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  1. https://www.citroen.com/en/Highlight/131/ami-100-electric-mobility-accessible-to-all No drivers license needed, but it only goes 28 mph. I guess that means no driving on the autobahn.
  2. Do other states have cattle stream exclusion laws? In Virginia as of July 1 2026 cattle owners grazing over 20 head will potentially have to fence cattle out of streams. The state has spent a ton of money paying farmers to do this already, but many have not, or will not, take the money and build the fence. I'm just curious how widespread this idea is.
  3. I can't see for sure, but you need a support under the barrel near the end. That helps put the force on turning the gland, instead of pushing it toward the ground. Then a 2nd set of hands and a longer cheater pipe.
  4. I say a guy who has pictures of ladders and square bales probably isn't intimidated by much💪
  5. Might have to sell the farm to buy it, but you'd be trucking in style.🤠
  6. What tires are those on the front? I'd like to get some to replace the 3 ribs on it now.
  7. If it was a SnapOn, it might have been worth more than the tire.
  8. Should have to apply to horses too. I've experienced plenty of them buckin and farting around in the field. And my dogs.......I had a German Shepherd that could clear a room in an instant.
  9. Even if it burned 100 gallons a day, with gas at .22/gal it was only $22/day. But, you're right, when the gas "shortage" happened in the mid 70's and it went over a dollar for the first time, big gasoline power plants went out of favor fast.
  10. My wife starting doing this with the stuff I took out of my pockets and put on top of the fridge. I didn't realize that was the purpose of the new bowl up there, but when I did figure it out I found all kinds of stuff I had been looking for.😄
  11. Usually, too much angle will shorten the life of the U-joint, but that doesn't look like excessive angle to me. The leak there is commonly caused by a groove worn into the shaft by the seal. If you can feel it with your fingernail, it's too much.
  12. Your light shines brightest in the darkest places
  13. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200660730_200660730 Northern has their ironton brand 3hp for $249 and a Leeson 5hp for 369$. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200306767_200306767
  14. There are a ton of them here, but this is a college town. There is even a monkey vomit green Volvo EUV in the lot where I park. My neighbors have had 2 Tesla's.
  15. I want to know who made the strap. That's a lot of force on a pretty square edge of metal.
  16. We started ordering F250's at work with a Knapheide flat/stake body. They look goofy as can be on a single wheel truck, but sure are nice to work off of.
  17. The big question here is "do you wear it facing forward or backward?"
  18. Forgive my ignorance, but is it a stone hammer, or axe? Would it have been used for hunting or something else? The place I grew up on just outside Washington D.C. had arrowheads in abundance, but nothing that size or shape. The funniest thing is that once I moved out to the country, I hardly ever saw any sort of native evidence.
  19. You'd be surprised how many around here haven't figured out the 2 bale thing yet.
  20. Does anybody else sharpen them in place? I made a bracket to hold the blade straight on the bar and put a bar through the U joint to keep it from rotating. Then, raise the cutter up, put jack stands under and sit on the ground with an angle grinder.
  21. What about a pump like this? 2" diameter, 24v able to direct connect to a solar panel. https://www.amazon.com/FDGBCF-Solar-Water-Submersible-Diameter/dp/B07VPGCVJR I say "like this" as the reviews for this particular one aren't very good.
  22. That's the look I'm sure I have when I open up the box for the new part and it doesn't look anything like the old part I have in my hand.
  23. Trash cans and bird feeders are a bears favorite things. They also like to play on a deck or swing in a hammock. The population around us has grown a lot in the past few years. I even drove up on one sitting in the middle of our rural road and had to stop and wait for it to finish whatever it was doing. In an isolated place I'd be way more concerned about the other varmints that stand on 2 legs.
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