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  1. Is that a cargo van or a van trailer????
  2. As long as that trailer was never used for hauling lawnmowers............ How many times have I been working on a mower and noticed some fresh dog poo on the tire right next to my head.
  3. https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?submit_search=1&keywords1=ranger battery &aid=23690&aid_previous=23690&aid_next=22397&page_num=1&nav_previous=1&nav_next=1 I'd still like to know why all the information about the magtrans conversion except this one article suddenly disappeared. For all the other successful inventions Albertson had, I can't believe this one vanished on it's own.
  4. Did you bid on any of the IH 2 point equipment or the super C? I kind of wanted the 5' converted bush hog, but not enough to keep bidding ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  5. yellowrosefarm


    I'm not sure about working for the sellers anymore. Almost all in this area charge a 12.5% buyers fee. Seems to me they are working for themselves, if anyone. But, within that framework, I'm not aware of any auctioneers around here that would tolerate shill bidding if they were aware of it. With bidding happening on line, as well as, in the field though, how would you ever know for sure????? I'm 100% with you on having a number and sticking to it.
  6. But, speaking of high prices on old trucks. A guy I work with just bought an 02 Silverado 2500HD xcab 4x4 8.1 6 speed manual with 15K original miles for $26,000. The day after he told me about it I saw another one just like it with 35K miles listed for $49,000. The truck he bought is literally in brand new condition, it's never been stored outside
  7. And, it looked worse in person than it does in the pictures. I almost think that must have been a family member bidding on it.
  8. As long as you have some kids to turn the handle, you'll be fine.
  9. The biggest cause for a Wisconsin V4 engine to be stuck is an uncovered vertical exhaust. Might as well put a funnel on it to catch rainwater. I had one on my stump grinder that had been seriously stuck and freed up. It ran, but used oil and smoked bad. I had them for many, many years at work on leaf vacuums and water pumps, and they never gave much trouble at all. They were similar to IH in that they built an almost infinite variety of "options" depending on what the OEM wanted. There were so many different crankshafts that now it can be hard to find 2 that are exactly alike. So, if you get this machine and need to replace the engine, keep that in mind when searching for a used one. I got one from a baler to put on the stump grinder and had to swap everything from the long block out for it to work. Even the timing cover was different.
  10. Will she try to take down a coon? My old hound mix and the German Shepherds would do it, but my current Collies will not even attempt it. Heck, they won't go within 10 feet of the cage when there is one in it. I don't have near as many as you, but the population is way up from where it has been here. I've caught 4 in the last month where it used to be about 1 every couple of years.
  11. It would appear that the secret service was accompanying the granddaughter for a "night on the town" in posh Georgetown. As they were headed back to their SUV to leave, they saw some perps trying to steal it and shots were fired. This has to make a dumb crooks episode somewhere.
  12. And this. https://www.cbs19news.com/story/49985464/siemens-gamesa-scraps-plans-to-build-blades-for-offshore-wind-turbines-on-virginias-coast
  13. I use sta-bil in all my non ethanol gas. Seems to work very well for me.
  14. This really would be about the handiest thing to have around the farm.
  15. https://greenicemelt.com/products/sodium-acetate-naac-deicer-40-bags-50lb This is what airports use. We also use it for parking garage tops and exposed concrete stairs. The liquid we use is this stuff https://chloridefree.com/ for places salt could ruin something. Both products are horribly expensive, and from what I have seen, the "chloride free" isn't exactly corrosion free, especially on aluminum.
  16. I've dealt with some really great women working in parts. Deere, CAT, auto parts, small engine, and others. It isn't the gender that matters, it's the attitude and ability. Why company owners and HR departments don't get that is the real question. I could fill pages with examples of people, men and women, in positions of leadership in companies that were totally incompetent or down right antagonistic with customers, yet kept their jobs for years. One of lifes enduring mysteries.
  17. Sometime when you are looking at stuff on line, check out https://rhomar.com/. We use the Neutro wash and the lubraseal at work on the salt spreaders. I haven't had to replace a chain due to corrosion since I started using the Lubraseal about 20 years ago. The disadvantage is they only sell in bulk, and that is too expensive for most individuals. It's really messy to put on, and wherever it ends up, it stays. Amazing stuff.
  18. I've always been puzzled at why your state keeps electing Bernie. Thanks for giving me some clarity on that๐Ÿ˜€
  19. Me too. I never heard of such a thing.
  20. It looks like she is happy you buy big cars for her big self to ride in๐Ÿ˜ƒ love that dog! One of my favorite cars of all times was a '72 Buick Skylark/307 that I bought for $300 and drove for many, many years. I finally had to let it go when I got a flat and literally jacked the bumper off the car because of the rust. It never let me down once and got great fuel mileage for the time. I always wanted a 70's Coupe de Ville convertible with a 500, but at my age, I doubt that's going to happen. Thanks for posting the pictures, they really brought back some memories.
  21. Anybody with a bit of a rebel streak who has ever been around cows๐Ÿค 
  22. Every time I see y'alls fresh plowed ground I get a serious case of "dirt envy" ๐Ÿ˜€
  23. Wow, your leaves are down already. They are just starting to fall here. We had our first frost last night, so I'll be pulling my cages this weekend.
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