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  1. Only thing missing in that picture is a canine curled up in the chair.
  2. Sitting pretty in hopes of a Thanksgiving morning pancake share
  3. I put a 6' beam, 4' in the ground in the middle of the shop under the workbench for a couple of reasons. 1, to stop an out of control something from going through the back wall, and 2, as a pull post. In the front near the door, I put a 2"x8' piece of rebar in a pocket under a plate. That hasn't been all that useful for me, being only one. I should have done at least 2.
  4. I for one would love to see the progress on the wheel loader.
  5. I'd say you did extremely well to move that much heavy iron in 3 days!
  6. The 5.5 deep well socket was invented to remove the ignition module on 80's Ford Trucks. If you ever had one, you know what I mean๐Ÿ˜€
  7. One of the few vehicles of this type that rusted out worse than an IH Scout. I remember mine having a great ride compared to the old Broncos I had around the same time.
  8. They sell for that all day around here, as long as the frame is OK. I was on the hunt for a Wrangler for a long time, but after looking at literally dozens of them with missing parts of the frame, I gave up. One, owned by a middle aged woman had the gas tank sitting on the rear diff. And, it was her daily driver! She thought I was some kind of kook when I tried to explain how dangerous it was to drive that way.
  9. How does a late 90's Grand Cherokee do in deep snow, like 20+"
  10. In the 80's I was the partsman for a crane company that sold HIAB truck cranes. They were a good crane but used hydraulic fittings that could only be sourced from 1 place that I could find. The complete hose assembly could be had from the HIAB folks, but if you wanted to make a hose.............. About a year after I left they called me and asked where I got them from. The stock I had on hand had finally run out. Considering the circumstances that preceded my leaving, I couldn't remember. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. UD (Nissan) had a very quiet inline 6 in their medium duty trucks back in the 90's
  12. And 12, and 13 depending on how well the bolt head is made, and 15, and 18, and 21. No SAE substitutes for these. The PITA about metric is that we never made the switch. So, some equipment is all one or the other and some has both. You have to have a full set of both types of tools and you have to know something about how fasteners are marked, as well as, the sizing to know what tools to use.
  13. I'm not a usual fan of snake oil products, but I have used seal lube https://seallube.com/ on a couple of old cars/trucks where the rear main was leaking and it did stop the leak. On the Nissan, it also stopped the valve seal leak.
  14. We have used these blue jump n carry 660 boxes at work for the whole 20+ years I've been there. If you keep the original receipt and something does happen to it, they will rebuild for like half or less the price of a new one. https://cloreautomotive.com/jump-n-carry/
  15. I was mainly there for the 2008 Chevy Colorado, ex Augusta county service authority truck. With 200,000+ miles I thought it might not bring a lot.......but it still went for over $4000 and needed tires on top.
  16. My uncle in the MS delta rented some land that they grew rice and catfish on.
  17. No, I was there looking at trucks, but I did see it listed in the pre sale catalog. There was so much going on there with the 2 auctioneers and the internet sale all going on at the same time, I was a bit overwhelmed.
  18. I have a painted toothpick as the speedo needle on one of my Nissans. The originals have a way of curling into the instrument face as they age, so I cut off the old one and glued on the toothpick. Been that way for years.
  19. Was that the one at the Howell auction in Stuarts draft today?
  20. I know this is straying from sheep, but what are kangaroos good for commercially? Steaks, shoes, dog food??????
  21. That is the perfect place for a cordless blower, and good on you for doing it. I'm sure it will last just fine in that type of use.
  22. How is that motor for power? I might be looking at a 03 2500 with the same motor and a 5 speed manual trans. I've only ever had a 5.9 gas from Dodge.
  23. No shortage of oil revenue to help pay for it, that's for sure.
  24. I have no idea, but I enjoyed seeing them.
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