v , good, bad, etc ?
  6. how long should the lube light stay on in cold weather? we live in minnesota, so i mean below freezing.
  7. there is a kit a t one time to change this to a square pin , but exspinsive . other choise is to knere the pin and stack it.
  8. you do not have the washer behind the spring centered so it will not go over the stem.
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